Passport Validity questions for travelling to Australia
  • Hi,

    Do you have to have six months left on your passport when travelling from London to Perth? I've searched the internet, but seem to be get very conflicting answers, and I don't know who makes the rules! Thanks
  • Sally - if you are travelling to Perth on a passport that is not from Australia, the answer is yes, you must have at least 6 months validity on that passport. Almost all countries require this. If you want definitive answers look at the government website at :
  • Hi,

    I'm holding a Malaysian Passport which expiry date is on 3/2/2011.
    I'm goin to Singapore --> Perth on 3/8/2010 (exactly 6 months left)
    Would like to ask... can i proceed to singapore airport on 3/8? my departure time to Perth is at 13:00, arriving time will be 21:00 (3 Aug 2011)
    i will b staying in Perth until 11/8/2011 and returning from Spore to Malaysia on the same day as well...
    Please help me to answer this as I've already bought my airticket to Perth, and I still have not applied my visa to Aus yet. (As i thought after renewing passport, the passport number wil b different) and also, if i renew my passport, do i need to change my airticket submitted details??
    Hope will get your reply soon! Thanks!

  • No you only need to have enough time left on your passport to be able to leave Australia.
    I have travelled before with only 3 months left with no problems. They will remind you at the airport that your passport has nearly ran out though.
  • You have probably already departed, however this response is for other readers who may face the same issue. The correct answer is - no. All passport holders regardless whether they are a Australian or other do not have to have six months validity on their passport for entry into Australia, however foreign citizens will be required to obtain a new passport whilst they are in Australia prior to departure.

    The issue herein lies in if you wish to stopover in other countries as almost all Asian countries require six months validity.
  • Hi,

    I'm leaving for Sputh korea on 18Nov10 and coming back on the 11Jan11. My passport expires on 23Jan11. Am I all right to travel or do I need to renew my passport? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hi,

    I am leaving for South Korea from Australia with an Australian passport. I travel on the 18 Nov 2010 and returning on the 12 Jan 2010.
    Do I need to renew my passport even though it expires on the 23 Jan 2010? Thanks.
  • hiii yjk,
    your passport is expire after ur tour, so u can renew it after ur tour..but the problem comes if u wanted to stay few more days in south korea. or if u couldn't finish ur journey by exact date u plan
    so my advice is u better renew ur passport before u leave the country
    Travellers Lanka
  • I am traveling to Sydney, Australia in February. My passport expires in April. I've been told that my passport must be valid for at least 6 months after my scheduled return to the US. Is this correct? Is this an Australia rule/law? Or is is something with the US?
  • hey everyone, ive got myself an australian working holiday visa for a year, im leaving on the 27th january 2011 and come back 27th jan 2012, only problem is my passport expires in march 2012, can i get away with it or will i be refused entry into australia? if i need to renew it, what do i have to do regarding my visa as it is electronically stored in my current passport? any advice would be much appricated thank you!
  • Hi everyone,

    I am flying from Australia to Malaysia on 24 Dec 2010 holding a malaysian passport. I just realised that my passport is expiring in march 2011. I heard that the requirement is six months validity. Is that true? even if i am returning to my home country technically? Has anyone as a similar experience?
  • @kivoya - the rule does not apply if are a citizen of the country of you're flying into.
  • @callum 1991 Technically you're supposed to have six months validity after your date of departure from the country that you're travelling to. But you might get away with it as you're visiting on a working holiday visa rather than a tourist visa - particularly because a year is a long time and it gives you time to apply for a new passport at an embassy in Australia.
    If I were you I would check with the Australian Embassy in your home country...try and get something in writing from them as that will help with immigration control on the other side.
    Also, if you book a flexible return ticket and state the return date as sooner than you intend to return and then just make the changes once you get to Australia that may also work. But don't take my word for it, check with travel agents and official sources as sometimes immigration and government departments are particularly strict about these things and if I were you I wouldn't want to risk things.
    Best of luck with you year in Aus.
  • Hi,

    Do you need a confirmed flight back to new Zealand if your visiting australia on a visitors visa or can you have a standby ticket - Irish Passport holder
  • To all: it is now in international travel law (although a couple of countries are ignoring this) that you MUST have 6 months validity on your passport from the date of your flight home (or expected return home). Customs officials will not let you in to most countries without this extra time - I've seen people turned back at borders because of this, don't let it spoil your trip!
  • Hi, I am planning to aplly defacto visa, my student visa expire on 8 jun 2011, I am going overseas to get maariied with my aussie partner. Can I renter to Australia while I have only 7 days visa left on my passport?
  • Australia does not have a minimum passport validity requirement for incoming passengers. But if you intend onward travel to other countries in the region, entry into some countries may be refused, and airlines may not carry you, if your passport has less than six months validity. This also affects those transiting some countries en route to/from Australia (i.e. if they pass through immigration and enter the transit country), such as Singapore. Hope this helps!
  • Hi, I am planning to go Perth on one way ticket. Is it allowed for New Zealand passport holder? Thanks
  • Dear Sir,

    May I Know it is sufficient that I travel to Australia in April using Malaysian International Passport (expire on 2013) and ETA?
  • hi i have a student visa in sydney holding a Philippine passport. i plan to spend holidays in my home country, but my passport will expire in less than 6 months from my travel date. i know i can return to my home country, but im worried if i can go back to australia for my next semester knowing that my passport will expire in less than 6 months. my student visa in asutralia is multiple entry and is still valid. replies will be much appreciated thanks!
  • Hi, I just got my partner visa affixed but my passport will expire on September 25, 2011. I've also set a passport renewal next week. Although mentioned in previous comments that Australia doesn't require any minimum passport validity, is it possible for a country of origin (Philippines) to implement a rule of their own such as everyone leaving the Philippines should have at least 6 months passport validity? I assumed passport validity requirements depend on the country of destination and not from the country of origin/departure. Also, on a different note, am I allowed to travel while waiting for the release of my new passport? Will I have to get my visa affixed into the new one? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks! :D
  • I would like to know if a malaysian passport holder need to apply for a australia visa as I though all commonwealth countries citizen are exempted from this visa application if they travel to another commonwealth country.
  • hi,

    i am from malaysia and holding malaysian passport. I got job offered in brisbane under visa 457 (4 years). My migration agent based in Australia nominated by company have lodged my visa application last month. Then I realize that My passport has only 6 months left validity from today. Expiring in Dec 2011. Lets say if my visa granted end of this month and I fly over to Brisbane in August, during that time I will have only 4 months validity.
    Application already been lodged for visa, i cant renew my passport for now because it will affect the visa application's ongoing process. What should I do?
    Is it possible to wait for the visa granted and stamped on my current passport and renew the passport in Malaysia before leaving to Australia? Will my local Australian Embassy in Malaysia help on this?

    I am nervous because I plan to fly to Brisbane from Kota Kinabalu Malaysia via Singapore then to Brisbane. I believe its a transit.
    Can somebody give some advice?

    Really appreciate it guys! thanks in advance.,
  • @Jerry

    It's probably best to wait until the visa is granted to renew your passport. The Malaysian embassy in Canberra can assist you in renewing your passport while you are in Australia.
  • @Anya,

    Thanks for the reply.
    So, I assume there should be no problem entering Australia with only 3-4months passport validity?
  • Hi Guys,

    I am Jerry posted earlier and i've signed up for membership.

    Thanks for the reply Anya..
  • I am holding New Zealand passport, expirying 5th DEC 2011, I have booked a holiday in cairns for 7days 3rd AUG---10th AUG
    any one can help I need a new passport?

    many thanks
  • Hi, i need help. I have Malaysian passport and also a PR Australian. I am going back to Malaysia in Nov 2010 but my passport expires in Feb 2012. Is it still ok to travel? from what i understand the 6 months validity does not affect me if i am going back to my home country right?
  • Hi All,

    I am on my 2nd stage of Spouse Visa(Australian visa), it is in process. I have bought ticket to visit China with my wife(australian citizen). And we are scheduled to leave this coming Friday Aug 12th and will stay for 2 weeks. The problem is that my passport(Taiwan) will expire in December(in 4 months). So I am not sure if I will have problem entering China or returning to Australia, or both?

    I just don't know what to do...

  • Hi Jerry,

    I'm in the same situation as you were. My passport will expire on 19 March 2012, and now I'm still waiting my 457 visa to be approved by Australian Immigration. Let say if my visa approved after 19 Sept 2011, then I'm gonna have less than 6 months validity.

    As mentioned by Anya it should be no problem entering Australia, but do we have problems leaving Malaysia? As I know the check out machine will reject our passport if there is less than 6 months validity.

    Looking forward to receiving your answers. Will be really helpful to me.

    Thanks bro.
  • Hi

    I have applied for Australia 457 visa via site. at time of applying visa, the passport should have atleast 6 months of validity. My passport has 7 months of validity now, but i m just worried if processing for visa might take some weeks away. in that case i will have validity of less than 6 months. In that case, will I be grated visa? Even if I get visa, will I be allowed to travel with less than 6 months validity? Please help
  • Hi

    So I was born in Australia but have lived in Canada most of my life. So I am planning to return to Australia for a minimum of 9 months but my Australian passport is expired. So I am wondering how i need to work this. Since I don't have my australian passport but am planning to get it when i go over there can i just simply go over with a 3 months travel visa and say that i'm getting my australian passport when i am over there and show them my birth certificate and expired passport.. I am leaving in a month and thought that this was going to be how'd i'd do it but now i feel like this is not enough. Can someone please tell me what I will need so that they don't send me back to canada when i hit customs.

    Sincerely Jon
  • Hi Jon,

    This is definitely something you would want to contact an Australian embassy about as my guess is a birth certificate is not sufficient. However, I could be wrong. As a Canadian, you are eligible for a short-stay electronic Australian visa (ETA). More information can be found about Australian ETA visas on EasyETA. The reason I would be a bit cautious is that you intend to stay for 9 months versus the normal electronic visa, which is valid for 3 months. You may also want to read up on what is required to obtain an Australian passport once in the country, so you can simply acquire a new passport for future travels to Australia. Hope this helps!
  • Here is the link. You need 6 months validity for your passport.
  • Hi, I'm going to brisbane for my master degree ( feb 2012-dec2012) but the problem is my passport (I'm a malaysian) will be expired on May 2013. Should I renew my passport or what? Really need guide on this. Thank you
  • hi can anyone help me out by telling me that i have an indian passport with an australian tourist visa for a single entry valid for three months and i have a holiday trip to make on that visa and i also plan to go to bangkok after australia and want to go for visa on arrival in bangkok but my possport is getting expired in another month and i am getting a new passport befor i start from india to australia however i am afraid that when i get a new passport my old passport will not be valid and my australia visa is on the old passport so will me australia visa will still be valid for my new passport............please help me out on this
  • Hi, I have a spouse visa anp permanent residency in australia but for the last year my husband and i have been living outside australia. we are travelling back to Aus to visit family for a month. do i need any other visas to enter ? i have my spouse visa label in my passport.
    will be grateful for your help!
  • Hi there,

    Really need anyone's opinion on my current situation here.

    I'm a Malaysian and came to Brisbane, Australia 3 weeks ago on 15th Feb 2012. I will be leaving Brisbane on tomorrow's morning flight (9th of March 2012) to Malaysia via Singapore Airlines (connecting flight at Changi airport before heading to KL, Malaysia). FYI, my passport will expire on 30th August 2012, so I have reached the 6-month validity (approx 5 months 22 days left to the expiry date) and that is why I can't do my online flight check-in.

    So, the question here is, will there be a trouble at the immigration at Brisbane airport and Changi airport? Or do I need to renew my pasport at the Malaysia Embassy in Australia?

    Please someone reply ASAP, so I still have time to change my flight time tomorrow if the answer is I need to renew my passport here in Australia.

    Thanks very much.

  • Hi there,

    Really need anyone's opinion on my current situation here.

    I'm a Malaysian and came to Brisbane, Australia 3 weeks ago on 15th Feb 2012. I will be leaving Brisbane on tomorrow's morning flight (9th of March 2012) to Malaysia via Singapore Airlines (connecting flight at Changi airport before heading to KL, Malaysia). FYI, my passport will expire on 30th August 2012, so I have reached the 6-month validity (approx 5 months 22 days left to the expiry date) and that is why I can't do my online flight check-in.

    So, the question here is, will there be a trouble at the immigration at Brisbane airport and Changi airport? Or do I need to renew my pasport at the Malaysia Embassy in Australia?

    Please someone reply ASAP, so I still have time to change my flight time tomorrow if the answer is I need to renew my passport here in Australia.

    Thanks very much.

  • Hello,
    I been travelling around south-east asia for 5 months.
    I have an Australian passport.
    My passport has 5 and a half months left before it reaches its expiry date.
    I want to fly home in 2-3 weeks from vietnam.
    Actually, I would like to spend a day or two in KL after vietnam and then fly home.
    If I fly from Saigon to KL and I make it on to the plane but KL immigration realize the expiry date once ive landed in KL, will they send me on the next flight back to Australia at my expense? or will they send me back to Saigon and make me renew my passport there?
    What if I have a flight to KL and then a flight to Australia a few days after landing in KL already booked. If I show them my continuing flight already booked are they likely to just let me stay a few days and then continue to Australia?
    If I make it through immigration in KL and noone realizes and then spend a day or two and then fly to australia will this be a problem considering i'm flying into my own country?

    Thanks in advance for any help! :)
  • HI,
    I will be traveling to Australia at the end of Augest / September, i have made a bit of a school boy error here but ive already been granted my visa, but my passport runs out in march 2013. I plan to stay the whole length of my visa but, am i best of renewing my passport here in scotland or out in australia? plus i have not booked my flights yet. Any advice is much appriciated!
    Muchios Gracias!
  • hai,
    Iam lekshmy.the expiry of my visa is only 15 days and iam here in tourist i would like to renew my passport,the expiry is 20/3/2013.If i want to renew my passport what will i do.For renwel, how many days visa validity should i have?
  • I am travelling from ireland and wondering if my passport needs to be 6 months in date for travelling to perth.
  • I am planning on going to Australia in April 2012 from the USA. My passport expires in September 2013. Do I have to get a new passport and do I need a visitor visa? If so how do I obtain the visa?
  • Cheryl,

    You do need a visa, and can get one through the nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate. More info is available on the Australia embassy website.
  • Hi,

    Im Malaysian and currently working holiday at New Zealand. My working holiday will finished on 24/7/2014, but my passport expired date on 2 September 2014.In my case, it let said I'm plan 25/7/2014 from New Zealand flight back to Malaysia, since New Zealand directly flight back to Malaysia very expensive, so i plan from New Zealand flight to Australia, after that from Australia flight back to Malaysia, this method will more economic for me. But my passport validity less than 6 month as i mention.In Conclusion,possible from New Zealand entry to Australia and depart from Australia flight back to Malaysia? Please give me appreciated advice.Thank You
  • As you will not be entering Australia, you are only transiting through the airport you do not require six months on your passport.
  • Hello! I will be traveling to Melbourne from Mexico City on July 26, 2014. I already have a valid visa to enter Australia, but my passport is about to expire. My visa was issued electronically so I would like to know if I renew my passport before traveling (After Australia I will fly to Indonesia which has a 6 month validity requirement on passports) will my visa will still ve valid for the new passport? Thank you!
  • Hi there,
    I would advise checking with your local embassy just to be on the safe side, but I can tell you from personal and professional experience that generally countries have no problem accepting a valid visa in an expired passport, so long as you have a new valid passport as well. Still, as every country is different, it is definitely worth checking with the Australian and Indonesian embassies. Enjoy!

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