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  • i too think i fell victim of a scam was on zoosk dating service and a man named Dwayne Thomas started talking to me said he was a sales rep in Lagos and was walking to clients work and people were running towards him telling him to run cause of a riot he said he ran and when he got to his hotel" The Ever rest hotel " he realized he lost his wallet with $4000.00 in it said he looked all over for it and went to police but no luck he needed $800.00 for hotel stay and $600.00 for a balance on airline ticket they jacked up the airline price due to weather, the man said hes from grand rapids michigan and has no food to eat trying to sell things but has been detained by police for trying to sell things without a bill of sale.. Like a FOOL i sent him $1000.00 to western union on pepple street is there any way to talk to a clerk at western union? Any one else hear of a guy named Dwayne Thomas? Would like to hear your comments..
  • oh i forgot the best part he said after i told him that i cant send any more money that one of his clients was gonna send me a check for me to cash and then i could send him the money so the check comes 4 days later by u.p.s.for $7000.00 and the check is from BIG BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF BOSTON, I go to my bank and thought i was gonna talk to my friend who is the manager at the bank so i sat down and showed her the check and she said its a fraud but to be sure lets call the bank number on here the number was out of order and we called another branch and they said that it was a fraud, so when i told Dwayne he asked me for my credit card number, which i didnt give him .. I AM SO GLAD I DIDNT DEPOSIT THE CK THEN TAKE OUT THE MONEY I WOULD BE SITTING IN JAIL RIGHT NOW.. I can not believe i was that stupid and got scammed.... If any one has had an encounter with Dwayne Thomas please email me @
  • Hi Guys,

    one thing about Nigeria is that they are very welcoming. I understand the risks about security and fraud, most I think they can be greatly exaggerated. As long you have a purpose and are willing to learn then you will be fine. Please visit my site to find out more.
  • Hello i met a woman from nigeria and i have been chatting with her for several months we talked about her coming her with her child , she supposedly has the plane tickets but now says that she can't come until a travel allowance is payed to prove that she is capable of taking care of herself and child when she arrives in the U.S.
    she have informed me that amsterdam won't allow her to enter with out it ?
  • I am an Indian who is being offered a job in Lagos. How safe is the place? Can one get wife and kids there?
  • hi i got a job offer for lagos.please help me with information abt how safe is the it ok with going there with family.please somebody help me.Antu
  • Check out this expat guide to Nigeria - it might help answer some of your questions.
  • thanks David.
  • hello nan i have to been exposed to the same thing as you the only good thing for me was i did not send any mony after that i realised how many of them it is on internet you really cant trust anyone if you want to have more info write to me on
  • Plz people out there, in the US most especially and from other parts of the world, never send any money to anyone in Nigeria you have not met and spoken with physically
    I'm Esosa, a Cybercafe Administrator in Lagos, Nigeria. Every day unemployed people ranging from boys to young men and women come to my Cybercafe to dupe unsuspecting foreigners of their hard earned money.
    They may send you very convincing pictures, but the internet contains over one billion pictures right? So why can't they go and get any picture they like and make use of it? Some may even chat with you via web cam, and still they are not real, never be fooled by anyone.
    Most people get entangled from dating sites. It's not necessary that your life partner or friend must be A or B, if you lose them, a better replacement will come by. Once you for a fleeting moment suspect a Nigerian online, never send any personal info or money to the person.
    Some even use pictures of whites to deceive unsuspecting foreigners

    I don't use this site much, I only accidentally stumbled into it. If you suspect any person of being a scammer, just forward your conversations with 'him' or 'her' to my email
    Don't be a 'maga' (fool) for any illiterate or half literate Nigerian. Be wise!
  • that is great info bout nigeria
  • I have a very bad experience with two people in Lagos, Nigeria. One person is a woman of white origin is supposed to be my girlfriend of one year and have fed her ever since from money that I sent via Western Union. This girl could be a real as I have spoken to her. I have to break this relation after she asked me my Paypal account for her friend Emmanuel Okorie, living in Lagos, Nigeria, for fraudulent activities and at the end I had a minus $947 in my Papal balance. All money derived from my Paypal account was asked to be transferred to the man via Western Union, which I did. For your info, Nigeria is not listed in the Paypal registration site. Please learn from my bad experience. I am now preparing my crime report to the Nigerian police, but wondering if they will take action against these two scammers.

    Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Hello everyone!

    I am traveling to Nigeria in the next month or so and I was wondering if there's any way to extend a three month tourist visa? I'm going to meet my fiance's family. We were living in Colombia and plan to settle in the States, but I was hoping to spend about six months there seeing his country and getting to know his family.

    Also, I've been wondering about the reaction I'll receive from Nigerians. I'm a fair-skinned, light hair, light eyes white American woman. Will I receive a lot of stares? I know I did in Colombia and I don't look nearly as different from Colombians as I do from Nigerians. And what reaction might I receive since I'm in a relationship with a Nigerian man?

    Any advice would be fantastic!!

  • Hello my friends i need an outside opinion, I am about to travel to Lagos and meet a man I have been talking to for more than two years. We converse by web-cam night and day . He has not asked me for money and he has sent me expensive gifts as well as my kids. He has sent my family gifts because he say it is his tribes custom to do so. He is planning to pay for me and my best-friends roundtrip ticket to visit his country for two weeks. He has sent me pictures and a copy of his passport. We have history and we talk everyday for hours and at night for hours he also calls me sometimes five and six times a day. This has been going on the whole two years. We did commit to each other and deleted our profiles from all dating sites. What I want to knw is do you think I should visit and tell me of any precautions I should take. I have spoken to his mother as well. Thaks for any help I can get.
  • slow to go, be very very suspicious. Lagos, Nigeria has a reputation as the scamming capital of the world for good reason.
  • Is it the same Lagos you are all talking about.... or am i missing something? It's so obvious that half of the people who have negative comments about Lagos have never ever been to Lagos. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Allow people to come and discover Lagos, just exercise the same caution that you would if you were going to New York or Chicago or London.
  • For all those who want as much information as possible on Nigeria, then you need to visit to download this ebook
    Nigerian History and current Affairs.

    Its loaded with information.
  • I just stumbled unto this site and I have mixed emotions about the content and advice. First off, there is a high incidence of scams originating from Nigeria and plenty of unemployed/underemployed semi-illiterate people targetting unsuspecting foreigners so caution is definitely warranted especially when dealing with someone you don't know who is asking you to send money. I understand that many people are taking in simply because the culture in the Western countries is different and a high degree of trust is expected in business dealings.
    However don't let that lead you to tar every Nigerian with the same brush. The scammers are still a tiny minority its just that they seem to have a lot of energy and the internet provides simple and effective tools for creating a lot of 'noise'.
    Most Nigerians are still very welcoming to foreigners and if anything are more likely to be deferrential and extremely helpful to them.
    I have tons of friends from other parts of the world who have come to Lagos and had a good time and enjoyed the experience. They realize things are never as bad as reported although I do ask that they take basic precautions. Lagos is no tourist heaven (i'd be the first to admit that) but it has its charms and is a vibrant living place.
    I think if you do have business here and you've established the bonafides of your contact, you shouldn't hesitate to come. After all we probably have more than 50,000 expatriates living in Lagos mostly on the Island but in many other parts and suburbs too. We even have bars, clubs and restaurants that are almost exclusively frequented by expats.
  • Help is needed,I am in love with this Nigeria guy who i have met online,we chat almost everyday on line and on phone...we have started a relationship about 1 year now,i chat with his sister and he is a student.he wants to come to my country (Trinidad &Tobago) which i am happy for that because we really want to met each other.Since that time i have been doing alot of research on Nigeria..He lives in Lagos..which seems to be a fairly good place.Should i let him come or not..should I continue this relationship? For an individual to come from Nigeria to Trinidad it cost 1900.00us.i did the research and see that it is true...i agree to send him 600us to help him travel.Please Bear in mind he didnot ask me for it was my choice..i suggested it.The guy is really a nice guy and always calls me,I really like him....but from experiences that i research and I find alot of people to have bad turn outs....HELP ME PLEASE!!!! I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY!!!!
  • Hi lover! am a Nigerian from Lagos. My advice 2 u is dat u should be careful.. It might be a scam. Ur suggesting it makes no difference. Why not suggest 2 come 2 Nigeria urself instead of sending money Nigeria is i nice place to be. If u need more information about Nigeria or help u can reach me through mail,
  • hello lover, you have to go to nigeria or you have to forget it.. i am a german women with 10 years experiance with nigerian guys. now i am married with one of them. if you are so much in love with him, go and visit him. i was in nigeria, it is a lovely place with lovely people. but don`t trust what you never saw... go, see how he is in his own world. sorry, my english is not so good, but i think that you understand what i mean.. believe me, i saw every kind of people from nigeria. if you have any question contact me on my e-mail
  • hello lover, you have to go to nigeria or you have to forget it.. i am a german women with 10 years experiance with nigerian guys. now i am married with one of them. if you are so much in love with him, go and visit him. i was in nigeria, it is a lovely place with lovely people. but don`t trust what you never saw... go, see how he is in his own world. sorry, my english is not so good, but i think that you understand what i mean.. believe me, i saw every kind of people from nigeria. if you have any question contact me on my e-mail
  • Hey guys please i need your help, i dont know where to turn to. I met my nigerian boyfriend online(not a dating site) it was totally coincidental. Started chatting and fell madly inlove. I have spoken to his family they are such beautiful souls and have the greatest karma. He is not rich and is still a student, but has never asked me for any money. The only thing that keeps popping up is the fact that he and his family wants to meet me, so he wants me to travel to nigeria. While we were busy making my travel plans i started looking for visa requirements for nigeria online and came across lots of scam warnings which i never even knew existed. I love this man, he completes me but after reading all these scams i am very afraid of goin to his country,could he loving me be a scam, what will he stand to gain from me goin to his country, is there any success story about dating a nigerian, are all of them really as bad and only in it to scam people? I am so confused because it is causing so much strain on our relationship because we keep arguing about these scams and all he wants is just for me t trust him , will i be safe in nigeria ? Would anyone advise me to go meet him there or rather he come to visit me in o country, i offered to pay for his trip to my country, but he refuse and says he'll rather have me visiting him than me paying 4 him... Help please, is this a typical scam?
  • Hi all, Thanks for info, very useful and I need to also add my near bad expereince.........
    Chox. You sound a nice and sincere person, but please dont let your hart rule common sense!
    Dont you notice how Quick they fall in love? Dont you notice there is always a Problem that needs Finance? A student with Fantastic prospect? it goes on and on....
    These Nigerian scammers are all over the world! Im live the Uk and have recently met a Nigerian studying un the UK. He told me he has been in the UK for almost 8years, strong christian (which attracted me to talkto this man) devoted to goin church 3- 5 times a week. Within two weeks of meeting him he his 'Head over heels in love with me' and wants to marry me, have a baby, he painted the ideal picture!!!!
    Well, I caution with any man I meet regardless of where they come from.... So I like to take my time to get to know a person b4 I commit. This man has told his family and friends about me and begged to meet my parent(my parents are not aware of him as I write) and when Im in his company he will politley force me to talk to his family on the phone. Now this man wants us to go to Nigeria but he told me that it would be far easier to travel on a Nigerian Passport than my British Passport.
    he invited me to his home 4 dinner and I was upset to find that he lived in a share house of more Nigerian Men. (Hence, I could never stop over!) He does not have his full papers to stay in the UK on a Student visa. He talk in a manplitative manner using God quotations . Bottom line.....
    He did not want to marry me straight away, he wants me to have a BABY for him and once I am pregnant and get my first scan that picture would be taken to his LAWYER so he can write letters for Mr Nigeria for him to get his Stay. Once the BABY is born we need to do a DNA test to prove he his the Father of my baby. And the lawyer will write another letter confirming this and this man needs to reside in the UK to look after his baby.. Oh yes we have to have JOINT BANK account for Lawyer, and he needs to have bills in his name at my address! This man is a Cathloic there relgion states "No S*x before marriage. No baby born out olove.....
    Todate I have know him in total 8weeks.... He does not know where I live, he does not know my full name, and he does not know my email address.... I find his attitude arogant and far to forward.... I agree with alot of comments on this board... If you are being rushed YOU must slow the wheels down...... PUT your NIGERIAN MAN to the test.. TELL him you have £20,000 to invest and you dont kow what to do..... Your Nigerian man HAS SPENT IT before its landed!
    May I suggest you pretend to be someone else in aided to protect yourself. NO Bank details. No Bank details. Do not use credit card with them. DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM.
  • I am in a similar position and he wants my bank details to send me money and I refuse to give him. He send me his itenary but when i check no booking is made. I have been corresponding with him for the last 8months or so.

    He said he cant get money out of Lagos and that he needs to trsf to my account before he comes to visit. I refuse to give my account details and he is upset. So, i told him too bad it will not work. End of story.
  • Naturally, Nigerian cultures encourages them marry from their villages or neigboring community.All these internet love are mostly poverty driving.Young unemployed graduates and semi illiterate seeking a way out of poverty by engaging foolish and unintelligent white ladies in love talk.Some with good intention but many with fraudulent intention.My advice to the white ladies seeking for husband on the internet is that they should know that it is pure gambling.Nigeria has a population of more than 140million people with many of them doing very well with good conscience in their different endeavours.They will definately not go to the internet to look for suitors.For those genuinely seeking for business please make use of the various state chamber of commerce.However for the greedy whites who want to reap from where they did not sow,they will continue to loose their money.amen
  • Hi there,
    Would really appreciate if someone have been in Lagos and can give me more information about living there specifically in Ikeja, i have job offer for around 2 years and would like to get as much information as i can before i decide whether to approve or not,
    Security wise, housing, schooling, medication, cost of living and what's the reasonable salary as well as accommodation to ask for, how it would be for a family with 2 kids
    Thank you
  • Hi Zein, take a look at our expat guide to Nigeria here, and see if it helps answer your questions:
  • Thank you David, very useful website
  • Can anyone help me find out if a David Richards is in a hospital in Lagos State??
  • ring his embassy as they should know if hes in hospital or find the number of the hospital and give them a call?

    How do you know this man?
  • Hi

    Can anyone help. I have been offered job in Nigeria. Can you please suggest is it safe for an Indian to work there and what are the precautions needed. Kindly suggest. How much local currency is needed to stay there if accomodation is provided by the company.
  • @Andy - check out this site's expat guide to Nigeria, it has everything you need to know about moving to Nigeria
  • I have painstaking read all the comments and some of the armchair advice posited by this forum agony aunties and Uncles. It unimaginable how people can be so judgemental and prejudice about other people when they are ill informed, poorly informed or scarcely bereft of information. I live in the UK and have travelled the world. And in all the places i have been to you will see the good the bad and the ugly. Once I was in Hong Kong a 4star hotel I lodged stole all my money, thank God I had my Credit card with me. That does not make all Hong Kong hotel bad, In Singapore I was trapped in a lift for almost 55 minutes and by the time I got to my hotel the lady friend that was keeping happy made away with my brand new pair of Shoes, Suite and Tie, does that make Singapore a bad country, After this i have visited Singapore 2 times and stated in same hotel. I have had series of terrible experiences with airlines, Hotel staff and people in various European cities Rome and Amsterdam was terrible, but all Dutch and Italian are not like that. Coming to some Indians who are sounding rather hysteria about Nigeria, Is an oxymoron of the highest other. My last visit to Mumbai was very eventful. I was fortunate to have missed a terror attack a day after i left. India is one place where you could easily be fleece by criminal gangs, especially if you look lost. However, I must add that an average Indian is a decent business man. I cannot brand all Indians as fraudulent. In the UK where I live you hear in the news of mind blowing crimes, in fact there are areas in some British cities that you have to be extremely careful to thread at night. However that does not make the British people all criminals. We hear of mugging in Caribbean cities, but that does not make all West Indians cities unsafe.
    In the US countless crime happens in most urban cities, From New York to LA, Detroit to Chicago you are most likely to be shot by a drive by gunman than being ever shot in Lagos. See link;
    The way I see it is this, if you fell into a scammer trap, you are most likely to be a person with a questionable character and you lack value and decency. How could you want to reap where you did not sow? Someone tells you to send an n amount if you want to help get his trapped late father’s money in a bank and you stupidly sent the money. You are either a moron or a maga (fool).You see the worst part of this is that those Nigerians who commit this scams are not even highly educated. So it beggars believe if half educated can scam the supposedly highly educated westerners, who thinks Africans are all illiterate anyway. So with all your education a common street college dropout could outsmart you...its just crazy. Nigerians are smart, intelligent, welcoming, friendly and very very happy go lucky people, no wonder they have been voted as the happiest people on planet earth. ; ; ; Check out these links to see what really makes Nigerians what they are. Agreed Nigerian have their fair share of evil people like any other country but you could imagine a country with over 150million people, even if 1% is bad, you can imagine what havoc this numbers can do to the rest 148.5million.For those westerner who will not take all the unverified and unauthenticated advices posited on this site and the likes of it, they are making good business returns while the chicken hearted ,gullible and timid minded would be business men will stay over here and moan and whine over dwindling economic fortune of the western countries. To think that you westerners who are responsible for all the known major corporate frauds under the sun like Enron, Fannie Mae, Baring bank, A Brothers, etc. will come here to preach integrity, fidelity and equity beats me hollow.
    For the love seeking ladies who are coming to a forum like this to seek for advice on Nigerian men, I am sorry for you. How dare you come to a place like this to seek for advice when you know that no one man is same? I am very positive that it's this same mistrust and your inability to trust is what have made you to turn away from your own men in the first place. You just can trust any man any more than a Nigerian man, so go away; no Nigerian man wants a distrustful lady like you for a long lasting relation.
    With all the bad press Nigeria, economy and people are still doing exploit all over the world. Do you know that Nigeria has the highest and fastest growing telecommunication market in the world, except maybe china? Do you know Nigerian is now the place of choice for Multinational Banks to invest? Do you know that recently Wall Mart is making plans to enter the Nigerian retail market? Do you know that Nigeria is the new place major record companies to invest because of the high turnover of album sales of Nigerian music? Do you know that Nollywood is the third biggest film industry with over 10billion potential market? Do you know that Nigeria is about to take over from South Africa as the largest economy in Africa? See link-‘to-overtake-south-africa’/ For those of you who will make decision based on presumptions and personal prejudice of self-appointed resident agony uncles and aunties on fora like this, Nigeria do not need men and women like you for business. You do not qualify. We need balanced men and women who have nothing to hide but want to do genuine business.
    Go to Youtube and type in lagos nigeria.And you will see the lagos they do not want you to enjoy.Cheers
  • Do you all these internet love scams can be true for a nigerian that has been out of nigeria for a long time? And I have seen proof of him being out of nigeria for over 10 years, have crossed a border with him and know it is true. I find it hard to believe they are all scamming?? like many say..they are good nigerians...
    Pinky - your story is most intersting to me......because it is the only one to do with a nigerian man that no longer lives in nigeria.... I have met one but he has no money from me, never asked..only came to visit me...his emotions came out after months of talking, not right away..but now are very strong... Would love to talk to you more Pinky. ..
  • My friend is stuck in Nigeria and his ticket expired where can he go to get help. I tried to help him but won't have the money to send for another week. Can or will U.S. Embassy help him or will it time to help in his situation. I do know him its not a scam just want him home. Thanks you for any help or suggestion.
  • Hi Angelcake,
    Would you please email me to :
  • Need some help.My friend who is not from Nigeria, is held there for non payment of his goods to be shipped.He never went there before and didn't know the rules and payments of shipping, and the shipping company are taking on hundreds of dollars a day for holding fees.Now he used all his money and know one is willing to help him there.The shipping company put a stop on his plane ticket until his bill is paid.Who can he talk to for help.Can they really keep him there? He has been there for over two months now and his bills are growing higher.The people at seaport are now watching that he doesn't try to skip out on the bill, even though they put a hold on his ticket.The bill is so high that he will never be able to pay it and the shipping company will not let him just leave his goods,he must pay.Please we really need someones help a.s.a.p
  • There are some stupid people in this world. If you have to ask 'Am I being scammed by a Nigerian? He wants money' You deserve it.
  • @help

    A shipping company cannot put a 'hold' on someone's ticket. You're being scammed.
  • My friend is Russian. He went to Nigeria for work. His money for the job was deposited into a Swiss Bank Account. He is now stranded in Lagos Nigeria. Is there any one that can help him get out of Nigeria?
  • tell him to contact his embassy!
  • Dear Admin

    Would you please guide me about truck spare parts market location in lagos,and how was the safety and better hotel and area to life for couple of day

  • question for Ght1066
    you may by now have sorted your query with regards the man you discussed i your query to Warren on Nov, 30th 2008, but said you did have photo of this person.. Are you able to share a photo.

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