Antiques in Nigeria
  • I have been chatting to a lady supposedly from California, buying antiques in Nigeria. Took only two days to ask for money, supposedly investing $25000, but staying in a hostel. Very informed on California where she supposedly comes from, emails pictures of an hispanic woman, stunning.Below is an example of an email she? sent:

    "Cutie i know how you feel about me asking you for money. You really have to know that i need your help that's why i asked you to help me out. Though we haven't met each other in person but i really want you to trust me. I want to get the papers so i can be on my way home. Without the papers all the money i invested will be wasted and i wont be able to claim the antiques when i get home."

    Could this be a scam where a second hand computer still had data on a hard drive???

    Anyone had similar with a female??
  • Hi Kevin,

    This sounds like a classic scam. Why would an experienced businesswoman need a loan from a total stranger? Do a quick search for 'scam' in this forum to read hundreds of other people's experiences. It's very sad that honest and trusting people are cheated out of their life's savings, I'm glad you spotted this before you gave her any money!
  • Has anyone herd of Anna white claims to be in Nigeria buying antiques
  • Has anyone knows this man name Adams Edwards originally he's from UK and now he is in Nigeria for business trip.I am not sure this guy is a scammer.

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