Am I being conned by someone in Nigeria
  • I have met someone on line who is British and is trying to leave Nigeria, having worked there for the past five years. He claims his employers are trying to prevent him leaving, have tried to kill him, have informed the tax authorities that he has not paid his taxes in full and they have taken his passport and airline ticket until he pays what he owes, which he cannot as his bank accounts have been frozen. I have been getting texts and e-mails from him begging for money. This morning he says his lawyer has been found dead and he fears for his life. Without my help he cannot leave the country until funds he has in the states being accesible. I'm pretty sure this is a scam but do not want to desert someone who may be in genuine straits. Any advice please
  • 100% scam ............. there is British Consulate in ABuja & Lagos for Britons to seek help
  • Thank you so very much - he did say that the consulate is corrupt and he has proof but I am sure you are right. I am not naiive or gullible but when someone is sending you dreadful messages saying they are in fear of their life, you need to know that you are not being blase and hardfaced. You are very kind to get in touch. Any ideas how I could stop this man from conning anyone else?
  • If you received any email address from this person, retrieve the IP address from the Header of the email and with all the information that you have open up a case at Interpol, you never know where your evidence might lead to coupled with other similar cases
  • Thank you - I do not know how to find an IP address - can you help. If I can get it, I am more than happy to contact Interpol. I have already reported this to the police, the fraud line and the dating agency.
  • When you open your email, look for where it says full header and click on it. You'll see his ip address there
  • what is this guys name? similar situation and story has been portrayed to a close friend of mine, i found this forum trying to find out more about what he has been up to, he secured £2000 from her, this could be unrelated but could also be the same man. we have reported his profiles and are awaiting advice as to what to do next. any information you could provide may help to bring the man to justice, and reclaim the ' stolen' money.
  • I am talking to a guy from Lagos Nigeria. Is there such a thing as a Guest Travel Allowance to leave the airport? He is asking me to pay $1850 for him to leave the airport?
  • there is an airport tax that you might have to pay when you are checking through and the amount should be around 20-40 dollars NOT 1850 dollars that this man is asking for. Don't send the money to him, it's a scam.
    Yes there is such a thing as bta but has to be provided when doing a visa but you have to show this over 6 months of saving and can not be deposit in one hit into any account
    they also have to show regular empolyment.

    Do not send any money and if you do all they will do is keep hounding you for more money!
  • Don't trust them. They are all Scammers.

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