information needed on marriage in Tunisia
  • hello everybody ! i m Tunisian and i have an aussie girlfriend that in 2 month ago she became my fianc
  • Mabrouk Tounsi! I'm an Aussie married to a Tune so I can tell you exactly what you need. If you are just going to go to the municipality or have a notaire it is really quite simple. It doesn't matter that there is no Australian embassy but if you need assistance then the Canadian embassy assists Australian citizens here.

    Your fiance will need her passport, original birth certificate, if she has been married before then she needs her original marriage certificate and original divorce documents. She can get her Certificate of no impediment from the Embassy before she leaves Australia. If she was not born in Australia then she should bring her Certificate of citizenship. You will both need blood tests but you can do that in tunis. She should have copies of all her documents and have them certified and make sure that she keeps the originals!

    If you want to marry in the municipality then you should go and organise this. It is easy for you, you should just have your original birth certificate, your Carte d'identitie and your passport if you have one. You can set the date so it won't be a problem. the notaire is even easier, just organise for him the date and time and he will arrive. Both ways are quite cheap.

    If you want lots more information then please email me as below and I can help.
  • Oi Lesley, how ya do'n?
    thankyou for your information, you have been very helpful.if we have any problems or question i will e-mail you.
    thankyou again.!!
    aussie, aussie, aussie
  • Tounsi - plaisir! Don't forget my invitation! LOL
  • hi, im an English divorced woman, wanting to marry my Tunisian b/f. what do we need to do. what docs do i need. my boyfriend has never been married before.
  • if we get married in Tunisia, is the marriage recognised in the U.K. and vise versa..
  • Wildy - your intended should be able to advise all the documentation you need. However, as a start you will need to have your divorce documents, your original marriage certificate, your birth certificate not less than 21 days old prior to the marriage, certificate of no impediment (CONI) from your embassy, copy of your passport bio page. All these need to be copied and certified and you should have them translated into French. You will both have to have blood tests in Tunisia before the marriage. There is some very good information for UK women in regard to the documentation on: Your marriage is recognised in the UK and will be recorded on your husband's birth certificate.
  • hi what is this certificate of no impediment and does it apply to a canadian woman wanting to marry a tunisian man?also, is it absolutley necessary to have a new birth certificate because i have one that was issued in 2010 and it is now 2011? i have a passport and was never married.
  • ll11sa - everyone must have a CONI (cert of no impediment)in order to marry. this is a certificate from your government that basically states that there is no impediment from allowing you to marry and it is required by the Tunisian government. No way around it! You will need a birth certificate that is issued 21 days before your date of marriage. Here in Tunisia every event of a person's life is documented on their birth certificate, marriage, children, divorce etc and is a necessary document for marriage.
  • hello
    im ahmed from tunisia i hve a friend from australia who invited me to visit her;she sent me a statutory declaration
    i want to knw if its easy to have a touristic visa to visit australia ..??
    i saw in immigration web that i have to transtate all my document to english
    should i go to any sworm traductor or there is specific one ???
    thank you
  • Salem aleykum Ahmed - it will be almost impossible for you to get a touristic visa for Australia. I am an australian married to a Tune and I live here in Tunsi, but even my husband can't get a visitor visa!! However if you can prove to the Australian government that you have a job, good income, assets such as property etc and a bank account then there is a slim chance. All dox must be translated into English and then certified. there is no aus embassy in Tunis so you can use the municipality (if they will stamp English dox) or use a judicial traductor. There is no specific one to use.

    If you want more help just let me know
  • thank u lesley for reply
    so what should i do to meet my girl friend ???
    there is any solution to join my girl friend in australia ..???
  • Ahmed - well perhaps she could come to Tunsie and visit here? there is little chance that you will get a visa to australia as I said but you can try. But beware because if you are a bezness man I will hunt you down!!
  • elo lesley
    then there is a big opportunity for me to go to australia after she go back ???
    i mean after we get marrige in here i can be there finally with her ???
    thank u very much
  • Ahmed - Australia is one of the hardest countries for you to get a visa. Believe me on this. Your girl friend and you both need to do a lot of work. Have you ever met her? If not then it is going to be extremely difficult. It will take a long time and you will both need to prove that your relationship is genuine. A marriage certificate is just not enough. I know 2 Australian girls who married Tunisians and they have both waited 2 years to get a visa for their husbands to join them. But these girls travelled back and forward from Australia to Tunisia for some weeks at a time to be with their husbands. there is much, much documentation that needs to be presented to the Australian government and then 'if' you get a visa it will only be temporary until the government makes its final decision. Also it can take up to 8 months waiting for the temporary visa and you will need to go to the Australian embassy in Cairo for an interview. It is a long and very hard process so if you are really genuine and love this girl then you both need to do a lot of work.
  • elo lesley
    i heard there is an immigration office between Australia and Tunisia, which plays an intermediary between Tunisia and Cairo located in Belvedere near the canadian embassy
    its that true ...???
    or i should contact the australian embassy in cairo by post in order to send them my visa application or by person
    waitin 4 ur reply
    thank u
  • Tunisiano - there is no australian embassy in tunis. The canadian embassy offers australian citizens consular assistance but does not deal with visas at all. you will need to contact the embassy in Cairo in order to lodge your visa application. the australian embassy in Cairo looks after all australian consular and embassy issues including visas for North Africa
  • so I must contact directly the Embassy in Egypt by my self
    i need assistance is there any who can do that for me here in tunisia ???
  • Tunisiano - what assistance do you need? The embassy have multi-lingual staff and if you wish you can speak to an Arabic speaker to get all the information you require
  • i know embassy hve multi langual staff but they dont dont give me a clear answer some time and all they say to me go to embassy site
    any way thank u for assistance
    just one question
    the fee for a touristic visa is it 105 dollars...????
  • Tune - ok, so you need to download the visa application form and read it very carefully! they ask for many dox and you need to supply much information. There is an information sheet and a checklist of all the things you need: all dox must be translated into English and certified. You will need your birth certificate (up to date), attestation of your bank account and amount you have. However, given that you can't take money out of the country you will need to show the government that you can support yourself while you are in Australia. If someone else is going to provide you financial assistance then they must submit a statutory declaration and provide their birth certificate etc along with their bank statement showing that they have enough in the bank. You will also need to show that you have a job here and a letter from your manager/boss stating this and that you are authorised to take vacation time and that your job will be available to you when you return. It's all about proving that you have the incentive and wish to return to Tunis after your holiday
  • thank u im already hve the from and check list
    i hve most of those u doc u told me abt
    im still stusent i hve certificate showin im at university
    my gf sent me just the statutory declaration also my sister from uk sent me her bank statement and a letter sayin that she and her husband will sponsor me as well
    do u think that is enought ???
  • Tunisiano - does your g/f stat dec have her bank statements with it? your sister in the UK will not be considered as being able to support your stay in Australia. It must be from an Australian
    citizen. Also I forgot to tell you that although the website states that the visa fee is Aud$105 you will be required to pay with the equivalent in Egyptian pounds.

    Good luck!
  • elo lesley
    my gf just sent me the stat declaration ..???
    she told that sat dec is enought ????
    do i need her bank statement ??????
    abt my sis ..she sent me as i told u letter and bank stat in case i need money in australia she also will pay my visa fee
    thank u
  • Tune - your g/f sent you a stat dec saying what? If she is declaring that she will be responsible for you financially while you are in Australia then she needs to show the government that she has the money in her bank to enable her to do that. You will need the receipt from the visa payment before you lodge your application as it must be attached, or you can get a fax copy of it and attach that. I suggest that your g/f calls the visa section in australia and finds out exactly what she needs to be honest a visitor visa for Tunisians is rare so you will need to provide a lot of documentation/police clearance/character references etc etc before you lodge your application
  • Desperate for Advice!!!

    I'm getting married in May 2011, to my Tunisian fianc
  • Sim - mabrouk!! There is a fantastic forum which contains some great information for British marrying Tunisians - they have a special thread about getting married here. Here in Tunisia we only have a contract signing and then a party, however, many have the full 7 days including henna etc etc. As you only have 3 days then you can have the contract signing and the party on the same day or night. You can have the contract in the municipal office with a notaire or you can do it at the salle des fetes or in a private home.

    You will need your full birth certificate not older than 21 days prior to your marriage, you should have this translated and certified into Arabic or French. You must have your blood tests here, they only take a day to do. I've never heard about the sanity document but you do need a Certificate of No Impediment from your Embassy in London. this basically says that there is nothing to stop you marrying.

    The notaire will register your marriage with the municipality and it will be recorded on your husband's birth certificate. We do not have sheikhs here - just the municipality notaire or a private notaire. Please know that it is not a religious service!!!

    Everything that is not in Arabic or French MUST be translated and certified.

    If you want more information then just send me an email to the below.
  • Hi I'm an Irish woman, ive been with my Tunisian boyfriend for a year now & were getting married in the summer or just after havent set an excat date yet, ive been back & forward to see him ( im currently here now & have been since Febuary going home next week :( ...) & im moving here a few months after the wedding once i sort out things at home, is it the same rules apply for an Irish person marrying a Tunisian?
  • Linny, I presume that you refer to the info I gave to Sim? So yes, you will need the same documents. If you need more info on anything let me know.
  • Kia ora (hello) Lesley, Im a kiwi living in NZ and I have been chatting to a guy in Tunisia for one year. we chat and txt daily as well as on video calling. I will be travellling to Tunisia early october for three weeks. This will be a great opportunity to meet his family and to see if we are truly compatible. He is the most wonderful open minded kind romantic thoughtful guy I have been fortunate to know. Sucks that he is on the other side of the world tho. If all works out, he may travel to NZ to live and hopefully we can be married. How easy or hard is it for a Tunisian guy to leave his country and make a life in NZ??
  • Salem Aleykum puku - I have a saying: "It's easy to take the Tune out of Tunisia but it is impossible to take the Tunisian out of the Tune"....................the cultural divide is so, so great and if you do succeed in getting him to NZ then you will need patience, patience and more patience and you will both have to do a lot of hard work cultural wise. Keep this in mind - if he has travelled then it will be most likely to other Arabic countries that do not require him to have a visa. the way of life, our food, housing absolutely everything is so foreign to those in the west. It is good that you are coming for a visit, where will you be? Also please be very, very cautious about this relationship. I'm not saying that yours may not be genuine but Tunisian men are very very good with the charm and romance especially when they want a visa out of Tunisia.
    Good luck!!
  • hello all av just marryed my tunisian husband in april and i want him to live in uk with me what do we do plz thanks
  • Sam - my first piece of advice is to look at this site: there is a thread about dox etc specifically for British women who have married Tunisian men. You will find loads of information there.

    Good luck!
  • Hello,
    Well first of all I have to say WOW, many foreigners marry tunisian men. I am an American woman and my boyfriend lives in Tunisia. I am planning on traveling there the first quarter of 2012 and we are making plans now to get married. We have been in contact almost daily for near a year using skype. I have met all his immediate family and many of his cousins so they know about our relationship and my plans to come there. We do have a significant age difference (15 years) and I guess my question is, is this typical in tunisia for young men to be with older women? We have been back and forth in conversation about the validity of our relationship, and I have questioned him many times as to why me and not a tunisian woman. We have cried together, fought with eachother and I truly feel that he loves me. Would someone who is trying to get to the US really go to all the trouble and do all this if he doesnt love the woman? I would appreciate any advice you have to offer.
  • Tunisiabound - your last question - yes yes and yes again. The life in tunisia is difficult, there are no jobs and there are a lot of young men who look for older, more wealthy women to provide them with a visa. It is not normal for Tunisian men to be with older women here. Mostly they marry younger women as they want families (usually big ones). If you care to look for more information then go to: and also on Both sites contain lots of good information for women who are in relationships with a Tune. Oh and by the way - they don't actually cre what country it is just so long as it is a passage out of Tunisia. Tell him that you want to live with him in tunisia and see his reaction.
  • Hello Lesley,
    I am an Australian lady and am at this moment doing my no impediment cirt here in Aus but have got to the point in the office where they asked me do I need the cirtificate authenticated or an apostille stamp?? I have no idea so they are holding the cirtificate as it only takes 2 hours to do either or both.
    Also do I need my single status cirtificate authenticated or an aposille put on?
    regards Nicola
  • Hi Nicola - Your CONI shows your single status and your ability to marry. You need it certified and probably you should have it translated into French/Arabic. Get copies and have all of them certified as you will find you need quite a few of them eventually. Are you going to live in Tunisia or are you intending on going the spouse visa route?? Good luck and mabrouk
  • Hello Lesley, thanks for your reply, I have found out further from the Tunisian Embassy here in Canberra Australia, they have told me to have both certificates, no impediment and single status certificate Authenticated at the foreign affairs office then I have to post them onto Tunisian Embassy in Canberra for a Tunisian stamp.... wow then I will post to my man in Tunisia who will then have them translated, then the last month b4 wedding order my British Birth cirtificate from UK give them my mans Tunisian address as this can only be 20 days old that's the hardest part!! Eventually my man will live here in Australia with the help of his oldest brother who has been a resident of Aus for over 20 years
  • Hi Sam
    If you have just married in Tunisia then it is harder to get your husband to the UK more than if you had applied for a fiance visa and got married in the UK and then applied for settlement, as i got married in Tunisia and i am having to do settlement now 2yrs later. First the UK border are not helpful in Tunisia or here, the website only gives you basic information and when you have completed your application the Embassy there will look to your husbands documents and then tell you if you need more or if its okay, (also they will not communicate with you only your husband the applicant) most of the time they refuse on the appointment. As a sponsor ( you can only be his sponsor) you will need to be in Full time Permanent Employment, and living alone supporting yourself (paying all Bills) in appropriate accommodation not lodging (evidence of contract /payslips) or Mortgage Deeds. Also when your husband applies for his police record they are really not helpful and sometimes will ask for money to speed up the paperwork but my husband was rudely interrogated and waited 28days for it, all English documents need to be translated into french. I recommend you getting a character reference from your local Councillor i did that and that seemed to help, get them to email Embassy there regarding your case or get a letter something officially to say how you need your husband with you. In regard to your husband it helps if he has a degree or skill trade qualification and that he has a EU recognised English language qualification and not private schooling one,(as they will as him to resit a test and this cost 600 dinars £300 and takes 3 months to study for) also that he is in employment in Tunisia whilst he is applying for the visa helps. Most communication needs to be documented (texts, Emails, Facebook msg's, Letters, online conversations) all needed to be added, as well as photos together, E-tickets of when you went out there, etc...... also an additional letter from yourself saying how you need him in the UK with you and how its your right as a wife etc..... anything you send to Tunisia via post make sure its recorded or fax over copies of the original like passport etc... it is a full overwhelming task and will test your marriage to the max, i found alot of people will tell you all there struggles with getting their husband/wife's out of Tunisia but dont get discouraged and your husband will get everyone telling him what he should do but as its the British Embassy its better if you read over things and explain it to him so he stays on track with what to do, trust me this whole process can be very stressful and frustrating and i wish you all the best luck with getting him to the UK :) Michelle x
  • To all those who are making a sweeping statement about Tunisian men wanting a way out
    Firstly not all are like that, and those that are, think ALL western women are overly, openly sexualised, easy and dont respect themselves. So why are they gonna respect you? If you are not like that and suspect they are trying to use you, then you should play hard to get, be weary and give them honesty. At the end of the day MEN are MEN wherever they are from...... and if they really want to be with you, whatever concerns you got be open about them, then make up your mind but hold some cards to your chest, for example if you got money then dont say and dont tell them if you own your own home etc.... I am 32 i have an average working class wage and my husband is 24 finished his degree and i was not looking for anyone and i was very abrupt with him about what most people think about Tunisians, he liked the fact i wasn't easy and weary and wanted to prove himself, we are 2 yrs happily married and have a baby, and i knew he never wanted to be with me because of coming to England and we are still trying to get him here, but we will not live in England forever...... In fact its not just Tunisians who think England is suppose to be wonderful, alot of third world countries do, if you wanna blame anyone BLAME the MEDIA!!!!
  • Michou - I think nobody here is making sweeping statements, however, as I am married to a Tunisian and I live in Tunisia I think I have majority credentials to send out warning signals!! We see a lot of 'bezness' here and I believe that I need to promote caution when it comes to a holiday romance here. It's not the media to be honest it is perception and it is very hard to change this....most Tunisians believe everyone in the west is rich and if you compare the lifestyles of the two cultures then I agree with them. I could debate this issue here but this is a travel forum. And I still believe it is a responsibility for those of us who live here, understand the language, culture, religion, mindset to send a 'be wary' signal.
  • Hello I an a divorced american women that has been with a Tunisain man for one year. I have visited him and his family just recently. Thay all are so Beautiful. He wants to marry me and I am crazy about him. He never asked once to live in America..Only for me to live there and learn the new way. He shows pure love My question is how hard will it be for me to live in Tunisia and will I be able to stay there without losing my U.S. Citizenship? I know I can be in the country for 3-4 months and need to renewl Visa every year..meaning I would have to travel back and forth. Is there another way ? I dont want to lose my Citizenship or him. I don't have alot of money to travel back and forth and he knows that. Im poor just like him. He wants me there. Please give me advice on how I can maintain my Citizenship and will I be able to stay in country if I marry him and to marry in the arabic way will it be Recognize in America as marreid? Thank so much.
  • Guest - you will not lose your US citizenship by living in Tunisia. Once you arrive, you have 3 months visa free. Within that time you go to the police station and apply for your carte de sejour which will give you 2 years residency here. After that you can apply for permanent residency and still not lose your US citizenship. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that US now recognises dual citizenship so if you wish to take up Tunisian citizenship you can still hold your US citizenship/passport/rights etc. The marriage here in Tunisia is a simple signing of a contract of marriage and yes it will be recognised in the US. As for you being able to cope with the life here that's another story. Oh and just for your information - if you can afford the flight from States to Tunisia then you are rich no ifs or buts - poor Tunisians find it difficult to livefrom week to week forget about a holiday anywhere!!! If you want some insight and advice then I'll be happy to provide that for you. Email me as below.
  • helo lesley
    i hve a aus gf ...we hve been chattin on msn sending messages for about one year in love with her and she invited me to come and see how is things in real
    i heard that a touristic visa for tunisian is very hard and i hve a slim chance to be accepted knowing that im degreed and umemployed right now and there is an age difference im 25 and she is 40
    do i hve chance hve a touristic visa
    will be waitin for ur reply
    thank u
  • Mido - I have to be very honest with you - you have no chance of a visitor visa to Australia. Even you have a degree you are unemployed and will need to show the Australian government that you have an incentive to return to Tunisia. Unless you have an employment contract, money in the bank, assets then I'm sorry but your g/f will have to come here to meet you.
  • Hello. I am from England and would like to marry my Tunisian boyfriend..I have known him all my life. I have an aunt who now lives in Tunisia with her Tunisian husband and kids ( has done all my life, hence why I am marrying a Tunisian). She got married in Tunisia and said it was easy to do so. However, I am still unsure on what I would have to do and how easy/hard it would be? I'm very grateful for any information..Thanks..
  • Jessie - I have answered this sort of question a lot of times. Yes it is easy to be married here. You do need some dox and your fiance must organise some for himself. Please go to where they have a multitude of forum theads and posts about English women marrying in Tunisia.

  • Hello,

    I have a question regarding marriage requirements :

    I have all the needed documents, except the birth certificate I have is dated, and getting a new one takes at least six months, way too long, we want to tie the knot in 2 months.

    My question is the following, Should I try to go through it with the dated birth certificate I have? Are there alternatives?

  • Miesho - did I answer you in a private email? I gave you all the details in that..........if you are someone else, please let me have more details please. What is your nationality, are you male or female etc and I can give you more information
  • i am us citizen and married in tunisia last april and filed an I-130 visa for my husband.....i send all papers in here and got an reply that they got the papers and of cours the $420.00 application fee and there is a webside they advise to check periodic...i have not heard a word and all i see its still in process...its uppose to take 4-6 months and has been now 3 1/2 months without a long does the process take and why is it taken so long???
    i know they are checking my background and i have no problems with problem is this waiting will they contact me...for any information on this kind of process i would be grateful...thank you and have a great day
  • Lola - I'm sorry but I have no idea how long the process will take. I am certainly no expert in US/Tunisian spouse visas. My best advice is to call the home office (or equivalent) and speak to someone about this. If it is supposed to take up to 6 months then perhaps they haven't finished processing your documents. As I said, give them a call and good luck

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