Dual citizenship
  • Hi, I have a South African and Italian passport. My SA passport is in my married name (I'm divorced) and my Italian passport in my maiden surname. I am leaving SA to UK on a one way ticket but not sure if I should leave on my SA or Italian passport and what name should I use for my ticket? I want to enter on my Italian passport.
  • Howzit,

    Ok so leave SA on the SA passport and when you arrive in the UK show the Italian Passport....Buon Viaggio!
  • Ciao Karie,

    For the ticket make sure that you use your maiden name (as an Italian you will only be recognised by your maiden name for anything relative to anything Italian....your married name is never used, except in Anglo-Saxon countries......)anyway use your SA Passport to depart, Italian to enter and your ticket issued in your maiden name: One Way ticket....sounds like fun!

    Buon Viaggio


  • Thanks for the advice Amaboko. Won't there be a problem leaving if my ticket has a different surname to my SA passport or don't they check that?
  • Ciao Karie,

    Not a problem, they will check everything but that is not a problem....you are allowed to have dual passports in SA so when you leave with the SA passport and your ticket showing your maiden name have the Italian passport at hand to demo who you are....in the UK you are only obliged to show your Italian passport.

    Buon viaggio

  • Grazie mille, Amaboko! Going to buy my ticket now - let the adventure begin - :)
  • Hi There. My name is Rabie.
    I have received my British passport about a month ago. I have a valid SA passport as well. Does my acquiring of my British passport automatically take away my SA citizenship? Can I still leave and enter SA with my SA passport, but use my British passport elsewhere? Is this a problem?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Hi Rabie, I have a friend with a South African and British passport and he has no problems leaving and entering SA - he leaves on his SA passport and enters England on his UK passport.
    Hope this helps.
  • thank you very much!!
  • hi can anyone help me please,
    i have a SA passport in my maiden name with an ancestral visa in it in my maiden name, do i legally
    have to change my name in it to my married name, or can i leave it untill i apply for my british passport??

    thank you.
  • Good Evening

    I am a dual citizen of South Africa and of Britain (I have the maroon EU Passport) and I came into England a month ago on my British Passport (I also left SA on my British Passport), but I did not have a return ticket. I have now booked a ticket back but my South African Passport is long expired... Will I have trouble entering South Africa on my British Passport? I plan to leave in 12 days so I need to get a temporary passport if need be... Please advise... I didnt realise I needed my SA passport because last year I travelled in and out of SA on my EU Passport... (But I had a return ticket). Hope it all makes sense!
  • Hiya

    Does anyone have advice on the following:

    I have dual passports - South African and Irish. My Irish passport is in my maiden surname and my South African passport is in my married surname. I've been waiting 1.5 years for my unabridged marriage certificate from SA but SA Embassy here in Dublin hasn't had back so I can't change my Irish passport into married surname.

    I need to fly to SA in March. Will this be possible? Can i book flights in maiden surname (Irish passport). I know I have to enter and exit SA on my SA passport. I have my ID book in maiden surname and a certified copy of my marriage cert (I lost original and can't change surname on Irish passport without original) - would airlines/ passport control accept this? I also have my expired SA passport in maiden surname.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I don't know who to contact to get further advice. SA Embassy here in Dublin can't assist.
  • Hi Redscuba! I have also been waiting 2 and a half years for my unabridged certificate! I applied in SOuth africa as I thought this will be quicker???? Well, will check up again on my next visit! Also been waiting a year and a half for my married name identity book(applied in London) and still don't kave it, but the system says it is in print now for more than a year?? I advise to just take everything you have to prove that you are who you say you are. Good luck! I would suggest try ringing the consulate, but they never answer the phone!
  • Hi all -

    I have the following situation and any advice would be appreciated.

    Hold an EU and SA passport.

    Will need to travel to EU soon and plan on using EU passport to do so. Normally I exit and enter SA using SA passport. However this trip, my SA passport needs to be elsewhere for a visa whilst I am away.

    Can I exit and enter SA using EU passport?
  • you leave SA at SA passport name and when reach UK used Italian passport name.

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