Do I need a visa for Croatia?
  • I am a citizen of Guatemala, Central America, besides a valid passport do i need a visa to visit Croatia
  • Yes, I think that it is necessary for you to apply for a visa.
  • I am a South African and our cruise ship stops at Dubrovnik and Split for 1 day in each place. Do I need a visa
  • no, u don't need a visa for 1 day stay if u are on cruiser.
  • I have a SA passport but have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, where I live. I am coming to Croatia for the Outlook festival for 1 week. I will be staying overnight in Slovenia enroute and will have a schengen visa for there. Do I need a visa for Croatia?
  • If I am going to be in Croatia for up to 23 months do I need a visa or just a passport?
  • Mom,

    It's hard to say without knowing what country you're from. For most countries, you would need a visa to stay so long.
  • I think Visa at the Croatia you want to have fast visa, Pleas spent two weeks before in Croatia.
  • You can contact to service's company, They will process fast and take care.
  • hi dears :)

    we are 2 Bahraini citizens will be having a visa from the italian embassy in bahrain to visit milan. we wanna go to croatia by ferry for 4 or 5 days. do we need shengan visa to enter croatia?
    we do not have croatian emabassy in bahrain and need an advise before processing the italian visa.

    Appreciate your help :)
  • Never, u don't need a visa for only 1 day.
  • Hello. I'm a ROC (Taiwan) passport holder with valid multiple entry Schengen visa. I'm a resident of the Philippines. Do I need a visa to visit Croatia?
  • wow...thanks....
  • Here is website of Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and link where you can find basic information about the visa regime between the Republic of Croatia and all other countries:
  • Do you need a visa if you have a passport to visit Croatia for 2 weeks from the US?
  • I have a South African passport and want to spend about 10days holiday in Croatia, including 7 days cruising. Do i need a visa and where does one apply.
  • @HN - yes, you need a visa as a South African. Apply at the Embassy of Croatia, Pretoria, South Africa: +27 (0)12 342 1206. More information is available in our Croatia guide here:
  • @flipper: US passport holders do not need a visa.
  • HI dear,
    ilyess from tunisia, urgent cas, i live in Qatar now, and i am looking for travel agency to book my holidays destination zagreb, for a week, flight and hotel, do i need a visa tourist, or the angency will deal with that.
    THX ;))
  • Dear all,

    I am married with norwagian,I mysefe holder thai passport. Do I need a VISA to Croatia? We will drive there this summer. Thanks all you guy in advance.

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