Old Turkish Currency
  • i have old currency of 100000 liras how can i change that.
  • You can't exchange it now and to be honest it really isn't worth a lot in real terms.
    Either save it as a collectors item or try selling it on Ebay to a collector :o)
  • Actually those Old TL has 10 years time to change but none will accept it in the market.
    It is appx: 40.00 EURO.
    www.tcmb.gov.tr is the central bank website.
  • It isn't that much surely as 1 million old Lira became 1 New Turkish Lira which makes this note less than that. So less than 2 Euro :o(
  • Sorry for the misinfo.
    I got confused. You are right.
    Actually 1,000,000.00 Old TL became 1.00 YTL ( we throw away six zeros ) than YTL called again TL with new banknotes.

    If you do have old 1 million TL it is less than 0.50 cents / EURO.
    But you have written 100,000.00 old TL ( one hundred thosand ) it is nothing.
  • Ismail I had to sit and count the 0s a few times!!!
  • Believe me it was not easy neither of us in Turkey.
    We were all millionaires.

  • I know my kids used to love getting their "millions" of holiday money!!! Bit different now I live here and have no millions!! :o)
  • where in Turkey do you live?
  • Hi Squash
    I live in Antalya about 3km from Konyaalti beach if you know that area. Before that we were in Konya which was a very different experience ;o). Started off over 10 years ago on the Bodrum Peninsula which is where we used to holiday!
  • Go to Belek once a year sometimes twice, are you on the road to Kemer?
  • Sort of!!! It runs parallel to our road. We're 3km inland from the beach! Often go on that road though to go to Goynuk canyon - have you been there. It's well worth a visit
  • no never been,even though I have travelled to Kemer from Antalya many times I have looked at some images on Flickr though, it looks beautiful.
  • It is and so worth a visit - just 5 lira entrance although I think it costs a bit more to do the adventure bit! It's part of the Lycian Way and a national park. Swimming in those pools is something else but just going for a walk and looking at the breathtaking views is relaxing and generally away from the crowds. There's a cafe there which is open during the main season.
    When are you next in Turkey?
  • I do live in istanbul but Antalya turns out our second home. We had our uncle is living in Antalya just behind Konyaalt? beach and now my newly wed brother in law moved to Antalya. Also we made our reservation to stay in Antalya 1 week I believe starting from 23rd June.
  • Back on the 27th May for a couple of weeks
  • Well Ismail the schools will have finished then!! So the beaches may be a little busy :o) If you want to escape I suggest heading to Goynuk!!! It really is peaceful there and I think you'll need that! Just to add that on the road leading to the canyon entrance there is a woodland adventure playground for children and quad biking nearby.
  • Hi Squash
    Well at last the weather seems to be picking up - it's been very odd this year. Not that I'm complaining as we've just planted some new fruit trees and the rain has saved us watering them.
    Went for a walk along the beach today and while I was fairly cool (sometimes chilly!) there were those stretched out in bikinis and some really really brave souls in the sea! Guess it's what you're used to :o)

    BTW why are you considering travelling from Istanbul to Antalya? Not critisising just curious!!!
  • Thank you for the info. It is always better to get from local.
    I will ask my wife to check Goynuk and squeeze it somewhere in our itinerary.
    Probably we stay little longer than a week.
    May be we should drive Antalya. It would be cool to have vehicle during holiday.
  • Yes a good idea to have a car while you're here. Saves being squashed on a dolmus with all us horrid locals ;o) Goynuk is on the Antalya to Kemar road very close to Beldibi. The sign to the canyon is very easy to miss! We have missed it a couple of times even though we "know". Also you have family living here so I'm sure they know some good places as well plus you do speak the language!! 10 days is a nice length holiday!
  • Hi Clarecg, actually flying down with Pegasus
  • Good idea!! Have flown with them a few times and as a budget airline they're not bad. Only had one delay once due to bad weather in the UK then missing my connection in Istanbul - they put me up in hotel overnight although I had to buy my own meal!
  • Last year in Icmeler I found that I had some old currency from the previous year, I went to a large bank in Marmaris and it was exchanged (notes and change) with no problems, in fact the bank staff were only too pleased to help.

  • Yes the larger banks will change the old currentcy but the amount being discussed here is not worth changing. It isn't even 1 lira!!!!
  • Hi JoJo

    100,000 old lira is really not worth changing!! It's not even 1 GBP or 1 Euro or even 1 USD!!

    Best to keep it as a souvenir :o)
  • i have old currency of turkey lira 1000000 how can i change that.
  • i have old currency of old turkey lira 1000000 how can i change that.
  • i have old currency of 1000000 liras how can i change that.
  • Not worth changing. 1 million lira became 1 lira several years ago - the =s were knocked off and at current rates it is around:

    0.35 GBP
    0.45 Euro
    0.55 USD

    Also all old notes have to be changed at the Central Bank.
  • Old Turkish Lira notes can only be exchanged for the current notes  at Turkish Central Bank (TC Merkez Bankası) offices or, in the absence of a Central Bank office, at a TC Ziraat Bankası office, until December 31, 2016.

    LeftoverCurrency.com says it will buy these old notes from you, though at quite a discount

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