Can I rent a boat in the british virgin islands?
  • I want to take my dad to the British Virgin Islands for his 60th birthday, and I wanted to rent a boat there. None of us is a good sailor though. Can we hire a boat with a captain from somewhere like Tortola or Virgin Gorda?
  • Tortola is the perfect departing point for exploring these magnificent islands, offering an extensive range of yachts and catamarans from 30ft to 52ft, all superbly equipped & maintained for your comfort and safety. Please keep in mind that skipper, hostess/cook, dive master, provisions and leisure equipment remain options to make your yachting vacation complete.
  • British Virgin Island is actually beautiful place. You have chosen nice place to take dad over there. Jonson has already given information you needed. Hope you enjoyed trip...
  • Hi ,

    Have you visited the British Virgin Islands as yet? If you need further details please email me at
  • Yeah i visit it the last year with some of my friends in our holidays.We have a great fun out there on this Island.We enjoy boating,swimming,fishing and camping activities on this Island.After all day fun on this Island we enjoy a delicious meal which had a very yummy taste also we tired and have a lovely sleeping at night in the resort and on every morning,scenes of natural beauty are display on this Island.I like it so much.
  • There is more than one island in the Virgin island group,so which one did you visit Jerry?

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