Best time to travel Bali, Indonesia visit
  • According to you what is the best time to visit Bali and what are the most definite things to do that time of year? I am planning to travel to Indonesia in April

    Also any advice on Watersports and other Activities?
  • Hi Lizl,

    Generally, the best time to travel to Indonesia is during the dry season, between April and October. Bali has numerous, year-round, attractions to offer: reef snorkelling, diving, surfing, cultural sights, and of course sun tanning on the white-sand beaches. Other water sports include fishing, kayaking, water-skiing, cruising and dolphin viewing. The only limit is your imagination!

    See the Travel Guide to Bali for more information on what to see and do in Bali.
  • I would also suggest to go in July/August. Just great then! Don´t miss the Mola Mola ;-)
  • Anyone can Help to know how much does it cost to travel Bali for 3-4 days? Include Hotel and food cost...
  • In Australian dollars you can stay in a Home stay for Au$10(70,000 rupiah) per night this offer bed, fan and cold water shower upwards if you want air conditioning and hot water expect to pay from Au$40 approx(300,000 Rupiah upwards) per night. This will often include breakfast and cleaning. If you are considering choosing Hotel when you get there this is the lower end and of course your high end Hotels can be around Au$150 per night (from 1000 000 Rupiah)
    These prices are for the Tuban, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak area. Nusa Dua and Sanur are similar in price. Some good deals often appear with travel agents for flight and accommodation, saw one last week for $875.00 flights and 4 nights. Hope this helps
  • Thanks Shelley...surely it will giv me an idea...I appreciate it :)
  • You say July August is best time to travel. We can only go late November. Will is still be sunny? and what time of day does it rain?
  • Hi I want to visit Bali in September, my question is it safe? after the bombings in Jakarta this month and the 2005 Bali bombing Im a little scared of what might happen is the security on the island? are there places you should avoid? Thanks!
  • We went after each bombing, security really good especially in hotels. We just went May, weather was perfect, also been September October - hot
    December - wet.
    There are good deals with Airasia at the moment for flights
  • I'm also wondering if Bali is worth visiting in November or will it just rain constantly?
  • I always recommend all my friends and associates to visit Bali during the dry season. May, June and July are generally considered to be the best time to travel to Bali in terms of the weather.
  • Bali is great at any time, it never disappoints.
    Visit Tanah Lot, to see the sunset, elephant ride, Bali danceshow, monkey forest, ubud is great for shopping and
    Kuta is great for nightlife and shopping
    Visit Jimbaran for the seafood restaurants on the beach and enjoy a Bali Hai dinner cruise
    We stayed at the Hard Rock at Kuta and the security was really tight, so many westerners there, relaxed atsmosphere
    Have Fun!
  • Is Kuta in Sept/Oct cooler than Phuket in April
  • i am going to bali for five months for my studing.But I am a little scared.some people say it is dangerous o go there.what do you think?
  • Hi Sally, when are you coming to Bali? It's not a dangerous place at all! I am an Indonesian and I go there once/ twice a year to relax :)

    You can contact me to I have some friends there that might be able to help you around.

  • Is it a good time to visit Bali at the end of February?
    I like diving and snorkelling, but I hate cold water. Is the water cold in Bali at the end of Feb?

    Thanks thanks~!
  • Hi Tina,

    End of February is still the wet season in Bali. I have been to Bali and Komodo Islands twice in the month of March. March is towards the end of the Wet Season but still beautiful, lush and green! I do not think the water around Bali is cold....most of all my dives were out in Lombak and Komodo Islands which was very cold! However, the diving I did in Tulemben Bay (NE Bali) was excellent and the water was warm.

    If you need any assistance arranging travel, diving or accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

    Have a great day!

    Terri Huber
    888-266-2209 X102
  • I´m getting married next March 19th. Is the end of March and the beginning of April a good time to visit the islands and enjoy the beach? Thanks to all
  • Dear All, I am really impressed to read all the discussion about Bali.
    I am a licensed travel agent in Bali. If you all want to have more information about Bali, please don't hesitate to contact me at Website : I will be glad to deliver you the most adequate information about beloved Bali island.
    FYI : Dry season in Indonesia start from April to September, and rainy season start from October until March. However when the dry season the whether is still humid, while in the rainy season, not so many rain happens. Only in December is the most raining day, but still we have days to travel around and to do any other activities.
    Thanks to all
  • One of the reasons that Bali is such a great destination is that you can travel at any time of the year and still enjoy lots of sunshine!

    Yes, it is true that the dry season is from April to September, and the rainy season is from October to March. However, when it is the wet season it isn't all that wet! There are downpours but then the sky clears again and the sun usually comes out. It isn't the same as the rainy season in other areas of South East Asia.

    So, in answer to all your queries, it is fine to travel to Indonesia in February, March, April, September and November:)

    In terms of the temperature of the sea surrounding Bali, it is generally nice and warm throughout the year.
  • One of the reasons that Bali is such a great destination is that you can travel at any time of the year and still enjoy lots of sunshine!

    Yes, it is true that the dry season is from April to September, and the rainy season is from October to March. However, when it is the wet season it isn't all that wet! There are downpours but then the sky clears again and the sun usually comes out. It isn't the same as the rainy season in other areas of South East Asia.

    So, in answer to all your queries, it is fine to travel to Indonesia in February, March, April, September and November:)

    In terms of the temperature of the sea surrounding Bali, it is generally nice and warm throughout the year.
  • Hello,
    I am Arm and I want to travel to bali in Feb. i know it is wet season, and i prefer sunshine more. i am going there to be in Ubud for 3 days and then 6 days in Nusa Dua. i want to enjoy notonly sightseeing but also i am going there to do water activities. i was wondering if in February all water activities are available and if i can enjoy sunbathing and getting tanned. if any of you think it is better that i forget to go to feb ,please let me know and tell me to do the things i like, what is the best time to go?
  • Hello
    we are thinking of travelling to bali in febuary 2011 this will be our first trip to bali do you have an suggestion as to where to stay and what to do
  • Hi I am supoose to be travelling to Bali on the 22nd of March - April 2nd 2011 for (5 nights bali and 5 in Lombok). I know nothing is for certain but is it worth my while or should I stay in Malaysia/Thailand. I really don't wanna go if it rains.
  • Hi Guys,
    I see a couple of tour operators have already posted on here and I don't want to be the guy who's bombing a blog with advertising but I thought I could offer some advice perhaps that may be of some help. I am Australian but I own a booking website for Bali holiday accommodation and we also build quality houses there which we sell to foreigners who want a cheap house in Bali for themselves.
    To throw a spanner in the works, my favourite time to go to Bali is January/February. OK so dry season is mid year yes and we all know that's the time to go. I used to love Kuta during this time when I was 16 chasing girls who just wore cutoff jean shorts and bintang singlets but now I am over that scene and try to avoid extreme crowds so January February suits me perfect when there's still plenty of tourists but not quite as crazy and hectic. Here's what it's like in the wet season, it doesn't just rain constantly. The average day will be warm and sunny and if you live at the beach you will tan up and start looking like an indonesian! In the evening, sit on your balcony and watch the thunder storm clouds roll in.. The most tremendous lightning shows on the planet! Then yes, it will bucket down with rain for a couple of hours which is excellent because it cools everything down and then it moves on. If you get caught in it it's just life and you can duck into a bar or whatever and wait till it clears. Or what normally happening is there will miraculously be umbrella salesmen everywhere and you can buy an umbrella for a couple of dollars but really the rain comes and goes. So you get the sunshine with the thunderstorms. The whole place feels alive and I just love it.

    With regards to "Is it dangerous?" Bali is one place on earth where I feel completely safe. The Balinese are as upset as we are about what happened in the past. I always partied at the club which got bombed and I had friends in Bali at the time so it's close to home for me too but I know for a fact this was a random incident by a bunch of extremists. Since then there has been major security measures put in place in Bali as there has been throughout the world. This doesn't make me feel as safe as I do just because the people there as a whole have a loving and peaceful nature. You should concern yourself with something else from now on because you will be safe in Bali. Of course people who look for trouble can find it anywhere but in general you'll be fine.

    Also one more thing to note on time of year, In the "off season" everything is cheaper including accommodation, a fair bit cheaper too which we all like. Remember if you are a surfer the bigger swells are in the peak season (mid year) but you will get waves all year round. You will of course see Kuta Beach and the tourism centre there, ten minutes north of that is Seminyak which is more boutiquey shops and cafes. In the south West you have Dreamland area mainly for surfers and Uluwatu temple where the monkeys are everywhere. If it's your first time, driving is scary. Take a couple of days to get used to the roads and then hire a scooter if you're brave and just do everything slow and you should be ok. Or hire a driver to take you around for the day for about $20-$30 including car and driver. Then you can go up to Ubud inland a bit and check out the art capital and rivers and mountain. There are hundreds of places to stay in Bali, each one different. We normally get the cheapest contract rates and can hook you up for whatever your budget.
    My favourite place in Bali which you just must go and see is heading West from Denpasar about an hour and a half away a little place called Medewi. Just like what all of Bali was like 25 years ago, amazing. Expect to pay from $30 per night there for accommodation and then everything else costs next to nothing. Medewi is just a small beach in the middle of nowhere which is a great place to try surfing for the first time if there in the off season and the people are incredible. Unparralleled sunsets over the Indian Ocean and a spiritual sense that cannot be explained here. Get over there and enjoy it guys! I wish I could show you all around. I hope this helps. Any questions (even if you aren't booking through us, advice and smiles are free!) please email me
  • All,
    I've been working for several years with out a good vacation. A friend of mine here in the states recommended Bali. Now, I'm well traveled having served in the Navy and I have visited Hawaii several times and really didn't like it.
    I'm planning on going in mid to late Sept... I'm single so finding a good place to visit for the solo traveler is challenging, Bali seems like the right place so far.
    I enjoy scuba, sailing, snorkeling, making new friends, hiking and adventures. I'll be honest, meeting someone special during the trip would be welcomed. But more importantly experiencing something almost spiritual, adjusting my latitude (as Jimmy Buffett says), making good friends and seeing something spectacular is my priority.
    I would like to stay close enough to the nightlife to enjoy but not in the middle of it. I'm not 21 but not an old man either. Any suggestions on a nice hotel, beach front or view with reasonable rates? the rates seem good but would like to get suggestions on hotels.
    I like Nicks idea about the off seasons, pricing and crowds.. Would mid to late Sept be considered off season or the end of peak?
    Jeff in Arizona
  • HI Jeff...
    how long are you in BALI? maybe i could help you..dont be hesitate to contact me.. :) and bali is safe...dont worry, balinese also will protect their land of terorism..

    thx man
  • Im planning to visit bali in 1st week of December. Knowing it to be a wet season, is the party scene at its peak as I'm coming in with a few friends and don't want to be disappointed when it comes to the night life. So is this time full of parties & what are the famous night clubs or beach parties in that time?
  • Im planning to visit bali in 1st week of December. Knowing it to be a wet season, is the party scene at its peak as I'm coming in with a few friends and don't want to be disappointed when it comes to the night life. So is this time full of parties & what are the famous night clubs or beach parties in that time?
  • Hi, any suggestions for how to travel from/to Bali - Singapore?
  • Hi, any suggestion hot to travel from/to Bali - Singapore?
  • Singapore Airlines do great deals between these destinations as do a lot of other airlines.
  • I am planning to travel during Chinese New Year from Singapore in January 2012. Anybody will advice me against it?
  • This is a great time to visit Bali. There will be some celebrations in the big cities and busy areas of the island like Denpasar and Kuta but the rest of the island will not be too effected. If you visit these areas hotel prices and availabilty may vary so make you check in advance.
  • I am Burmese nationality, my passport will expire after 5months & can I go to visit Indonesia?
  • I am Burmese nationality & my pass port will expire after 5 months. Can I go to visit Indonesia?
  • hi friends i want to travel to indonisa can u help me i want to now how much will cost i want to spend more then 10 day in Jakarta i want to no in us dollars i will stay in some few day in hotel and some day i will stay in my friend can i let me now how us dollore i need i will fly from dubai to indonis ????????????? plzzzz
  • Hi, I am going to visit Bali in late October and would like know if the weather is good during this period. Can someone please also recomend some activities that are a must during a visit to Bali?
  • hi, im yudha from indonesia, i live in jakarta

    There is much to do in bali. From shopping to sightseeing to just chilling. If your into souvenirs, you can go, almost everywhere has a souvenir tall. You can also check out their malls like Bali Mal, Galleria (duty-free) and much more.
    There are also department stores like sogo and centrino in Bali Kartika Plaza near Kuta and Matahari in Bali Mal, the stuff there are pretty nice, and the prices are pretty good. Dont forget Kuta street and all the shoplots around it.
    You can also take a tour of the island. they'll take you to a lot of places like aromatheraphy orchard, temples, cultural shows and sights.
    Lastly, the beach. Its nice enough in Kuta, although it can't beat the private beaches of nusa dua or the bay of jimbaran.
    stayed there, in AHIMSA (great, totally off beat)

    So, enjoy your trip, its a nice place to be.
    If you have anymore questions like about hotels or anything else in jakarta and bali,just mail me at (
  • I am planning to travel to Bali on March 2012. Is it a great time to visit Bali? What is the cost for 5days?
  • Will i be able to see green paddy in july?When is paddy harvesting season?
  • I am traveling alone to Bali, 28th Of March 12 , the first night i would stay in Ubud , any good advices?
    i prefer private beaches , not so many people and i also knew about this nice island call Gili
    i hope an answer
  • Is Bali a scuba / snorkeling destination?
  • How long should we stay in Blai to see everything we want ot see, I was thinking maybe 5 days?? with a private driver? Would like ot stay on the beach and have free wifi. We also would like ot travel to Borneo and Komodo Island, is it difficult to go to thse two places if we book on arrival only? Or is best to book before to go to those two place from Bali.
    Also is Surayabay part of Bali?
  • Imeant Bali I spelled it wrong, sorry
  • Am traveling to Bali in end of august with my three boys they r into fishing and diving my concerns are about transportation there from place to place and the other concern in tsunami. Dose anyone know about these thing? Thank u
  • The probability of encountering heavy showers and high humidity is highest from December to March. From June to September, the humidity is low and thus there is little rain in lowland coastal areas. Typically, tourists flock to Bali during the dry season (May to September) and some hotels may charge a peak season rate. If you would like to avoid the crowd, you may visit Bali in April or October which are the months between the wet and dry season.|Bali
  • I'm planning to travel to Bali on September 4th and I've heard that time is the rainy and it true or not???
  • I had been living in Bali for 2 years. Here is my recommendation: January until early March is a rainy seasons and also low season after new year eve, so you can get lower fare for hotel. End of March-Early June is one of the best seasons since not many tourist around, so you can enjoy Bali without any traffic jam especially in Kuta. Mid June-July is big holiday season for Indonesian, so pretty much hectic with local tourists. June-August, you may find windy nights and also highly recommended time to visit Bali. Sept-December would be also the high season with sunny days all around, Australians are everywhere since its becoming their first getaway for the youngsters.
    Bali offers many things from culture (dance,painting), dining, night life & eco travel. There are two annual conferences for writers & yoga enthusiasts in Ubud.
    If you enjoy the water sport, Bali is heaven for its colorful collar and fishes. One of the best is Menjangan Island, breathtaking underwater experience, Amed and also Tulamben for the beginners.
    Be careful when you're using money exchange in Kuta street. Nusa Dua & Jimbaran are great places to explore the best beaches in the island of gods.
  • I would like to go to bali on next year Feb'14 because of promotion flight. Is it suitable for us to go? and compulsory they will be raining for everyday??
  • Best Season to Visit Bali - Bali experiences tropical weather all throughout the year due to its location near the equator. Tourists keep coming on to Bali all round the year in search of relax and peaceful holidays. So it's very important to know in advance when to visit Bali in Indonesia. Bali is an all season place as far as weather is concerned. However there are certain months in a year when it's become to humid in Bali. The ideal season to visit Bali is between March and September. This period is best for beach lovers as the day temperature remains good. It may rain sometimes during the day but it will fresh the air and bring more joy and fun for the tourists.

    Where to Stay and Party in Bali:
    The biggest resorts are the party towns of Kuta and Legian, with the more subdued beaches at Lovina and Candi Dasa. Most visitors also spent time in Ubud, whose mainstays continued to be paintings, carving, dancing and music making. The islands east of Bali, called Nusa Tenggara, also attract big crowds, particularly Lombok, with its beautiful beaches and temples.

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