Transit visa for Egypt?
  • Three passengers from Vanuatu, Australia and England flying to Uganda in July reconnecting in Cairo for Entebbe.

    Please let us know if we need transit visa. Thank you.
  • If you have enough time to depart the airport and visit some sightseeings, you have to buy the visa for 15 $ per person.
  • I am going to makadi bay in the summer- do i need to purchase a visa at the airport? the travel agent has advised that we only need to do so if we are planning on going to cairo/luxor otherwise not. Does anyone know if and under what circumstance we should buy one.

    thank you
  • Hi sparkles, you are right advised. u only need to buy for the visa if u decide to go outside hurghada such as visiting cairo or luxor.
  • I want to travel from saudi arabia to visit cairo and Alexandria and fly to Istanbul then Dubai and back to saudi arabia. what type of visa for this travel may i need??

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