Tourist Invitaion for Portugal or Belgium
  • My wife and I want to spend our holiday in either Portugal or Belgium, but it was a big surprise when the consular office said we would need an invitation before we can get visa to travel for holiday. so how do i get tourist invitation letter?
  • What nationality are you?
  • Thanks for your message, I am a Nigerian.
  • Hi - I've never heard of needing an invitation for a tourist visa, only a business visa. Both Belgium and Portugal require you to have a Schengen visa, and if you are transiting via any other European airport you will need a transit visa too.

    If you show proof of funds, return tickets and hotel bookings you should get the Schengen visa without problems. Apply at the embassies in Lagos or use a visa service like
  • am a nigerian but in ukraine ,i was refused a visa cos i dnt have a tourist invitation .I look forward to hearing from you.thanks
  • i want to go on tourist visit to belgium but i was told that before i can apply i will need an invitation letter? i dont know what to do.

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