getting around cuba by bus, public transport, train??
  • hello, we have flights booked for cuba for next month and want to travel around the island for a couple of weeks. how good is the public transport system, can you get around cuba by bus quite easily and is it safe and easy? we can speak basic spanish. are there trains? or are taxis quite cheap? we have both travelled quite a bit, though mainly in europe, and are happy to 'enjoy the journey' and experience getting around cuba by public transport.
  • 1.) The Viazul Bus is one of the very few things in Cuba that actually works (almost) as advertised. It will take you to all the major cities.

    2.) The train system is a mess and is only recommended if you're a train nut and want to take it for the experience. Bring your own food, water and be prepared to throw any travel schedule right out the window.

    3.) Taxis are fairly cheap and easy in the cities.

    Which Guide Book are you using?

    Have fun.

  • thank you terry. I expect we will buy a Lonely Planet guide, unless you can suggest a better guide for Cuba?? thanks again! L
  • If you're an experienced traveller in developing countries and you've stayed in inexpensive hostels/hotels elsewhere and used local transport then Cuba will hold NO surprises. Travelling independently in Cuba is very easy.

    Cuba is no longer an exotic destination... there are loads of excellent guide books like Moon, Rough Guide, Lonely Planet, etc... there are several Internet forums/blogs (Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, etc.) that make it an easy place to research... the whole country is very safe and non-threatening... it has a very defined Gringo Trail with decent transport and accommodation options... tourist scams are simple and no big deal, almost to the point of being naively innocent (compared to most other developing countries)... if you're still nervous it's easy to have a local guide/resolver/travel agent give you a really nice comfort zone by setting you up with a semi-arranged itinerary so you're not completely on your own... etc.

    For a first time visitor a guide book is BY FAR your most important (and cheapest/easiest) investment to start your research.

    Have fun.

  • Has anyone rented bicycles in Cuba, for a week or more to tour around Pinar del Rio? We will have panniers and will stay in Casa Particulares,

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