Weather and best time to visit India
  • I am planning to travel india over the summer and was wondering what areas are least affected by the monsoon season? When is the best time to visit India?
  • this is depand when you are going to travel. During monsoon entire india is affected by rain.
    But in north India rainy season start from July till Aug or some time till september.
  • Thats true in North India rains start end of June where as in Kerala it starts by end of May. It actally depends on the plac you wish to visit. In any case the best time visit India in September-November and feb-mid of march
  • I am doing a country project on India and I went on a bunch of websites to figure out the average temperature in India. All of them was giving me the weather to Delhi and other cities in India. Please leave me your comments if you can give me the overall temperature in India
  • Please leave me your comments if you can give me the overall temperature in India this is my eamil :-
  • I intend to visit the Golden Triangle of Dehli, Agra and Jaipur.
    Please advise when is the best time?
    I was thinking October 2009. Is it the good time to visit.
  • I live in France so I have no choice but to visit India during August. Where is the coolest place to visit, I don't like the heat so much.
  • You may visit Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, Mussorie in Uttrakhand, Darjeeling, Gangtok in Sikkim & West bengal these are few North INdia Coolest places in the month of AUG but during this time Rainy sesaon will also give you a welcome so you need to decide what you like to do.
  • Hi liam,

    The best time to visit India for tourists is the winter season.The season lasts from October to February. Because during this time the heat of summer is no more. Another reason to visit India in these months is that they coincide with the celebration mood in India. This is the time when maximum well-known festivals of India are celebrated.You can experience true India, in all its richness, by attending these festivals.

    Thanks & Regards
  • hey i want to travel to india but dont know which time of year to go. is it best in the summer months or the winter months.
  • starting from sep till jan to mid feb is the best time to visit india..... and i'd advise andamans as the must see place in india... its very calm with lot of islands and amazingly beautiful
  • The best time to travel to India - North India(Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Simla) is feb. and march. I was in India during this period and the weather was great. It was like mediterian weather in spring.
  • As India is so large the climate does differ so it's best to do a little research for the particular area you want to visit. The north has high summer temperatures and cool winters, but it only has a brief rainy season. The south has a tropical climate, and although the temperature varies little throughout the year,the monsoons can be quite heavy.

    The best time to travel in Delhi/Rajasthan is between October and the end of April. Temperatures in Delhi and Rajasthan often reach 40ºC+ in May and June, and even as high as 48ºC the Thar desert and cities of Rajasthan, so you may find the pre-monsoon heat overwhelming as I did. During July and August there are regular showers, clearing the air. In September, the weather is even better as the rain clears and the temperatures drop a little. So in some ways the monsoon would be preferable to May/June for the Rajasthan. However, when I was in Pushkar one May a spectacular sand storm blew across from the desert and I believe they happen during this very hot period. India is more of an adventure destination than a sunshine holiday destination, so it depends what you have in mind. If you want to go to the beach in Goa then maybe you want to be 'in season' October-March as lots of places close down out of season or with some beach huts; dismantled and re-built each year! I hope this helps and have a great trip!
  • I would like to go for honeymoon in Aug. Which part of India will be suitable. CUrrently we planning of Kerala cause goa,shimla all seem to be rain season.
  • no choice.. have to travel in the western "summer" months.... so... early/mid july and only have a few weeks.
    looking to head from delhi to rishikesh... dharmsala..
    i know rain/monsoon is heavy... but i have not heard a real discription. will i have good days or moments to take photos? i hear the rains are quick but extremembly wet.
    anyone who can offer practical advice, would be so much appreciated...
  • i want to plan my visit /tour in the month of 15th may onward . which is the best part of india to visit with cool rather normal upo 30/33"C TEMPRATURE....
  • Hi Liam, good question! The best time to travel to India for tourists is during the winter season. It's from the month of February to October. These months are cooler and coincides with the festival celebrations in India.
    If you are a beach lover then you can opt for the months of March to May- these are the summer months where you could explore the beautiful beaches in enjoy. This would be a good opportunity for you to relax, enjoy and have lots of fun! You could also try trekking and mountain climbing during these months.
  • I'm planning on getting married in India, I want to have an outdoor wedding which is the best time for me to visit India and get married and travel around as well? Any suggestions...?
  • Actually it depends on which part of the country are you visiting? If you plan a visit to north india...then may be during winters i.e. Jan/Feb would be a perfect time to visit places like Delhi and can visit entertainment destinations like the Kingdom of Dreams, India Gate, Red Fort, Taj Mahal in Agra, Jaipur's - Amer Fort,Chokhi Dhani etc.
  • I'm planning on getting married in Chandigarh, Punjab. I was thinking anytime before maybe med march, will it too be hot? I want to get married in a garden outdoor and then go to Maldives near by Sri lanka do you think it will be too hot by then?
  • i m marryin in month of july2010... which would be best honeymoon spot for us??? shimla-manali or kerla or mahisoor-ooti???
  • best timing to visit india are aug to dec and feb end to april will be hell hot from may to july
  • North India: Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi, Varanasi, Ranthambore National Park
    In Rajasthan, Agra and or Varanasi, the best time to travel is between October and the end of April. Temperatures in Delhi often reach 40ºC in May and June, and even soar as high as 45ºC the Thar desert of Rajasthan, so you may find the heat uncomfortable over this period. During July and August there are regular showers, clearing the air. In September, the weather is even better as the rain clears and the temperatures drop a little.

    North East (Darjeeling, Sikkim) and North West India (Dharamsala, Manali, Ladakh):
    Both North East and North West India, get extremely cold in the winter, due to their high altitudes. This makes it important to plan your dates carefully if you are planning to trek in the Himalayan foothills. In the north west foothills, the rainy season runs from the beginning of July until the end of August, while in the north east, the rains begin in June and end in October.

    Bombay and Goa:
    This central/south west area of India is best visited between November and late May. It never becomes unbearably hot, but in June, July and August there are frequent heavy shower that can last for several hours at a time. However, between the downpours there will be dazzling sunshine.

    South India (Kerala and Tamil Nadu):
    The climate in South India is tropical. In Kerala, temperatures remain at about 30ºC all year round. The monsoon hits Kerala in June and lasts until September, and the area is best visited between November and May. Tamil Nadu, in the South East, is the hottest area of the country (and the curries are hottest here too). Temperatures here hover at around 35ºC, increasing even further in May and June. The short but aggressive rainy season in Tamil Nadu runs from early October until early December
  • I wanna go to India atleast 2 months in advance from
    my wedding to do all the shopping amd prepare everything and I want it to be warm
    enough for everyone to be comfortable sitting outside for my wedding cermony and the doli and all so would February work better or September or October? I'm planning on getting married in Chandigarh, Punjab
  • Also I wanna try to avoid the sun so I don't get tanned
  • I am taking my 2 boys to India after they finish their A level and before they start their universities and the only time we can find without disturbing their education is August next year. We are visitng Punjab for 3/4 weeks. Will the weatehr be Ok for us to enjoy? people are telling me that it is going to be very humid and their will be lot of flys and the boys won't enjoy it, but this is the only month before they start their uni
  • Hello Everyone,

    I would like to address to all the discerning travelers those are planning to Travel to India this year or year ahead that summer heat is a challenge for the residents of countries where summers are not extreme but there are plenty of ways to beat the heat by carefully picking up the travel options. There is always a hugely populated list to pick from.

    Do try to take advantage of the luxury trains of India for an unforgettable travel experience regardless of the time you are traveling in the country, you can travel all through the India on these trains. It is like traveling on the 5 star hotel properties over the wheels.

    For more advise on travel options contact me at and i will pleased to help.
  • Hello everyone,
    I'm traveling to india during sep last week, and would appreciate any places of interest in south india to visit during this time..thx

    Thank you for your help!
  • Hi, I'm planing to visit Golden Triangle (New Delhi, Agra & Jaipur) on 23rd December 2010. Is it the right time to visit and how the wheather will be?
  • For the Golden Triangle December is fine. October through to March is the season for Delhi and Rajasthan. Availability would be more of a concern as the trains and hotels might be busy as a lot of people will be in India for the Christmas holiday period and this is a very popular route. So if you are pre-booking this trip then do book soon! Occasionally there will be a cold spell or foggy spell in the winter months but mostly it is warm sunshine by day in December.
  • hello!! Namaste!!! i am emalyn from the philippines---- ive read a lot about indian civilization and culture. all those magnificient temples- but what caught my interest so much - is the magnificient monument known as Taj Mahal. I fell in love with the story behind it-- a great love story of all time. That i and my children will be visiting india on April 2011-- that is summer vacation here in the philippines. My friends told me to visit september---- . Any suggestion what is the best month to travel and enjoy any other historic city of this unique country- India. Bahut Dhanyavad.
  • Avoid April and May it's Like December and January In Europe but the weather is Just opposite
  • If anyone visits to North East India than anytime, you visit here. Whether is friendly not much heat than other parts of India.
  • Please avoid during Mar-May, as this is summer. During this period you can visit to hill stations like KULU, MANALI, OOTY & KODAIKKANAL.
  • Hi, i have a week off from work in the beginning of sept 2011, i was thinking of visiting India. where would be a good place to go around that time? trying to aviod the monsoons. i would also love to explore the wildlife. can anyone give me some ideas?
  • Best time in INdia is Oct to Feb. Must see places include Goa and Kerala.

    I own a vacation rental under timeshare program with Club Mahindra Varca Beach. They have a RCI Gold Crown Resort in Goa as well as Kerala with a private beach and all amenities. The Resort has excellent reviews on trip advisor-you can look it up. Due to work pressures, I have not been able to travel and utilize my membership with Club Mahindra and some of my holiday entitlements are expiring. I am interested in selling a week’s stay in Varca Beach, Goa or one of the 4 resorts in Kerala anytime this year or next (studio apartment with kitchenette). You will have to pay me only after receiving written confirmation from the hotel, in YOUR name. You can also call up and confirm with the hotel before making the payment to me. Please contact me on if you are interested
  • Which is best place in INDIA to visit in may end or june starting.I am seeking information for a romantic trip.
  • Can anyone describe how it is in Goa in June? I understand the beach shacks are closed and that it rains heavily from time to time. But can you go in the water at all? Do you need helmet for falling coconuts? Is there anything fun happening besides pool life?

    We're planning to go there in the end of June, and I don't want unhappy children/co-travellers.
  • dear all,
    i am programing to visit from south to varanasi in july 2nd week, because i will have only one month vaccation,
    can any one give me the climate condition,
    there will be heavy rain in this time?
  • i want to go anywhere in india in end of may but i have no idea to which is the best place for me .plz tell me the right place with there maximum tem.
  • Hi, i am planning for honeymoon at india on the month of december. is it a good idea to travel that time? is rainy season? i am from malaysia, but i am planning a month vacation, coz at first i need to visit few temples, as rameshwaram, palani, and more.. so from malaysia, which airport should i get down first at india? and how to go? beside temples, for best honeymoon visit to india where should we go and visit? please advice and help answer all my question someone pls.. much appereciate if can email me the details..
  • Hi, I organise work and travel program in the state of Rajasthan , India. Tiger Safari, Taj Mahal visit , Cooking Class, Music Class, Jaipur fort visits, and work with blind and poor children are the part of our program. write me for more information
  • Is it best time to take Golden Triangle tour in Dec during christmas vacation?
  • This time you can see and feel beautiful India not so much winter and not tough summer time. November to Jan is best time to visit in India :)

  • Hi,
    I am going to India in mid May to mid June, to do a placement in a hospital in Delhi and then Chennai, but plan to stay on and travel with a friend. We are both students and it will be our first time in India. Can anyone tell me where the best places to visit/stay at that time of year are? All advice welcome. Thanks!
  • Hi I am planning to visit The Golen Triangle on 10th Sept for a week and then down to kerila for a further week. I suppose the question is this a good time to go?
  • Best time to visit india is Aug to Nov. September to Dec is a tourists season of Kerala.
  • Someone said it's better to be there during Aug - Nov since it is not so populated because it is not yet a tourists season.
  • I had my first trip to southern Kerala in India in September 2011, the weather was fine, just the odd heavy shower, loved it so much that I'm coming back to do the Golden Triangle tour in Ocober.
    Might be back in April, May or June 2013 - any recommendations in where to go or see at that time of year please?
  • Hello,

    I am planning on doing a trip to India next year and i want to get all your advice on when to go when I'm in the north and south!

    I am planning on doing just over a month in the North- so which are the best months to go at?

    And then i plan on going to the South afterwards for some sunbathing time- so which would you say are the best months to head their for?


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