What do they mean by having a passport valid for 6 months???
  • I am travelling to Malyasia and through thailand this summer. Each country asks that a passport be valid for 6 months. I need to renew my passport soon. Evene though I have had a uk passport for the 21 ywears of my life, will getting a new passport jepordise this?
  • No, the 'valid for six months' refers to how long the passport must be valid for in the future, i.e. it must not expire for at least another six months. The date of issue (if you got it a week ago or 20 years ago) is not relevant.
  • Ha ha oh dear silly me. Thank you so much you have really put my mind at rest!
  • That's what I'm here for! :-)
  • Does this apply to Italy? will be traveling from the U.S. to Italy in May and June and my passport expires in Oct.
  • It is not awlays enforced, but it the immigration guy has the right to enforce it. It is generally a bad idea to travel with a passport that has less than 6 months remaining before expiry. Why take the chance? You still have time to apply for a new one.
  • If you are a US citizen travelling to Italy your passport must be valid on arrival in Italy (it does not specify for how long afterwards - I don't think it matters) and you will be granted 90 days in the country. See this link:

  • I am going to the Phils for a few weeks and thought about visiting Malaysia. I have conflicting info. One site says I need visa in advance. Other says no visa required for stay of only a few days. Which is correct
  • I am flying through Beijing on my way to Bkk. I have conflicting reports of whether I need a visa to fly in and out of the airport in Beijing. Anyone know for sure? Beijing
  • Hi All

    I am in a super pickle. I am flying to Singapore on May 9th, there for one night, then Thailand for 6 nights, back to Singapore for two nights then on to the UK for two months. I am a British Citizen and have just realised about the 6 month rule. I have 5 months left on mine. I have attempeted to renew the passport from Australia but they have taken two weeks so far and not even started the process, so today i have withdrawn my application.

    Should i attempt to travel? I will with two young Children who have valid passports. I was kind of hoping they may be less strict if i have two kids with me.

    I have spoken to Singapore immigartion and they said i should be ok as long as i am travelling to UK where i can then renew. I havent spoken to Thailand yet?

    Any experience would be greatly appreciated right now.
  • Hi, my boyfriend lives in America (he is American), i am English and live in the UK. In July i will be visiting family in Portugal. My boyfriend wants to meet me out there, he is about to apply for his passport as he hasnt one at the moment. The flight lands in the UK for 9 hrs then onto Portugal, does his passport need to be valid for 6months to enter the UK even if it is for a short time (9hrs). We are hoping to be in Portugal for 25th July, meaning passport less than 6 months.
  • Lisa - will he check through immigration, or just remain in transit? If he enters the country, even for 9 hours, the passport validity rule applies.
  • Hi, my husband & I are going on a cruise from Copenhagen in June. His passport expires in August. The cruise line has no problem with this, but what about Danish immigration at the airport?
  • I am from the Philippines with US issued B1/B2 visa for 10 year multiple entry. Is this valid to enter Puerto Rico for a 5-day, 4-night vacation? Thank you!
  • This is known "a tempest in a tea-pot"
  • I am UK and Australian and UK Citizen (ie i hold both passports) and I am leaving for Australia on Thursday. I have just realised that my UK passport expires on January 6th 2010, but iam leaving to return back to the UK on 11th July 2009. This is 5 days under the 6months of the validity of mu passport, will I have a problem returning to UK?

    All help greatly appreciated. Should I apply for a UK passport in OZ (British High Commission in Canberra) or will I be let back in to UK without a problem......


  • Hi Can anyone tell me if my passport has to have at least six months valid to go to spain. I am hoping to go in two weeks for rwo weeks and only have five months remaining on my passport
  • Hi i'm travelling to the U.S for 2 weeks from 24th July to 7th August,
    My UK Passport expires 22nd December which means its got less than 6 months left on it, do i need to renew it or should i be fine under the 90 days VWP from the authorization approved by ESTA. I would have thought if my passport validitiy had been a problem it would have been highlighted while applying?

    Any suggestions?

  • I am traveling on Honeymoon from US (where I am a passport holder) to Tahiti in July. However, my US passport expires in September.

    There is about 10 days remaining until I travel, and I just learned about this now. Can anyone offer suggestions on what to do or who to contact? The US Nat'l passport agency tells me that processing by mail takes a minimum of 2 weeks, and when I call the automated number, they cannot offer me a time-slot for an appointment until the day after I'm scheduled to leave.

    Help please.
  • Hi, I have my Hungarian passport that will expires in November 2009... I need to go to Hungary in order to renew it to get the new EU passaport. (Where I reside there is no Hungarian Consul).My ticket from here to Madrid to change plane to Hungary.

    Can I enter Spain with my current passaport?
  • hi i planning to move to malaysia next year my partner is malayian and lives there im british what do i need 2 do?i been told if i live there for 6 years i can get a joint passport sooner if i marry is this rite.and if is now do i get to stay there for the 6 years or whatever time
  • Hi

    I am travelling to Malaysia on the 22/9/09.My passport runs out on the 28th February 2010.I return on the 29/9/09. Will they accept it
    being 3 weeks short of 6 months
  • NO i just got turned around at the airport because my passport was one day out. Get it renewed.
  • Good evening or good morning to you all.

    My boyfriend is having an emergency scare as we just realised his passport expires at the end of January 2010 (in 4.5months). He is due to board a plane to Thailand on Tuesday next week, for a two week stay.
    I have read a lot about the 6 months rule, tried to see if he could get an emergency travel document or anything to let him travel. However, being a Dutch national living in the UK makes it very difficult as the embassy reckons there will be a minimum of two weeks delay. Obviously it is not a viable option for us.

    HOWEVER, he has bought a return ticket with a fixed date, so we would like to know what would be the chances of him being allowed in the country, provided he has this fixed return ticket and a good four months left on his passport ?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks
  • HI!

  • Hi,
    my passport is valid until March and I would like to go to Malaysia and Indonesia in January and stay one month. is there any way I can do this or they always check the date in passport? Does the fact that I have return ticket help me? and is it worth to try at all or can I get any fines for that ? (PS, I can't get a new passport, because I'm staying in Australia at the moment and they don't have Estonian embassy here.)
  • Do I need my passport to be valid for a minimum of 6 months when entering the Caribbean??
  • Anne. Did you get a solution yet? I am exactly in the same situation as your boyfriend, now just wondering if you dig out any work around?
  • Hi Gagan and Anne - I am sorry to say that Thailand does enforce a 6-month validity rule and there is a good chance you may encounter problems at the airport. See here for more info on passport expiry dates: http://www.wordtravels.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=1580&page=1
  • Hi, we are travelling to UK on 11 Jan and I've just realised my son's Australian passport expires in May 2010 but my husband and I have the passport till 2014, do we need 6 months validity to enter UK?
  • Hello everyone! I understand everyone's situation as being a non-native of whatever country they are trying to enter (i.e. American going into Thailand, etc.). My wife is Thai and trying to get back into Thailand, yet, the airlines and even the Thai Consulate in L.A. are saying the 6-month rule applies to her??? So, in essence, Thai isn't letting its own citizen back into the country?? That can't be right! As I U.S. citizen, that wouldn't matter coming back into the U.S., and, as far as I know, English to England, etc. Can anyone point me to some legal basis for this information as to where it would apply to a citizen of that that country (more particularly, Thailand)? Thanks! I've sent e-mail to the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the Department of Consular Affairs in Bangkok, but don't believe I'll receive a reply in time for her flight this Sunday! LOL!
  • I Just wanted to Share my experience with everyone incase some is looking up on the same subject.

    I was traveling with my family (wife + 2 kids). We were holidaying in Australia and planned to go to Singapore & Thailand on the way back home. Half way through our trip while in australia we found out about the 6 month rule through a friend by luck. Lets hear my friend's story first: Our friend boarded an Emirates flight to Thailand from Australia via Singapore. She had no problems boarding the flight to Singapore, but faced a difficult time while in transit with Singapore Airlines as they didn't Allow her to board her flight to Bangkok as her passport had less than 6 months Validity! She made a big fuss/scene as she was traveling with her children as well. Emirates came to her rescue and issued her a new ticket on Thai Airways, whom apparently didn't apply the 6 month rule. She walked through Thai Immigration without any issues.

    So back to my story. We were dreading the same fate. We were certain Emirates wont stop us from flying to Singapore, and indeed that was the case. We arrived into singapore and immigration made a comment on my wife's passport and requested her subsequent itinerary to show that she doesn't plan to stay 6 months in Singapore. All was good and she was able to safely pass.

    For our trip to Thailand I chose AirAsia to avoid singpore airlines. Air Asia unexpectedly refused to issue a boarding card for my wife's passport has less than 6 months. I complained that i have entered all her passport info online and that I wasn't informed of this point and that I have a consecutive flight via bangkok. Besides we were all checked in with all the bags, so at that point a senior came and issued her the boarding card. Thai immigration didnt say a word.

    Verdict of the story: Airlines tend to enforce the rule more often than Thai and Singapore Immigration does, Immigration will let you pass but have the right to refuse you if they wish. Keep it a rule to always renew a passport 8 months before it expires.
  • UAEtraveller - thanks for the feedback and advice. So many travellers face this issue of passport expiry so it's interesting to see how things pan out in practice - generally very different to the "official position".
  • Hi,is it true that American citizens who have got their first passport in their lives, have to wait for 6 months so the passport to be validated for traveling to Canada?
  • Hi maple... no that's not true. As soon as you get your passport it is valid and you can start travelling! The six-month validity clause means that the expiry date on your passport must be more than six months after your trip is over (ie. travelling January 10-14, passport must not expire before July 14th).

    Read this for more info on passport requirements in Canada: http://www.wordtravels.com/Travelguide/Countries/Canada/Visa
  • Thanks alot Anya K
  • Hi Maple,
    Me and my family are British passport holders.We are travelling to India on November 11 and planning to come back on January 02,2011.My son is due to renew his passport in May 2011.Will be a problem for him to come back as his passport doesnt have 6 months validity on the day of return?
  • Hi, my wife and I are travelling from sweden to australia by thai airways, we have a 16 hour lay over in bangkok. Unfortunately my wife will only have 5 months left in her passport so I don't think we will be allowed to leave the airport.
  • hi, please can u help, we travel to America in Feb 2012 and my daughters passports expires 23 July 2012 will this be exceptable??
  • hi, i am a filipino citize and i work here in dubai. I plan to have my vacation to philippines by september and my passport expires on november. 2 months before i plan to travel to my own country. is that possible>? or i have to renew it 6 months before now?
  • Hi, I am a British citizen and want to visit the United States between the 23rd June 2012 and 7th July 2012 but my passport expires on 23rd July 2012. Will I be able to visit or do I need to update my passport?
  • hi, i am a canadian passport holder, i waswondering if after staying in the u.k for 6 months , how long would i need to stay in my home country before starting to travel again??
  • Hi I am an Irish citizen currently in Australia. Next week I intend travelling home for one week only for a family wedding, whilst travelling here in may my passport was stolen and I was issued a 7 month emergency passport in Thailand. My question is on my way home am I going to be let through Bangkok, Singapore or maybe Dubai and visa versa on the way home considering my passport runs out the end of January 2013 which is only 5 and a half months?? Urgent answers needed please as I need to book flights ASAP!! Thank u
  • Hi !
    I'm a french Citizen, I tryed to book a (domestic) flight on Air asia ,from Bangkok to Hat Yai, and I wasn't able to book because my passeport has a 5 and an half month validity !! Do you know if they won't bord if if I cheat a month on the validity of my passport ??
    If they won't bord me can I be refund ? Please help me I don't know what to do ! I can't make a new passeport I already have Visas on it!
    Thank you so much !
  • Hi! Im a Filipina but Im living here in Switzerland because my husband is Swiss. We are going to the Philippines for 5 weeks for vication this coming december and my pasport will be expired on march 17,2013. We heared about this pass validity after late,but we been in Airlines and we ask for this problem,they found out in internet that's must be only one month valid. Now,I go confuse about it what is the truth and I don't like we will have problem later. I hope u can help me.
  • Hi there, my boyfriend and I are travelling to Mexico in June...his passport expires in August. We've been told it needs to be valid or 6 months o we've sent his passport off okay (feb) is this okay?
  • my sister wants to come from paris with french passport that expire in 3months with a2 years usa visa is it a problem?
  • I am traveling to Thailand for 10 days. My passport expires in 8 months. Can I still book my ticket?
  • Your passport must be valid for 6 months when you enter Thailand not when you book the ticket.
  • My family is due to transit through the US on our way to Jamaica for a short holiday tomorrow and after having received ESTAs for two of our kids we've realised that one of their UK passports is only valid for another 10 days and therefore only 10 days on the newly issued ESTA. Will he be allowed entry into the US tomorrow. We fly direct on our return.
  • Hi 

    Need too know if My passport  will be   ok For Thailand  Going January 2015  on 7th   passport runs out June 15th  2015   please help so  confused here thank you :-)

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