Abu Dhabi airport- mystery shopping mission while wait for your flight
  • Hi there,
    Albatross is looking for mystery shoppers that are travelling from or to Abu Dhabi airport Terminal 3 soon.
    They pay travellers to perform a short visit to a retail watch prestigious brand. The aim to judge the quality of service of this brand. There is an online questionnaire to fill in after the visit. It's really easy and a good way to earn money while waiting for your flight.
    If you are travelling from or to this T3 and are interested, pls email mjanailhac@albatrossasia.com
  • How much do you earn? Can you keep what you buy?
  • Hello David,

    This is a non purchase visit so you don't buy anything.
    You just need to pretend you are buying that day until the last minute so you can judge the quality of service.
    This mission lasts for 20 minutes inside the shop and then there is a survey to fill in online after 24 hours.

    This visit is paid AED 140 + a tailor made gift (value 150 Euros) from the luxury watch brand.

    If you are interested you can email me directly at mjanailhac@albatrossasia.com



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