visa requirements for non- US citizens and non-US residents
  • What is the process for a non-us citizen and non-us resident (visiting the US with a visitor visa) to visit a country that requires a visa for non us citizens, in particular Bahamas and Netherlands Antilles?
  • The Department of State occasionally receives requests for certificates of non-citizen national status pursuant to Section 341(b)(2) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), 8 USC 1452(b)(2).

    As the title of the certificate indicates, only a person who qualifies as a non-citizen national (i.e. a person who is a U.S. national but not a U.S. citizen) is eligible to apply for such a certificate.

    Very few persons fall within this category since, as defined by the INA, all U.S. citizens are U.S. nationals but only a relatively small number of persons acquire U.S. nationality without becoming U.S. citizens.

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