Egyptian visa
  • I m flying to Egypt and I was told that I can get the egypcian visa once at the airport the problem is that I m arriving to early in the morning (around 1 or 2 am) so I m wondering if they have a 24/7 Customs service...hope someone can help with this, regards
  • Hello Flash

    You Can Get Your Entry Visa Any Time They Have 24 Hours Customs Services But It Not Valid For Some Nationalities
    Please If You Need Any Thing Eals Contact Me Any Time

    See You Soon In Egypt

    Best Of Luck
    Mona Shawky
  • that's great I really appreciate your help Mona BTW I m mexican citizen and I was told I just need my passport and 20 USD to get the visa what do you know about it?

  • Hello Flash

    You Can Get Egypt Entry Visa From Cairo Airport By Your Passport For Just USD 15

    Best Regards
    Mona Shawky
  • I'm a Malaysian and I planned to visit Egypt this coming March. Can i ger the entry visa at Cairo airport? Please help..thanks
  • Hi Hui,
    I'm Antoinette, works as a tour operator in a travel agent. Champion Tours Egypt. As I'm an expert in travel business, So I can advise you that you will get the entry visa in Cairo International Airport. It is just 15 USD Per person.
    I also can advise you of the best itinerary to tour Egypt. that's my e-mail, you can contact me at
    I'm responsible for arranging the itineraries, provide the best quotation, reserving hotels & nile cruise, arranging for Egyptologist Guide, tour leader,... etc.
  • I'm Canadian traveling to Egypt, then Jordan and back to Egypt. Can I get both visas at the airport? And is it true for Canadians that it is $50 for single entry and $70 for muliple entry?
  • Hi from South Africa... would that also be possible for me to get my visa on arrival or should i apply for it before i leave South Africa.

    Please advice.

  • Hi Sharon,
    You will have the entry visa once you arrive in Cairo Airport for 15 USD Per person, and around 20 USD For Jordan.
    by the way, I'm a travel agent in Egypt arrange programs in Egypt and Jordan. I will be more pleased to provide you the best itinerary to tour Egypt and Jordan.
  • i have just booked a last minute family holiday to cairo in the next 4 days can as a british citizen would we need to get a tourist visa before we go or can we pay for them when we get to cairo as it is too late for us to apply in order to get them before we fly.
  • Hi Queenie,
    I'm Antoinette, a Senior tour operator in Champion Tours Egypt. I can advise you of the entry visa to Egypt. you will have it upon your arrival in Cairo Airport For just 15 USD Per person.
    Also, I can advise you of the best itinerary you can make while you are in Egypt.
    For any assistance, contact me at
  • can someone tell me how long it takes to visit the street market khan jalili in order to ask the taxi driver to pick me up having enough time to walk around and buy somethings...cheers
  • Hi

    I am planning to visit Egypt on holiday this Easter. I hold British passport but my wife and son have Nepalese passport. Can they be able to get entry visa at the airport on arrival?
    thank you.
  • Can you get a visa on arrival if you are landing in Hurghada. Holding a British passport and a South African passport. If so, what are the costs. Planning on spending 14 to 21 days.
  • i'm travalling to egypt with my school and i was wondering if it's better to apply for a visa or master card instead of exchanging canadian dollers to egytian. and if a blackberry would work to send text messages etc... to my family back in canada
  • Your Blackberry will only work in Cairo. Exchange cash or travellers cheques rather than rely on ATM access.
  • Hi, I'm Guinean, and arrived in Cairo 2 weeks ago from Washington, DC. Altought i purchased a visa at the airport, the custom agent only stamped my passport with no visa (I was told that Guineans do not need a Visa to enter Egypt). Unfortunately, I'm currently applying for a schengen visa, but they will not process my documents without a proper Egyptian visa on my passport to show that I'm legal in Egypt. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to obtain an Egyptian visa or some sort of residency stamp once you've already entered Egypt? And how? Thanks.
  • on 25 feb i am going to Egypt, i am lithuanian, EU. may i get visa in airport of cairo, and how about hotel voucher, do i need it in airport? thanx for reply
  • I'm American travelling to Egypt in March, is it that simple to get a visa at the airport in Cairo or should I obtain it before?

  • Hello.... Im heading to egypt for a weeks holiday for the second time in october but this time my dad is coming with us and he has a french passport.... how much does he have to pay extra or does he just pay the same as me (i have a british passport) £15 like the last time we arrived!
  • Hi
    I am told that most of the rab states including UAE, Egypt, Jordan etc have stopped issuing visas to anyone who has an Israeli visa on their passport. This is post the Israeli invasion of gaza a fewian weeks ago.
    can anyone confirm this ??
  • Hello mattie

    You Can Get Visa Or Master Card It Is Work In Cairo But Also Try To Get Some Cash Egyptian Pound You Will Use It For Any Information Please Contact Me On
    Best of Luck
    Mona Shawky
  • Hello Adam

    Your Father Will Pay The Same USD 15 For Entry Visa For Egypt For More Information Contact Me On

    Best Regards
    Mona Shawky
  • Hello Flash

    You Can Take Maximum 03 Hours In Khan El Khalili Bazzar But If You Take My Advice Try To Rent Acar From Travel Agent It Is Safe Also In Taxi You Will Pay Allot.

    For More Information Contact Me On

    Best Regards
    Mona Shawky
  • Hello Guest

    It Is Very Simple To Get Your Entry Visa From Cairo Airport Just For USD 15 Do Not Worry About It Also If Any Tour leader Will Meet You At Airport He Can Pay It For You

    For More Information Contact Me On

    Best Regards
    Mona Shawky
  • Hi I'm a Filipino and once worked in Egypt for the Alexanddria National Steel Project for a Japanese contractor which built the plant. At that time, we were allowed to work for up to 2 years but I don't know the procedures to get work visa for Filipino Engineers right now. Can you please send me the details and the visa requirements. Thanks.

    Best regards,

  • My son and myself holding British passport and my wife a French passport.We are flying to Hurghada staying at Grand Azur Horizon for 1 week in March.Do we require visas and and are there any charges.
    Would appreciate your advise urgently.

    Thanks and Kind regards
  • hi i'm going to nabq bay in sharm in 2 weeks. can you tell me if i need a visa if i plan on going quad biking in the desert ? i've been told i dont need a visa if i'm not leaving sharm. not sure if the desert is classed as this !
  • Hello Mick

    You Can Get Your Entry Visa From Hurghada Airport Also Your Wife and Your Son With USD 15 Per Person.

    See You Soon In Egypt
    Mona Shawky
  • Hi I'm flying into luxor airport in a couple of weeks for 14 days nile/luxor
    I have a british passport and want to know if it is better to get the visa before I go or can I get it at luxor airport?

    Thanks dee
  • Hello Dee

    You Can Take Your Entry Visa From Luxor Airport For USD 15 Per Person

    Best Regards
    Mona Shawky
  • Hi Dee,
    I received your notification concerning the entry visa in Luxor. You will have The visa at once you arrive in Luxor airport for only 15 USD.
    Do you like to make a day tour in Cairo to visit its masterpieces & landmarks ??? I have the pleasure to help you for that.
  • Egyptian visa get it at the airport @ Cairo.
    its 15 $ us and for Jordan its 20$ us.
    its not hard customs at airport open 24 hrs/7.
  • WITH Canadian visa get the visa at the airport.
    its $15.customs desk open 24/7 all year round
  • Hey Adam,
    your father pays the same $ extras
  • Hello Experts,

    I'm the holder of Chinese Passport (Mainland) and Dutch PR (living in the Netherlands). Can I get the visa at airport or I'd better get visa before I go? Thanks.
  • We are staying in cairo for a few nights from 22nd march, has anyone any suggestions for a mid priced hotel, clean, comfortable, friendly, we can only find very basic or very expensive, nothing in the middle. Has anyone any experience, any to avoid would help also. David
  • Hi David,
    Not being forward, I am sure you are aware it is a really poor area and it is best not to stay there longer than necessary. It is best to just go there to see the pyramids and then make your way back to your resort as far away as possible and get back to enjoying the sun and drinks. The markets are a nightmare with the hassling from locals pulling you about and begging for money. If you are staying, the more expensive would be a better choice.
  • David.

    There are some good hotels in Cairo at a reasonable price depending on what you are doing. The Karvin Hotel is a small hotel in Heliopolis and should have some good rates. We used to go there for the Indian Food. It is also in an area that is possible to walk around and quite close to the airport. A taxi downtown should not be more that 15 - 20 EGP
  • Hi there experts.

    I am South African and am on holiday in France at the moment. I would like to go to Egypt for a while before returning home. Is it possible for me to get a visa upon arrival in Egypt, or a consulate here in France. I've heard that South Africans need to apply for visas in there home country. Please can you help.

    Regards Gareth
  • Hello Gazza

    Sorry Gazza You Should To Get Your Visa Before Your Arrival,,,,,,,, May Be Another Time You Can Visit Egpt

    See You Soon
    Best Regards
    Mona Shawky
  • Hello David

    You Can Reserve Grand Pyramids Hotel It Is Very Good Hotel With Very Good Staff Also With Good Price..... I Can Help You To Reserve It With Good Price

    Best Regards
  • Hi..i'm Indoneasian n planned to visiting my friends di Egypt next month.can i get the entry visa at cairo airport? please help n thanks
    best regards
  • Dear All,

    Please kindly confirm, whether I will need to obtain a Visa from the Egyptian Embassy in London. I'm going to 1 week package holiday, booked via Travel Agency, who confirmed, that Visa can be obtained on the Egyptian Airport for a fee.
    I'm a bit worried, that as a UK Resident, (living in the country for 7 years) but Czech National this will not affect me.

    Your help is highly appreciated,
    Thank you for your time,
  • We are flying to London via Cairo in August. Do we, as South African citzens, need transit Visas? If we do, are they available at Cairo Airport?
    Kindest regards. Christo Pienaar, RSA
  • If you are not leaving the airport, you do not require visas. If in transit you are not considered to have entered the country.
  • Christo, you have to get the entry visa from the Egyptian ambassy in London before you come to Egypt. If you need my assistance in arranging your itinerary, with pleasure.
  • hi i m gonna be in a transit just on the airport for 6 hours so do i need a transit visa . i m indian citizen . if i do need a visa how would i get it
  • Hello, I am an Australian citizen who will be travelling through Egypt for 6 days as a tourist in June on my Australian passport. I am wondering whether it is still possible for Australian's to obatin tourist visa's at Cairo airport upon arrival?
    Thanks a lot,
  • Yes Monica. Austrailians can get the entry visa to Egypt upon arrival to Cairo Airport. By the way, I can help you for arranging an itinerary to tour Egypt for 06 days beside reserving your hotels, Nile Cruise, Egyptologist Guide,...etc.
  • Hi, I will be travelling to Cairo on the 3/4/09 with my daughter and her friend who are both 15. Can I purchase my visas at the airport on arrival, if so where from and for how much each please. Thank you


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