Do you keep your old passport number?
  • If you apply for a new sa passport do they cancel your old passport number?
  • Your passport number remains the same. Similar to your ID number, is allocated to you for life. Regards, Guru
  • Just to dispute, South African passport numbers do change with every new passport issued.....
  • Andrew and Jessica - I have spoken to the passport section of the SA Dept of Home Affairs and they assured me the passport number does not change when a new one is issued. If a passport is stolen, the old number is voided and a new one issued, but for a regular re-issue, the number stays the same. Andrew - do you have different info?
  • Okay, so my advice is do not trust the home affairs department - they have no idea what's going on. I would take Lilian's word for this as she is on the front line and knows for a fact that the number does change!! Case closed!
  • Yup, I just got a new passport and my number has changed. Go figure.
  • They change the numbers. I have my old (expired) passport and my new one (issued in October '08) in front of me now. They have different numbers.
  • Do they cancel the old passport even if it is still valid ?
  • I had to renew my SA passport last year, and yes, the passport number did change.
  • I am on my 6th SA passport (they fill up quickly when U require one page VISAs all the time). Everyone had a new number....
  • I am leaving for overseas in one day my new issue passport is with an embassy but my old (not cancelled passport) is with me can I use it?
  • hong, maybe you can just have a company rush you a passport in 24 hours if necessary.


    i've used them before with excellent results. just a quick thought...
  • the number does change everytime you apply for a nu passort. No they do not cancel your current passport.
  • You may continue to use your new and old passport so long as there is space on a page for immigration to stamp entry and exit and the dates have not expired. If you require a VISA to enter the country, these normally require one full page plus another opposite it for immigration stamps.
  • who can crack this one -im flying to the U.K in just less than a month -my passports expiring soon so i applied for a new passport -but im worried when it will come back -can i apply fo a uk visa on my current-expiring soon-passport
    please help -thanx
  • yes, a valid visa remains valid even if the passport has expired. simply present the visa with the new passport and you are fine. I have confirmed this with both US and UK immigration in the past!
  • i heard there are lot of rejections for L1-B visa from India.can anyone pls.let me know the best possible approach just to avoid the rejection -:)

    i have my slot on 1st week of april and any information on this would be of great help.

  • Hi there,
    I've just been to the SA embassy to renew my passport and I was told by a friend that they would take my old passport during the application. However, mine was given back to me. I just left without asking why! Can I use it while I wait for my new? It's still valid it's just starting to run out of pages.
  • I've also just renewed mine in South Africa and they didn't ask for my old one. I would think that unless voided the old passport remains valid, and until you actually get your new one you have no choice but to use the previous one.
  • I have a United States passport. The number on my old one and on my new one are different. Just a regular renewal, sent in the old, got the new and then a few days later got the old one back.
  • I have just lost my passport, but the worry is that i am soon receiving an official invitation letter which is already processed with this passport number. Wont it affect my application for Visa when i present a different passport?
    Help me out guys
  • one of my friend overstayed his visa and same time his passport expired, so he applied for renewal and got new passport with a different PP number issued but his name and rest of the details are still same. can any one explain how this work. will they know if he overstayed his visa?
  • i have a question regarding to my old passport so curious if i can get a new passport number cuz my old one has been expired for a long time..
  • I have two south african passports, one in my maiden name and one in my married name. My UK visa is in my maiden name and in the maiden name passport, the passport is valid until 2017. I have booked my ticket to SA using that passport but Im worried it would've been cancelled due to me applying for and receiving my married name passport. Any advice please

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