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  • my son has booked a holiday to Fuerteventurra,with his polish girlfriend and her little girl of 2 years.Who has a polish EU ID card .The agent has said it is ok to travel on that,I am not too sure ,
  • Dear Podge0_1,

    I'm just back from Lanzarote (3rd May 2010). I traveled there on 26th April 2010 with my husband who also is Polish and we had no problems with our polish ID cards. I wish your son and his girlfried and the little girl a wonderful stay in the Fuertaventura island!:)
  • I am English and my Fiancee is Polish.
    I would like to take her to Spain in July but not sure if she can get in to Spain on here Polish Id Card
  • Any memeber of any EU country can travel in any other EU country with the National ID card
  • Please my children are member of EU Ireland and i wish to take them for 10 days holiday for Spain this month and i have residence in Ireland do I need a visa
  • I am planning to travel to Gran Canaria with my girlfriend who has a Lithuanian passport and EU identity card.
    Will she be able to enter Gran Canaria on her Lithuanian passport, as GC is not a member of the EU?
  • Hi Does this mean you do not need the passport, just the identity card?
  • Gran Canaria is part of the EU as it is a territory of the EU. It is however not subject to EU tax laws but when it comes to immigration rules it is the same as Spain.
  • "Any memeber of any EU country can travel in any other EU country with the National ID card"

    That is true. Even though the UK and Spain have tighter travel rules due to homegrown terrorism, people on national ID cards from within the EU can use them like a passport!
  • i live in ireland, and i bought a tickets to turkey for my self and my mum, but she have only lithuanian id card, would she be ok to travel there?

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