Travelling to Jamaica from Canada
  • what does the following mean?
    All visitors must hold sufficient funds to cover period of intended stay,

    as well as an onward or return ticket to country of permanent residence

    and documents required for next destination.
  • Hi Debbie, All visa information says that and its really intended to protect against possible illegal immigrants not tourists. Provided you have a hotel booking, and a return ticket you are absolutely fine. It is important to note however, that not all nationalities are treated the same, so for example, if you are from Sudan, you will get strict treatment, but from Canada, you'll encounter no problems at all.
  • Awesome thank you so much!
  • Hi, I am canadian but will be entering Jamaica for a friends wedding and will be coming from south america. I plan on booking a flight when i get there to go over to Guatemala or Costa, somewhere in central america. If i don't have onward ticket upon arrival will I encounter problems you think? Cheers.
  • I am Canadian, can I bring Canadian cash to exchange for Jamican dollars
  • Hey.. I'm planning a trip with a friend who doesn't have a passport (Canadian.) I've been looking online for the most current entry requirements and not sure what's most current? As of January 2009 do Canadian require a passport? or is it still sufficient to have a birth certificate and photo id?
  • hey do you pay taxes when you come into or leave Jamaica?
  • You only need a canadian birth certificate and government photo ID to enter Jamaica from Canada ConstantZen
  • > can I bring Canadian cash to exchange for Jamican dollars

    A: just exchange it at the airport. They only use USD and JMD down there.

    >hey do you pay taxes when you come into or leave Jamaica?

    No (but maybe if you are bringing in alot of goods?)
  • I am a white female Canadian who lived and worked in Ocho Rios for 5 years. I am well aware that there are parts of the island that are not safe and have a lot of crime, however there are parts of Toronto that are not particularily safe and also have crime. Jamaica is a wonderful place and I am sick and tired of people scaring others away from the island. Be street smart and do what you think is best. I never had one problem in five years. I was well respected and respected everyone back.
  • Hi!

    I'm a gay guy headed to Jamaica with my two straight guy friend in May. I understand that homosexual behaviour is illegal in Jamaica, but am I likely to be at risk for just being homosexual?

    Also, does anyone know if there is a gay culture at all down there?

  • Hey Jam.....was it hard to get into Jamaica to work? I love Jamaica and want to move there but I don't even know where to start first! Have been going online to find out about what I have to do to accomplish this dream of mine but I don't know where to start......any help would be great!!!!!
  • Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport that expires in February 2010. I'll be travelling to Jamaica at the very end of December. I looked into passport/visa requirements and it said for Canadians travelling to Jamaica we need a passport BUT they'll accept an expired passport of up to one year but a government piece of ID and a birth certificate need to be brought as well. Does this mean that I DON'T need to worry about renewing my passport before I go?? Sounds a little weird so I just want to confirm what I think I understood.Thanks Liz
  • My husband is a citizen of Mexico and a permanent resident of Canada. We are travelling from Canada to Jamaica in a couple of weeks. Does he need a tourist visa? Or will the Mexican Passport, Permanent Resident Card, and return ticket be okay?
  • I was just wondering how long can you stay and visit jamaica as a tourtist? Can anyone let me know and do you need a passport ?
  • Ladyslick: You must have a passport. For the lenght of stay, it depends on the reason you are going there and maybe where you are coming from. I go as a tourist from Canada and they usually give me three months.
  • I am travelling to Jamaica the end of September, 2010, for 7 days, my passport expires the end of November/2010. Do I need to renew my passport before I go.
  • Hey people...please my friend and i are Nigerian citizen all with Nigerian passports, but we are schooling in canada and all have valid study permits...we all have valid US visas too. is it possible to go to jamaica on that? or what else do we need?
  • can an immigrant in canada travel to jamaica without visa of jamaica?
  • i am a permanent resident in canada and im planning to go to Jamaica, do i need a visa to be able to go there?
  • I am a canadian and was arrested back in 2001 and have a absolute discharge, and was just recently denied entry into the us will I be able to go to Jamica, still waiting on waver to come from the us
  • I am travelling to Jamaica on July 14, 2012, for 7 days, my Canadian passport expires on September 7, 2012. Do I need to renew my passport before I go?
  • I am traveling to Janaica on January 10th for 7 days and my passport expires April 25, 2013. Do I need to have my passport renewed before I go?
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  • Hey Jam,

    I am looking to relocate from Canada to Jamaica and am wondering how you go about getting permanent residency in Jamaica? As far as I know you can only stay in Jamaica for up to six months? Do you have to find a job first or how did you go about moving there?

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