Marriage after meeting on internet - advice please
  • Need help after reading so many posting on this website
    Meet a man on the net and now wants me to travel to nigeria to marry. Want to go but some advise would be good. Any information on how to check if a passport is for real from nigeria.
  • Tell him you need the money for the airfare. If he loves you enough to marry you, he'll get the case. If not, he's probably out to scam you. I only say that after reading similar stories on this forum. Search under Nigeria or Scam and see if anything rings a bell.
  • Hi David F
    thank you for the advise
    I have read so many posting on this formun and just do not know any more.
    I have a copy of his pass port and other documents but just donot have a way to check them. We have also skpye each other and chat nearly ever night.
    Do you know of the lady who went to Nigeria and married the guy she meet on line as I would love to be able to chat to her. (I will search the forums again and give her sign on name if that would help)
  • Loving 9ja (this is her sign in name and was under are single women safe to travel to nigeria)
    You had a posting on this formun as well
  • I am from Nigeria, but reside in the USA.
    I know there are so many scams in Nigeria.
    How long have you known this person?
    If may be safer for the person to come and visit you first.
    That way you can see and assess the person while in your country.
    Do not send any money.
    If it sounds too good to be true then it is a scam.
    What country do you reside in?
  • Hi Ohiba
    I live in Australia. I have meet this man on skype afew times and call each other offen. We chat nearly every day and have started communicating with other memebers of his family (there are happy for both of us) We looked into him coming here but our laws are so strict (and the expense is high). I know that he not a rich man but still would like to meet him. I have copies of offical documents from him and he is now working on a letter of invitation so I can go there to him.

    As a forigener in nigeria will I be safe with him and his family?
    Can you give me some more advise on safety if i go there to meet him?
    And sorry one more question do you know of any other person (woman would be good) that have meet on line and gone to meet there potenial husbands/wifes?

    Thank you for your time will the response (as I always try and find the best in every situtation plus I can not believe that everyone in nigeria is out to hurt or scam westerners)
  • Hi, My name is Tunde and I am a Nigerian. While the situation is Nigeria has improved it is a very difficult place to get around and is very unusual for people to go there without having met the people they are going to meet first (whether for business or personal). If you do decide to go I would strongly suggest you meet him in Ghana (an english speaking West African country that is just an hour away by air - and there are a lot of reasonably priced flights). Ghana is relatively safe and Nigerian's can travel there without any visa or formality so there should be no reason why he cannot meet you there.

    Frankly I would strongly discourage you from going, but if you do travel please here are some tips.

    1.Immediately get a local SIM card with extra recharge or top up AT THE AIRPORT when you land - no excuses or delays.
    2. Try and keep you phone fully charged (There is public electricity only 10% of the time in Nigeria)
    3. Make sure at least two friends or family know Exactly where you are all times and agree with them that you will contact them at least every other day.

    Best of luck to you.
  • Hi TundeF

    Thank you for the advise, I will do some research into Ghana and see what our travel advise page says about that. At the moment I was thinking of meeting him in Kenya but the warnings are just as bad there,

    I now about the electricity the as the man has let me know that they have black outs all the time

    I still have not deside to go defently yet but have around another 4 months to make the call.

    Thank you about the phone ( I will do this if I go) plus I have already made of note of our web travel page here is australia (smart traveller) You can log your internary on this site plus I was also going to call into our embassy in Lagos,

    I will book the hotel my self from this end as well so that I know exactly where I am staying (think this is a good safe option).

    Thank you for the advise and quite happy to taken any other suggestion

  • @Angeleyess,

    I have just seen your post.

    Now i see the reason for your questions in other posts.

    I do not see the reason why you should go to a different country (Ghana to meet up) like TundeF suggested, doesn't make sense to me.

    Simply use our service to verify all the facts (all what he told you) you need (know before you travel) about your internet lover. (is he married in Nigeria? you don't know that do you?, where does he stay, is it factual? pictures, himself, his family, are they real, not his wife posing as his sister, etc, etc.

    Australia is a far place, you need to know if your 9 hrs flight to visit him would be worth it.

    Scam Prevent.
    We offer Third Party Verification services in Nigeria and Ghana to prevent you from being scammed.

    We verify and confirm any business or personal offers you receive from Nigeria and Ghana before you part with your money.

    E.g. if it is online relationship, you may request us to take the picture of your online lover for you. to confirm if the person is actually who they are. We go to location based on details you provide to get official picture. E.g. if it is document, we verify it from the Relevant Agency for you and send you the information.

    Please note that we charge for our service depending on the location of your online contact you want us to verify for you.

    If you would like to use our service, send us an email :

    If you know anyone who has received any offers (personal or business) from Nigeria or Ghana, do recommend our service, before they lose their hard earned money.

  • Until someone in the western community can verify that you are 100% real Im not touching your service. Any company that states it 100% real but does not have a website and runs it email from a different country to the one they are register (and register in the country known for scam) will ring alarm bells in any ones mind.
    My other thing that makes me think there is problems is not that you do not have a website but there are no testiomals about your service on the net. Surely if you have done sure business before some one would have a comment to make about it.
    Please beaware that too many people on this site have been bitten to many times to trust anyone from Nigeria (and that many are watching out for others)
    Please also note it not a 9 hour fight time (nine hours different in time at the moment due to not daylight save times) but more like a 24 hour fight with at less on stop over usually in South Africa (as I have already research this).
  • @ Angeleyess,

    We are 100% real. As mentioned in response to your question in other post, we have recently introduced this service after seeing many people being scammed. We are probably the first to offer this service , so please take note of our Company name.

    If our verification service prevents people from being scammed, then we are achieving our objectives.

    If too many people have been bitten on this site, i believe if they had known of our service earlier, they'd be thankful.

    Should you decide to give us the benefit of doubt, i believe we will meet your expectations because i know you will tell 250 other people, who will in turn do same. (word of mouth), and that to us will bring us repeat business.

    Won't it be a good idea to use our service to get your facts before embarking on a 24hour flight?

  • until one of them do so I will not
  • But don't go jumping on a 24hr flight without factual information at hand.
  • @ Angeleyess,

    You know you you have some doubts about your internet lover.

    You can protect your payment to us for our services by using Paypal or

    when we complete your work satisfactorily, only then should you release payment if using escrow services.
  • Hei! why you scare nigeria there nothing to afraid.and i dont see anything unusual to go and marry if the love is there.just you have to know what are u go to do know yourself is the guy is after money ,after getting out of country or this is real love. im also going to make my marriage in nigeria lagos next year january.keep your eyes open.all best :-)
  • thank you keitlyn
  • angeleyes: I am an Australian too, I live in Sydney. I married an Nigerian woman after i met her online, The best thing i've ever done! we are so happy now together.
    About our "strict laws" it is almost too easy for a Nigerian to come to Australia, since both countries are part of the Commonwealth it is very easy to get the papers, i didn't even had to send a leter of invitation. She booked a hotel she went to the australian embassy in Abuja and she got a stamp in her passport within 2 hours.
    And the same with me, I went to the Nigerian Embassy in Canberra and and i just had to fill a form and i was able to travel to Nigeria. The two way flight was 2000 AUD so not too expensive for love. and even the marriage in Lagos was wonderful, all went fine. And we are happy together in Sydney now.
    If he really love you it will not be a big problem for hime to come over. but please don't send him money for the flight, if you wanna pay the flight for him just bye the flight for him and send him an e-ticket. And your love will work out fine.
    Wish you all the best!
  • angeleyes: If you wanna go for sure if he is real or not just do the same like i did before i asked my wife to come to Australia. Let him go to an Office you trust not to a "100% real institution" let him just go to the Australian Embassy in Abuja. Wherever he lives a flight will not be more tat 22,000 Naira or a bus for 8,000 Naira and he can go with his papers to the Embassy in Abuja. They will check if his papers are real, they will tell you if he is married or not, if you want he can even come there with his family to check if they are for real too. The embassy was really a big help and like i said before it was the best thing i ever did.
    Wish you all the best
  • hi chris
    when i when to see the travel agent they said I need quite a few things and it was not that easy for me to get a visa
    *proof of funding and financial support
    *proof of travel (return ticket and travel itinerary)
    *a letter of invitation from a host (which included immigration responsibility while i was in nigeria)copy of his first 5 pages of his passport (already have)a letter from his employer and a copy of resident permit (??)
    *church registration certificate if visiting a church
    *International certificate of vaccination for yellow fever

    so you are saying the embassy here can check the paper work i have from him and that we do not need all of the above to get my visa plus they can check if hes married and if ok for me to go ahead and marry him

    As his lawyer said it would cost him money for the letters and resident permit
    and then we have to wait 21 day after placing ads and other checks.
    I am more that willing to go to him but I would like to know if his lawyer is riping him off

    Plus i saw a imagration lawyer here who said that it will cost around 3000 aus to apply for is visa to come here as my husband

    Just what ive been told it does not seam that easy

    Any further help would be great as I sick of paying lawyers if not needed

  • I am I need of some advise ..I have meet this guy online from Lagos We seem to have clicked he wants to come visit me in Australia which is fine by me but he is asking me to write a letter of invitation, now he has asked I attach power bills licence and bank statement and citizenship proof. I am seriously falling for this guy but i have a bad feeling...Can i trust him...

    Any advise appreciated
  • @ Me.

    If you send your bank statements to someone you've not met before, just believe you're toast.

    @ Chris, Lucky for you. I would like to believe you did not encounter a scammer in your wife, hence the reason it all went well that ends well.

    if she was someone with a scammers mindset, who wasn't determined to get married but to scam, you wouldn't be happy on here. Thats the difference.
  • just wondering if anyone in Ghana (Accra to be more specific) has any knowledge of a street or road in or near Accra named: Victoria House, and if you do, is there a hotel or lodging facility on that street named: Laundry Park.

    Any reply would be appreciated
  • Hi All... wow.. great to read so many comment..I too am in love with a 9ja man who is in Lagos..been communicating just over 12mths now. He wanted to come here and i found that there was alot of paperwork for just a tourist visa. We then decided that i go to him but i am now at a loss cos i hear bad reports about getting a visa for 9ja from the Canberra embassy. And then, if i stay in hotel, he is welcome there but cannot use facilties. For Angeleyees, if u have seen him on skype, talked on fone, know absoloutely wat u can and ur heart still goes "yeah" then follow ur heart. I have never been outside of australia, but i need to take this step..I talk to so many 9ja ppl, and u soon learn who is for real and who is just on the want. IF you are on facebook, search for the NIgerian society in ur city. Not all 9ja are bad.
  • anjewel23

    No, not all Nigerians are bad, but if you take the time to read some of the many sad stories on this forum you'll understand why people must be cautious. Please be careful.

    Check out this article on Online Travel Scams for warning signs you're being scammed.
  • wow! lol...not all nigerians are scams. dont know where to comment from. this ia a country of about 150million ppl.
  • I just read Angeleyess' story and would like to find out if she did go to Nigeria to meet her man and how it turned out. Angeleyess your story is very similar to mine. I met a Nigerian man on internet and has communicated with him via webcam,skype, and chat everynite for almost 12 months. I am planning to go there in six month time to meet him and get marry so I can sponsor him back to Australia as my husband. Please if you have been there, done that..... give me some advise and tips. I don't really want to be disappointed when I got there. Many thanks.

  • The only advise I could give to everyone is not to trust everything people says on internet. It is not possible to fall in love with someone without seeing that person first. You need to know if you will like each other, go one step at the time. I almost got scammed and I have been very lucky to have found out this site. I felt that this guy was moving way too fast for me. Thank you so much guys for all the postings I found about him. We need to be careful and look out for one another. There are good people but it is not the case for everyone. I read some sad stories and yes money has a lot of power. Good thing I don`t have much! This time i can say it saved me.
  • Hi everyone
    I'm still around and yes still planning on going to meet my prince in Lagos Nigeria
    I'm planning to go around the end of April and plan for around 6 weeks there
    I will post my story and let everyone know how it goes but all be careful as there are some bad souls out there.
    I only went on my first trip outside Australia last year to US/Canada. I was just as nevous then and i will be going to Nigeria.
    If any one out there has any positive remarks please post as there are enought negaitive ones out there.
    God Bless
  • I would like to add that I met a man in Lagos Nigeria on a dating site. He has asked me to marry him; and we have been communicating every day. I had planned to go visit him in September; however, I have not received my passport because of having the wrong birth certificate. I submitted another one from Vital Statistics. Hopefully, this is the correct one and I will receive my passport. Then, I have to get the visa to visit Nigeria. I am planning on having all this done by the middle of October. I have already paid for my plane ticket to go and see my future husband. I am nervous; but he has convinced me that he will protect me while I am there. I have been told to contact the Nigerian Embassy to let them know that you are visiting before going to Nigeria. I know that there are a lot of scams in Nigeria, but I love this guy and he love me. So, I will post in October how my visit went.
  • You ladies are dumb, I'm sorry to be so frank about it. I'm Nigerian and I know many guys that sit around with a laptop or at a computer cafe and chat with many woman overseise, particularly white woman. The main goal is to get as much money from yall in the name of love and sad stories as possible. You will hear sob stories about family members having cancer and dying, and being the sole breadwinner of a 20 children household and so forth. American women watch too many disney love stories and Oprah that all you need to hear is "LOVE" and you belief it. This love word has your mind f'd up. Once again I am sorry to be so frank. think about the last man you talked to on the web from nigeria, how long did he take to tell you he loved you very much? I'm going to take a wild guess and say within the first few days. Does this not raise a red flag? I'm not saying don't find love in Nigeria but don't make yourself a MUGU/DUMMY. Never send anything personal such as credit card number SSN or things along that line to someone you just met over the net. especially some one who is in a different continent. Do not travel there to meet the guy because it is extremely dangerous, trust me. If anything, make him come to you. you do not want to risk going to a place where you don't speak or understand their languages. Also keep in mind that the police system is very weak. They will not protect you once bribed by the other guys. many guys are jobless in nigeria so this is the source of income, to con innocent woman looking for Love. I am a nigerian who reside in TX but i know many people back in Nigeria that do this as business. love for you but income for him/her. PLEASE BE ADVISED, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. google i go chop your dollar
  • i want to ask a question that is it possible to get marry to an unbeliever that is in overeseas. before i will know what to say
  • @kay-kokoro
    Yes its very possible, you just have to be careful
  • @Angeleyess
    Am not advising u to go ahead, but I know of an Aussies woman that is married to a Nigeria; the marriage took place last Dec in Lagos.
    You can find out from her yourself on fb....Tammy Ezeonu. But make sure and be very careful.
    Best of luck.
  • Hi Don valentino
    Thank you for Tammy name but she has her fb locked down well.
    Do you live in Nigeria?
  • @ANGELEYESS; I would advise you not to travel to Nigeria alone, meeting someone you have never met before in Nigeria. I am a born Nigeria but reside in the UK since the age of 12, I am aware of the current condition in Nigeria.. there are alot of things you need to take into account. I also met a lot of Nigerian men giving false hope and details to innocent women as yourself.

    The condition in Nigeria is purly not safe for a Nigerian let alone an Aussie woman, so many things to worry about, bad water, Healthcare, just incase you fall ill while out there, transportation, Crime rate, Electricity... Nigeria is a country filled with corruption, lawless system that plays unfairness to the poor. the condition of the accommodation you will be staying in while out there.

    Just because its worked for other people doesnt mean it will work for you, be careful.... there was a recent story about a Canadian lady that went back to Nigeria for the first time to marry her internet sweetheart, stayed in Nigeria for 2 Months and never made it back to Canada, she dead of some sort of virus, and wasnt treated appropriately while in the hospital..

    Her body was flown back to Canada, but her Nigerian's husbands concern was that he wasnt going to get his residence, so at first he held her body hostage for months before the canadian authorities interceded.
  • to Nigerianigbo

    it is so great to received some tips and honest advice from some one like you. I am going to Nigeria, staying in Ibadan city for the first time, will post my experience when I get back.

  • Dear all, I'm an Australian woman married with a Nigerian man three weeks ago in Lagos. We met each other on online dating. After dating for a few months, I decided to go to Nigeria to visit him. Everyone here is reacted about my decision going to Nigeria and they advised me not to go Nigeria based on unsafety reason in Nigeria. However, I follow my heart saying if I want to find the truth of our relationship, I should go my self to Nigeria. I'm giving him the three criterias that he should show to me. As he is a fashion designer, he made clothes, I asked him to make a gown for me, his passport and a Nigeria SIM card. Yes, he made me a gown, in fact he made a beautiful wedding gown. I landed in Lagos a day before Chrismas day and two days later we decided to get marriage and went through the wedding consultation at the registrar office at Ikoyri, Lagos. As both of us never married before, we need to approve it to them. My husband would have to show them the letter to prove that he is single and never married before. All went through well and we married on 4 Jan 2012. I'm blessed to know him, his family, his friends. Every night we have a prayer meeting. In the morning and before sleep my husband and me praying together to give thanks and blessing upon our relation ship. Now, I flew back to Melbourne and leaving my husband in Nigeria. He has to stay as he is now starting to prepare his Australian application. We hope any one who can suggest us the best way to get my husband to Australia. It is much appreciated. Thank you.
  • To whom it concern,
    Especially to someone who is planning to go to Nigeria, please make sure you prepare everything with the listed below:
    1. Make sure you have the visa to Nigeria
    Normally it's a bit difficult to get the visa unless the invitation letter provided is truth.
    2. Make sure you get vassination at least five injections as what I did.
    3. Please stay inside the airport and wait until someone coming to see you and please make sure he/she brought something that can be identified by you. Don't leave the airport because you may got shocking with lot of people on the street looking for money.
    4. If no one come to fetch you, please make sure that ur phone is contactable with Nigeria line. Please use the SIM Traveller, you can get from the post office or from their website.
    5. Please make sure your phone is fully charged
    6. If she/he is for you, she/he will send someone to fetch you in the airport as from my experience.
    7. Please make sure you bring enough cash because Nigeria is a cash trading
    8. If you found out something wrong or no one there, please make sure you book the hotel and the trustful taxi at the airport and don't ever leave airport before you have done all.
    Finally all the best and Enjoy your days down there. Lagos is actually a lovely place to visit.

  • my advice to the young woman is please stay away for your own safety
    nigerians are scammers stay away for your own good
    from ghana
  • Hi William, I disagree with your opinion. Not every Nigerians are scammers or bad people. I believe every country produce bad and good people. I had seen with my own eyes the young people there are very obedience to the old people. They will bow down their head or even their body when they visit the old people from their relatives. My husband family will bown down their body and kiss their parents feet when they just come back from travelling. Not only my husband family but his friends do the same way to their parents. If you know them well, they will treat you as a part of their family. Cheers.
  • hi all its funny how people from countrys that have %89 of scams going on say to us NOT ALL ARE SCAMMERS lol im sorry but it is what it is anyone asking you to send cash or bank stuff look out SCAMM invite letter is fine .the 3rd world is for sale but not everyone will like what there buying lol my wife is from asia i still have to fix her visa alot of her friends have seen scams from there ownmen very sad most are poor so the only thing thay lose is there virginity very big deal in islamic asia so when thay see all of us in the west lose cash thay see us as lucky to have cash in the first place keep this in mind.
  • It is rather sad hearing all these bad comments on the men from Nigeria, I am a South African married to a Naija man , and this was the best decision I ever made. We also met on the internet but fortuanately he was residing in South Africa then.We chatted for about a month then decide to meet , and the person I fell inlove with on the internet to finally see him in real life was just the confirmation that he was the one , the next time we met he propose and less than a year later I travelled to Nigeria to marry this man. 5 years down the line with every passing day our love grows more beautiful , he treats me with the outmost respect , he is the best thing that ever happen to me. Yes Nigeria was nothing I am used to in my country but not even the poor roads infrustucture, the mad traffic, weather, and load shedding could compare to the ultimate feeling of contentment and happiness I have with my naija man.
  • Yes, I agree with you, Naijawifey. Even I and my husband have been apart due to the immigration process, we have never been apart because we always contact each other every day by texting message, making calls. My husband treats me with the outmost respect and he is the best husband that God gave me. I married with him in a short period of time after meeting in person. He is a hard working person that I have ever seen.Having been with him was the happiest time that I have. He woke up early morning to clean the house, made breakfast for me, did hand washing and took care of me when I had bad coughing due to the heat weather in Nigeria. He praise God for giving him a wife, the best gift that he has ever received. I known that he had been cope with the miserable life as he born in the poor country, Nigeria. But he never ever give up and always been positive thinking. I'm hoping people realize that not every Nigerian man are bad. From what I can see, they are hard working people coping with the hard life condition. No electricity power, no good food provided, hot weather, congested traffic. They treats their wife with the utmost respect.

    Kind Regards

  • would like to know what happen to her :)
  • Hi its angeleyess here is Lagos Nigeria

    Have to say I love my new Husband but for the rest of the country it is just hell x100

    I can say that all government officals are currpt and you can not believe the Nigerian Embassy in any country especially when it comes to marriage

    Note that there is no set procedure or price for marriage here and please note that they will shake your family down on the wedding day for flash money

    It has cost over 100K to marry here and it could have cost more only that i had to bit my tongue

    I will post more later on my return home or by the way there is also cruption in the VFS office so just be aware and now trying to get some answer from our embassy here in Nigeria and SA

    Chat soon

  • Hi Angeleyess,

    I'm glad you find happiness with your husband. The marriage down there based on the case officer, If you meet the good officer, you won't spend much money. We were lucky, we didn't have spend so much money on our wedding day. We had a blissful wedding. Till today, I praise God for giving me wonderful husband from Lagos. My husband is still in the process of getting his visa to come to Australia to live with me. Hoping to hear some good news for you, Angelyess.
  • Hello everyone
    I am to a woman wanting to travel to Nigeria for the first time, I have many questions but one does puzzle me, my friend says they don"t have mail boxes at his home, is that possible or just a lie
    Please comment on this issue not sure if he is a scammer or not,

  • Hi Pinkey, you can ask him whether he is able to do video chatting with you, so you are able to see his face. Second, when you do video chatting, look around him whether he is in the house or in the Internet cafe. Invite his best friend to be your friend as well or ask some of his family to talk with you. From there, you will be able to judge yourself whether you want to continue on. Normally if he is truth to you, he and his family will support your relationship. Also you ask him, his identity card as well.

    Please be careful, open your eyes n ears in the process of knowing him and his family. Your own justification will let you know if you find something wrong from your conversation. If he try to hide you something, he will try to avoid the things that you ask for.

    Take care and good luck.

  • Hey, Nigerians are not so bad, we have populations are among these ppl, you can easily get good and bad ppl. if u find ur love in Nigeria please pray and follow ur hearth, Nigerians are good thye take care of their wife. its truth they are scammer, but u have to be careful, ask. if you are to go to Nigeria please have enough money that will take care of u 2) let your family member know where you are going to lodge, if possible at your arrival to lagos or anywhere in Nigeria tell your hotel manager your mission, use professional hotel, your manager or the owner will knw if the guy is a scammer or not, and you can detect by your self by his dressing and the way he will relate. to be honest with u there are good guys that are really faithful and caring.
  • after reading the comments, i am a lady that met a Naija man, we met online about 2 years ago,i heard alot about the scam, but ur right they aren't all scammers.. my fiance' paid for my entire trip.. from my passport,visa,visa fees,flight,hotel..he paid for everything.. bought anything i asked for.. he is the best thing that has happened to me and we are planning my 3rd visit and he will be paying for that trip as well... he lives and works on Victoria island and we plan to marry in sept...its true that the city has its good and bad places,but i was treated like a queen... he protected me and met met me inside the airport, he paid whatever he had to,so that he would be there to get me at the airport..not one time did he ever ask me for money... i think that we should pray and ask god if he/she is the right person for us..... ans follow ur heart... ive never been happier...

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