Cyprus and Greece help
  • well i want to visit a new place and i've chose two places, Cyprus and Greece i wanna know which one is better, and if u wanna give any advice,,
    P.s - i wanna know if i want to book a hotel or something can i use a booking agency from the country i'm going to or my home country ?
  • They are very different. Cyprus is one small island where as Greece has many small and large islands as well as the mainland.
    Cyprus has rather a British feel to it after many years of colonialism ended in 1960. and have just a handful of main towns and then lots of little villages scattered around the island. It is a small island and driving from east to west only takes around 2-3 hours.
    Both have historical sites and tourist areas with beaches and night clubs etc but really they are quiet different and i couldn't say which was better as that depends on what you are looking for.

    With Greece, its probably a whole decision in itself whther you visit the islands or you want to do mainland Greece and visit Athens and the ancient sights. There is definitely a lot more to see as it is a much bigger country.
  • Hi Roscoe,

    To be absolutely honest, there is no comparison between Cyprus and Greece.

    Cyprus is beautiful, but Greece is a whole different thing. You may visit archaiological sites, different islands, travel around and do a thousand different things everyday!

    It would be a pleasure for us to arrange your Greek holidays if interested. We may book hotels, air/ferry tickets, car rentals, etc...

    Best regards,
    Nasos /
  • hi if you decided to visit Kefalos in Kos we ahve a whole forum with links to accomodation, travel to different Islands, weddings,plus people who go to other Greek Islands and have also visited Cyprus too, come and have a look around the forum and see if we can help you out in making your decision

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