information needed on marriage in Tunisia
  • Hello, I would like to know if it is easier to marry in Tunisia or USA? This is all new to me. I am not sure about the Visa process.I am no sure which one to file and where to go. Please give me some answers. Penni
  • hi I am a Aust women
    my fianc
  • JJ - well I'm not sure how complicated it is in the US but here in Tunisia it is pretty easy and straightforward. In regard to the visa well, you are best to contact your home office and they will be able to advise you and give you the correct information
  • Sassy - wow!! So many Australian women marrying Tunisian men!!! You don't need to apply to get married here in Tunisia. If all yours and your fiance's dox are in order then all your fiance needs to do is organise the contract signing with a notaire or at his local municipality. That's all there is to it. We do not have civil/religious weddings here.
  • ok nice thanks heaps and yeah there is a heap of us i have started to notice that :) are you able to tell me what documents the he will require
  • Marriage may occur between:

    * Tunisian men and foreign women without any requirements.
    * Foreign men and foreign women provided each party obtains from their respective embassies the documents required by the Tunisian authorities prior to marriage.
    * Foreign non-Muslim men and Tunisian Muslim women provided the man converts. The “Mufti”, the national religious authority, delivers the Certificate of Conversion that must be presented to City Hall before a marriage can take place. The conversion process can take three months or longer.
  • Sassy - as long as he is a Tunisian citizen he will need his original birth certificate (this shows all his life events), his passport and carte d'identitie. You will both need blood tests and these can be done here very quickly.
  • lesley ----thanks heaps i though he would need his birth cert, passport, but i wasn't sure what else he may have needed
    just to confirm myself i require
    1/ birth certificate no more then 20 days old
    2 / no impendant of marriage no more then ?????? days/ months old
    3/ is there anything else i may require
  • Sassy - here is a list of what you will need:

    1. Birth certificate no more than 21 days old - translated, copied and certified
    2. Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) - should be very recent but not sure of how many days
    3. If you have been married previously - original marriage certificate, translated certified
    4. Document of Decree Nisi - translated and certified
    5. Copies of the bio page of your passport

    I think that's all. You will have to have blood tests here when you arrive but they are very quick and in some cases you can have the results back the same day.

    The Canadian Embassy is able to assist with consular matters/document attestation/advice for Australians. They are excellent and their service is fantastic - I've used them many times.
  • lesley- where can i get the Document of Decree Nisi cause it is the first i have heard of this one
    and as for the blood tests are there particular doctors who do them in tunisia cause my parnter checked with his doctor and the doc told him the he couldnt do it and that it was better if i get it done here before i leave but i personlay would like to get it done there in tunisia
    as for the canadian embassy in tunisia i have emailed them twice about what i need to get married but still havent heard anything back from them so yeah this is why i am asking you thank you
  • lesley -- Document of Decree Nisi - is this to say that i am divorced by any chance if so i wont need one cause i have never been married before
  • Sassy - you must have your blood tests here in Tunisia. You and your fiance will go together. The doctor as such does not do the tests, he will give you a letter for the pathology clinic and you go there. Sometimes you can wait for the results and take them back to the doctor who will ok them and sign etc. Easy.

    If you have never been married then you haven't been divorced which means you don't need a decree nisi.

    You should be better to call the Canadian Embassy if you can. But given that you are marrying a Tunisian he should be doing all the work for you??? If he isn't tell him to get out of the coffee and do the homework.
  • hello lesley,
    Im going to apply for touristic visa as i told u before i have everything done,just confused how to pay my visa fee witch is 110 AUD from tunisia.
    please its urgent i waiting for ur reply
    thank u very much
  • Hi Midou - well as you can't send money out of Tunisia and there is no Australian Embassy here you will need to have someone pay in Australia for you. Perhaps your girlfriend can pay on your behalf. She needs to go to the office in person and give the details, they will give her a receipt which she should copy and then send you the original which you must attach to your application. She can scan and email the receipt to you as that is also acceptable as is a faxed copy. Just a note of caution, my husband is unable to get a tourist visa to Australia, even though he is married to me, has good assets and can prove he will come back to Tunisia - the reason they gave is that Tunisia is in upheaval now which is a reason that he will overstay his visa. Good luck!!
  • hello lesley
    its midou again ...u told me that my gf may pay the visa fee for me,
    could she do that in nearest office from where she live ??
    is there many immigration offices in sydney or just one ??
    thank you
  • Hi Midou :
    Here are couple of offices in Sydney :

    Tunisia Consulate , Australia

    37 Miller Crescent Mount Waverley

    Tunisian Consulate General
    City:Sydney Address: Tunisian Consulate General Suite 211, Edgecliff Centre 203-233 New South Head Road Edgecliff New South Wales 2027 Australia
    Phone:(+61) 2 9327 1258 ; (+61) 2 9327 8060 Fax:(+61) 2 9327 2381 Website:Email:constunsyd@bigpond.comOffice hours:9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

    I hope this helps, Pete.
  • Midou - she needs to go to the australian office and not the Tunisian office!! There are main city and regional offices in all states of Australia. I don't have all the addresses but if your g/f looks up the Australian government website they are all listed.
  • hi my name is betty and i'am engaged to my tunisian boyfriend for a year now. i live in the united states. columbus georgia to be presice. i won't to live in tunisia and get marry there. but i'm still marry and in a middle of a divorce. but i have not have a clue how long i have to be divorce to remarry. i'm spose to be in sousse tunisia in 2 months. what must i do here to be prepare to go to tunisia and have all my paper work ready so i can get marry ASAP. i also want to know will i need to have any shots to go over to tunisia and what will all i need to get a passport. i'm new to all of this and don't know how to go about any of this. will you please tell me what all i will need and how do you get anything translated in arabic for them to see any of my docoments. am so confuse badly. please help. any information you can give me will be great and thank you.
  • HI lesley,I'm an u.s. citizen who lives in the states. My boyfriend lives in Australia,and we want to get married and I will be moving to Australia I need to know since I want to reside in Australia is it best to apply for spouse visa or work skilled visa and do you recommend to get married before I file for visa?So confused? Thanks
  • Betty - before marriage to a Tunisian you must be divorced for approximately 4 months. That is your divorce and decree nisi must be older than 4 months. Your fiance should be helping you with all of this...........he should know all the procedures. Do you not have a passport? If not, then that is the first thing to do. Go and organise this first. Then you must contact the Tunisian embassy in the US and find out who they refer for translations. All your dox must be translated and certified. Make a million copies and have them certified as well. You will need your original birth certificate not older than 21 days before the marriage date. Also you will need your original marriage certificate, certificate of divorce and decree nisi, certificate of no impediment (this is from your US home office indicating that you are free to marry). You will have blood tests here in tunisia and your fiance should organise these through a local doctor who will refer to the path lab.

    Good luck and if you wish to email me :
  • Jessie - lucky you getting to live in Australia!! I'm not sure which way for you to go. Your fiance can apply for a fiance visa or you can marry and then apply for a spousal visa which allows you to live and work in Australia until you are granted permanent residency. My advice to all ladies is to get your resident male to do the homework!! Also go to the Australian government website which is easy to use and work your way around. This is a terrible admission but I'm not sure of the url, perhaps:

    good luck
  • salut tt le monde je suis tunisien 25 ans je voudrais marrier avec une portugese 25 ans vivant en angleterre pendant 1 ans et demi,
    je voudrais savoir les document necessaires pour le marriage et ou je vais faire mon demande de visa ??? a l'embassade de l'angleterre ou a celle de potugal ???
    merci de me contacter et me donner de l'aide
  • hama - cette forum est anglais donc en anglais: Please tell me where you are going to marry, in Tunis or in England? If here your fiance will need a lot of documents, however you will only need your carte d'identitie and your extrait de naissance. As for your visa, is it for you to go to England or for your fiance to come here? A lot depends on her country of passport
  • hi lesley i have gf from england i want marry her please tell me what Tickets required for the marriage ineed thank u
  • Hi I am Canadian woman. I have been seen this Tunisian man for over a year and plan on marrying him in 2 months. In the beginning we have problem with his ex girlfriend and she message me that he loves her and plans on marrying me then divorce me after he get visa.. I'm not sure what to think he tells me she is just trying to break us and that's all. I am not a wealthy woman I am single mother of two boys and we have a 8 year age difference.. I'm still not 100% sure if I can beleave him that she was lieing. His friends all tell me he truly loves me because I almost break it off.. I also wanted to know how hard is it for Canadian nd Tunisian to marry and for him to come here to my country.
  • Please advice how a male Tunisian can divorce an Italian wife. They were married three years ago and moved to Italy. After 5 months, they were no longer together. He would like to finally have a divorce so he can move on with his life. Any advice? Can he apply for this in Tunisia? If he can not go to Tunisia , can some one else be a proxy for him? Please help, this man has had his live on hold for three years!!!
  • Omar - where do you want to marry? Here or in England? If you marry in Tunisia then all you need is your Certificate de Naissance and your Carte d'Identitie. she will need many more documents than you. You will both need blood tests and you can arrange them with any doctor.
  • Babes - Firstly, a man in Tunisia can only legally have one wife, no they cannot take a second wife. Foreign nationals can marry a Tunisian woman only if they are Muslim and have no other wife. Tunisian women do not have illicit relationships with foreign nationals, however, it can be that this happens as it does in every other country of the world.
  • soulful - is this an internet relationship? If so then I advise you to think about this very seriously. Getting visas out of Tunisia is a big business here and many foreign women are taken in by the sweet words, the charm and believe me Tunisian men know exactly how to hit the right buttons, especially when they want a visa.

    If you want more information confidentially then please feel free to email me
  • Lou - if they were married in Tunisia then the divorce must be in Tunisia. Why can't he come back to Tunisia? Where was the marriage registered? Lots of questions to be answered and just so you know it is very easy to divorce so my question is why he hasn't already or maybe he doesn't want to give up his visa and life in Italy??
  • Lesley Can u e mail me at plz nd thank you
  • Dear Lesley,
    I really respect you for all your genuine interest in helping other people.
    Please, continue to look out for all those young vulnerable people who write here.... The women who don't know what they're getting into, and also (maybe more importantly) to the young men, who feel so trapped and helpless in their situation but they don't realise that they can hurt people, and also ruin their own lives too.

    Please, girls: have all the fun you want, but DON'T get your heart involved. This is experience talking.
    And please, boys: you are amazing. You are all intelligent, creative and motivated. Put these efforts into your studies, or into a business, and then you will win your freedom without damaging the hearts of human beings. WORK WORK WORK! I promise you, if you keep a good niya, you will be happy.
  • Guestt - thank you for your kind words. I just see so many foreign women blinded by the charm and seductive qualities of Tunisian men and Tunisia. And you are right, the young men here do feel trapped and many after getting out of the country by any means possible realise that they are not cut out for life in a western country. The life here is so very, very different.

    Thank you for comments and you are so, so right!! Maybe I'll open a thread just for this
  • lesly help please i wnan marry woman from lativia i just wnna ask what she have to come with from there so we be ready ty so much :)
  • I am a single mother of twins living in the USA and have a boyfriend Kasserine, Tunisia and we have known each other for about 2 1/2 years. We met online and after sometime became best friends and chat on skype any chance we can. We have decided we want to be together and marry, but we don't know what we need to do to make this all happen. I do understand to be careful, but i understand he does love me truly. He knows me more than my family does and he has always been there for me through everything in the time we know each other. He actually asked me to move there with him and marry there, but cause of my kids I prefer here in the US. Can you help us in any way?
  • Hi HisPrincess - Have you ever been to Tunisia - have you ever met this man you say you love?? Why do you prefer to stay in the US with your children? We have very good education here, family support is incredible etc etc. Ah, probably because he want to move to the US huh?? You need to think long and hard about marrying someone you have never met, especially a young man from Kasserine, Tunisia. I live near Kasserine and I understand the mindset there. My words of advice = please go visit before you declare undying love...........would you marry a man in the US that you had never met before?
  • I am a single female from Australia. I met a tunisia man a long time ago..We have had a great friendship where we talk daily. I am very careful but we have fallen in love and he has just applied to try and get a Tourist Visa to come to Australia for a holiday with me,,Unfortuanetly his contract for work ceased 4 weeks ago and he lives with his family and has no assets..Will this be a problem with his Tourist Visa. It sounds like if we ever wanted to get married it would be quite difficult...Is it best to get married in Australia or Tunisia? what is the best way to go with Visas about him living in Australia if we decied to go that way? Please help
  • Sasha - he will not get a tourist visa! Sorry but that's the harsh reality. You will need to get married in Tunisia and then you can apply for a spouse visa and he may get that. Sorry but can I ask why you don't come to live here in Tunisia?
  • selam i need help i want to get meried with women from tunis,i m from bosnia and herzegovina we have not ambassady for tunis,i m muslim,wasn't meried yet do some one know what papers i need for weding exactly,we have talk about what i need of papers but when i was calling ambassady for visa and ask them again they tolld me that i dont need some papers what she told me that i need selam
  • sorry i forget to tell what she told me that i need of papers :
    1 birth certificate
    2 paper that confirm that i m muslim
    3 papewr that confirm that I am a Muslim
    4 national indetey card
    5 medical certificate before our weding inshaallah
    and some papaer she told me that i need to have from my ambassady or consulat for our marriage inshaallah,but when i was calling the ambassady in wien inaustria they told me that i dont need that paper(the last one)
    selam :)
  • Alek Salem Bosanac - mabrouk.

    You will need what is generally called a Certificate of No Impediment which your country issues stating that you are legally able to be married. If they don't issue this is is possibility that this is registered on your birth certificate? Otherwise you may need a declaration from the local municipality or solicitor stating that you are single and legally able to marry.

    Inchallah it will all be fine and wishes for a good life
  • Hey Lesley,
    Hey there, my name is AJ and I happened to come accross this forum.. and I think it would be the right place for me to submit my question. I have been talking to a girl from Tunisia for over a year now, and I'm in love with her. The only problem is her family, she is currently a student.. and her father is the one that controls every little thing she does. The reason for that is because he still supports her financially, and she lives in his home. But this girl has been humiliated by her father so many times.. he always yells at her, and has kept her in control for 23 years. I guess the reason is because he wants her to be successful. He's an engineer on planes in Qatar. He lives there and travels back and forth.. He supports the whole family because he makes good money. He buys her everything, her clothes, her going out with friends expenses. But in return he controls everything. She's never had a boyfriend mainly for that reason, and she's a very shy person. She's never been with a guy, but we happened to meet online over a year ago.. started as friends, she would give me advice on my problems with my girl at that time, until I realized what a Beautiful person she was.. and told her I was in love with her. She couldn't believe it, so we started skyping everyday.. we still do. And she has shown her love for me, the way she speaks, the way she makes me feel. the times she has cried when her father treats her bad, or when I cry and have gone through a tough moment in my life. I know it sounds to good to be true, were really in love even tho we haven't met in real life. I am hoping to meet this girl soon, but I don't know how to go about it. I'm sure she could find an excuse to get away, and meet me.. I'd like to marry her in the future, and I'm willing to respect her as a man until we get married. She's dying to be with me, and she knows their are many obstacles because of her family. But my reasoning is this, if two people love each other, regardless of religion they should be able to be together, no matter who approves or disapproves. Should it be up to the father, if she wants to marry me or not when she's old enough to make her own choices.. If I were to marry her, is it mandatory for me to convert to Islam.. ? It's a step I'm willing to take if I truly have to.. but let me be honest.. my family is very religious, they believe in Christ.. I'm not so religious, I believe their is a god like everyone else, and sometimes pray to him.. but I am not very big on religion like other people are.. I don't care if she was buddhist or Hindu, I would still want to be with her since I'm truly in love with her. But I guess her family won't understand that. Well I'm planning on visiting her very soon. If I book a hotel in Tunisia, would she be allowed to stay with me there if were not married. It's not like I'm gonna do nothing bad, she knows what type of guy I am.. a very respectful one. But would they put problem in the hotel, or the rented house I plan to stay in ? I plan on being with this great woman for the rest of my life. I'd like to marry her now, but I don't have the resources to do so.. I want it to be a big wedding in the future, with my family and hers if they'd like to be there. The best part of it all, is that she loves me so much and she's willing to face her family for the love she feels for me. It's going to be a big shock, since no one in her family knows about our relationship, and when she tells them.. she wants me to be there with her because she is so scared. Of her father especially, the way he yells at her about studying and treats her when he's mad, is from a mad men's. Like a dictator kind of. Recently she passed the national exam in Tunisia and France for engineering. She has failed the national exam 4 years in a row, and until now she passed it in tunisia. In france she traveled with her father to take the exam. God is so great, that she passed it with high marks.. and got accepted until 8 different schools. But in the Tunisia exam she passed, but didn't do so good. Not that many schools picked her, she just got the result 2 days ago... she has cried so much because of how her father has treated her.. insulted her so many times, called her stupid, and i think grabbed her by her hair.. didn't really beat her, and you don't understand how mad I am.. he said that he's not gonna spend money on her anymore.. to not study and just find a job. I don't understand, why did he take her to France to take the national enginnering exam then. ? She did good in that exam, and it's better than studying in Tunisia.. I guess all along, he wants to have full control of her, and wanted her to study in Tunisia.. he even said he doesn't want to see her at his house anymore, to move out. So she's planning on going to her grandmother once she returns to Tunisia.. this man is evil like that, but he has a weird personality.. He can be so mad like this, and then apologize and change his mind. In this case, I hope he does.. Our plan was coming true, that's what gets me mad.. she planned to live in France studying in a good engineering school this September, and i could visit her more freely without having to worry about her family.. or her asking permission to leave the house. She was crying today when she told me what he said, and I couldn't believe it. I actually cried too, and she told me to move on... for me to finish my study and move on.. the message she wrote me made me so sad.. and I'm not a quiter, I know she'd die if I'd leave her, and she could never break up with me. But she doesn't want to put a burden on me, she knows my culture, she knows I'm attractive and I could find a pretty girl here.. so she feels like this long distance relationship, she's putting me through alot especially with her situation.. but I don't mind.. I know she doesn't want me just to live here in the US.. I would of noticed, and she comes from a wealthy family. i know when we make it through all of the obstacles, it's gonna be a nice love story.. I look old for my age, i am only 18.. I look 21-22 lol.. so I lied to her in the beginning when we met and started our relationship... but I knew I couldn't hide that secret anylonger and confessed months ago.. she was in a shock, she couldn't believe she fell for such a young kid. But it was too late lol, she was already in love with me. If you see her tho, she looks like she's 16-17. She has been kept in a bubble for so many years.. when I say bubble, I mean like treated like a little girl by her father and her family.. she's never really gone out and experienced life. I'm hoping to experience life with her, since she's such a great girl, has such a good heart.. I've introduced her to my family, and they love her.. when you talk to her, you know she is so sincere, and my qualities have attracted her, because I'm very mature for my age. And I've experienced alot at my young age.. have gone through many hardships, and that doesn't include love relationships lol. Well She was born muslim, but she doesn't believe religion should dictate, the man she marrys or her who her family chooses for her. She's a very open minded girl, and that will surprise you. She's not the type of girl that wears the scarf, she's never wore it because it's not mandatory in her country and it's a plus for me. The way she is why I'm willing to fight to the end for this love, and so is she. So if her father really goes through with what he has said, her life is not gonna end with her living at her grandmothers house, and working any crappy job in tunisia when she could of been a successful engineer in France.. I told her today, when she was crying... your life is not gonna end here or our love.. I will do whatever needs to be done to rescue that girl from pure misery, and a heartbroken heart.. then her father won't be able to tell her shit and treat her like garbage humiliating her all the time. Pardon me for my language, but if I have to book a plane ticket to Tunisia next month, I will do it just to comfort her, and give her the most hope on how real our love is.. She said no you don't have to do that, because she doesn't want people to think that she wants me for my papers, she wants to be financial independent and be able to spend on her self, not depend on me. But I love her, and I'm willing to marry her, and bring her here with me as soon as I can. Because she deserves the best, she's been mistreated by her father for so many years, just because of his obsession on her becoming successful but all his screaming and yelling has only made it worse.. because she is so fragile, and gets stressed out so easily... Please tell me what I have to do if that's the worst case scenario, and I have to rescue her. I hope her father changes his mind like he has in the past, and lets her study in France.. once she graduates and our love has succeeded, and were both living together working in the US.. I will tell her to pay her father, and I will help all he has spent on her.. so he won't keep humiliating her every time, complaining on how much money he has spent on her. I plan on going to College to my soon, but in the meantime I'm a poker dealer at a very good Casino and I'm making good money.. so if that's the worst case, which I hope it's not.. I'm willing to do what I have to do.. I live with my father, he has a very big house.. he approves of my love for her.. but he won't let her live with me in my room, he said separate rooms.. that's because he has a wife that is very picky, and decides on everything and for sure won't approve of that. The good thing is have a mother that lives in an apartment, approves of our love.. and is willing to help me out in any way.. I'm sure if the worst case scenario comes true, I could live there with my girl with no problem.. I really Thank you for reading my message Lesley and others.. I hope you guys can help me out on this one.
  • Iam hungarian citizen , Iam living since one Year in UK ,
    Iam 24 years old and my Boyfreind is tunisian , he is 25 years old ,
    and we love each others too much, we have been now with each others for 2 years and we are making plans now to get married in the next januray
    My boyfrind finish his degree end this Year and i want him to come live in uk with me after the marriage.
    But the problem he refuse this. He want me to live with him in tunisia and he is telling me alawys to forget this idea because its almost impossible to get Visa and join me
    its this true ?
    and if its not impossible , what i need exactly to bring him here to Uk
    please help me
    for any information i would be too much grateful...thank you
  • Hey so I have a spanner to throw in this work..
    Ok so my fiance and I are preparing to marry FEB 2013. He is Tunisian, I am New Zealander. We have decided on Marrying in Morocco. and all this talk of paper work is making my head hurt. So On top of all the paper work I have to have ( and yes I know it has to be in Arabic for Morocco) Does my Fiance need the same?? And if we marry in Morocco, will our marriage be internationally recognized?? as we intend of living in Australia ( just to add to the spice of it )
  • Hey there Kiwi

    I dont know what a Tunisian needs to marry in Morocco but two definites are original birth certificate and passport and probably his carte d identitie. Also he will need the permission of the Tunisian embassy to marry outside of Tunisia I think.

    Australia recognises all international marriages that are performed legally in accordance with the laws of the country in which the marriage tookplace.

    Good luck with that visa........I am an oz but live in Tunisia and the visa is almost impossible.
  • To marry here you have to be over 20 years of age or have your father’s consent. A divorced woman cannot re-marry until a period of 3 months has lapsed since her divorce, a widow until 4 months and 10 days after the death of her spouse. Marriage of a man younger than 20 or a woman under 17 is not allowed. A Moslem woman cannot marry a man who is not a Moslem,...
  • Hi ,
    Im a tunisian girl resident in italy i get married soon with a americain guy , we have all the papers ready except the Apostille ? i need a help for this : it is mandatory to get the Apostile and how ?
    thank you for help
  • Hi. I'm living in Ireland and my fianc
  • Joy,

    You are going to think me harsh but why didn't you think all this through before you got pregnant!! If he has been granted holidays then he has them, it has nothing to do with the Ministry but perhaps he is dragging his feet. You cannot get married by proxy in Tunisia as you must be present and sign dox etc. He will not lose his job because he is with a foreigner but he can be sent to prison for having 'illegal' sex with you or anyone else in Tunisia. I have no idea what you are going to do, there is no way you can enforce a support order on him while he is in Tunisia or even perhaps when he gets to Ireland. However, I wish you luck and I hope it goes smoothly

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