Yogyakarta Airport Tax
  • would anyone happen to know the departure tax ... from yogya back to KL. thanks
  • The Yogyakarta Airport departure tax is 30,000 Rupiah (US$3.30) for domestic flights and 150,000 (US$16.50) for international flights.
  • yes I agree for Symone
  • I paid 100,000 Rp in Yogya last time. I think all departure taxes for every city can be found on Tiket2 website, http://www.tiket2.com
  • Airport Tax:
    Domestic Flight: IDR.35.000
  • Thanks for the update - great site that! What is the international departure tax at the moment - is it still IDR 150,000?
  • Airport Tax:
    International Flight: IDR.100.000
  • @balitranstravel - thanks! So the price of the tax has come down??

    Is this the same/standard price at any airport if you are departing Indonesia?
  • That prices is still valid until now.
    No, prices above is not standard price at any airport here. it is valid in Adi Sucipto International Airport (Yogyakarta)

    There is various airport tax fee in Indonesia. Different airport is different price.

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