Is there internet access at Johannesburg airport/ OR Tambo airport?
  • Hello - I am travelling on business to South Africa shortly, I will be flying via Johannesburg OR Tambo airport and want to know if there is wifi internet access there, or an internet lounge. Any advice? Thanks, M
  • Hi Mathieu,

    There is wi-fi available throughout the OR Tambo airport through a provider called MWEB. You'll be able to purchase internet time with a credit card when you open your browser. There are also Airport Online internet cafes in the international and domestic departures area.
  • There is also a WiFi area in some restaurants like Mugg and Bean, News Cafe etc.
  • Yes, there is. Check for more info.
  • Best internet is provided in the Slo Lounge which has Macs and broadband free once you've paid to get in. Also great food, free massages and complimentary magazines.
  • Not sure about Newscafe, but Mugg & Bean does have internet through MWEB as well.
  • If you are an Investec card holder you can go to the Priority pass lounge in Johannesburg OR airport, which has free internet access and food and drinks. See more information on the airport on the Johannesburg airport guide
  • Every business class lounge has free wifi access just in case you will be in business class.

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