Is Azerbaijan safe for westerners?
  • So how safe if Azerbaijan for western travellers? I would like to do this as part of a Paul Theroux overland train odyssey thing, but have my concerns about travelling solo in a place as remote and hard to spell as Azerbaijan. Any tips or advice on my safety concerns much appreciated. Thanks!
  • I would say Azerbaijan is very safe place to travel. And people is very hospitable if you need any help you will be helped by people you even dont know.So if someone has intention ti travel to Azerbaijan YOU ARE WELCOMED to the LAND OF FIRE !!!

    Good luck !!!
  • I travel to this country solo for work. I have had no problems at all. The people are very friendly and the country is a hidden gem to visit.
  • Yes Azerbaijan is not only safe but also very amasing country due to its nature, cultury, history and traditions. Moreover people of Azerbaijan is very hospitable and kind.
    If you will need some help for traveling to Azerbaijan you can contact me any time +994507877756, I have travel agency in Baku and we could arrange your trip.

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