How safe is Kuwait?
  • My friend and I are students who have the opportunity to teach in a private school in kuwaite city for a month. however, we are concerned about our safety. Can anybody shed anylight?
  • What are your concerns? Kuwait is not normally considered a very dangerous city. Low crime rate, very little fanatical Islam, and fairly liberal attitudes to women - for an Arab country that is.
  • I'm from Kuwait even though I currently live in Scotland and I can assure you that you'll be fine, when I was in school in Kuwait, a British school, I had friends from many different places (blonde, ginger, pink) and no one had any trouble. Some places are more liberal than others so bikinis are not to be worn everywhere, food is really good, lots of shopping opportunities. You might get some catcalls and boys trying to get your attention but they do that to everyone, its like the idiot's mating call. You learn to ignore them.
    Have a nice trip, if you're going soon it's going to be a scorcher.
  • We're heading over at the start of june and we're both very fair haired so have been plagued with scare stories but I'm presuming it's the media making things out to be worse tahn they actually are. What kind of dres is acceptable?Do u know if u can wear shorts and vest tops? Thanks very much for your help! Susan
  • Not sure why you are worried about Kuwait. It is very safe. The place has a lot of US military their and it is one of the main routes that American take beofre going into Iraqi. Not an issue with the fair hair. You need to remember that not all Arabs are olive skinned and dark. We have all shades like everyone else. The only issue is not much to see in Kuwait and it is more americanized like most of the gulf states not like Syria, Jordan etc.
  • I'm from Kuwait, there really is nothing to worry about, there are no dress codes so yes you can wear shorts and vest tops but on the public beaches you cant wear a bikini you can only wear a onepiece but if its a private beach or pool at a resort or something then its ok for a bikini, there is very little crime here and people are really easy going not very strict and quite open minded, and the colour of your hair or skin wont make a difference, you'll be ok :p
  • I arrived here in May from the US to work for a year. I am a blonde woman. I feel very safe here and wander around Salmiya where I live at night by myself shopping and usually stop to eat at one of the many very good restaurants. I have never had a negative experience. The people here are very courteous. However I do notice that they stare at any women in shorts and sleeveless tops so I avoid dressing like that. I wear business attire to work with knees covered and nothing too clingy. After work I wear a tee shirt and capri' is very hot here right now.

    I think if you respect the customs and people here they reciprocate. Basically, Americans are very well received. Although my company works with the American Military in Kuwait...they are away from the city and are resticted to the base so you will not see a big US presence here...
  • Hi
    i have an oppurtuni.. to work in kuwait for an year. its contract basis, after my contract is it possible to search job in kuwait & settle in kuwait. I'm a information technology guy, having 4+ yrs experiences. specilist in middleware technologiy
  • dont worry take the job
  • I am looking for a job in Kuwait (a sr management position). Pl advice me

    a) Safety (I know for sure I am there to earn a living and would never / ever venture into things which are best avoided (by least measure)

    b) My religious freedom (I am a Hindu). Can I practice my religion in the four walls of my house (with no external indications)

    c) Food habits - I am strict vegetarien (no eggs, no meats, no fish, no animaal of any size/nature killed)...

  • You can worship freely in your own home. There are hundreds of thousands of Indians living in Kuwait, many of them Hindu. The Kuwaitis do not permit temples for religions other than Islam, Judaism and Christianity. No one will bother you in your own apartment, however. Just don't eat, drink or smoke during Ramadan, and don't "proselytize." The Muslims can proselytize in the USA and Canada, but they won't allow in their own countries!
  • Kuwait is a very safe country, i lived and worked there for almost 10 years, its really a lovely country,,Salmiyah Area is great,,i left the country last 1996 so that was more than 10 years ago,,im sure even better than before now,,,,im planning to visit Kuwait maybe next year to bring back lovely memories.....
  • Now it is 2010 how do the people of kuwait treat american.
  • obviously.. the people in kuwait are gonna treat em like foreigners.. but in a good way!
    they ask how it is in America... how good is life in america... have u ever seen any movie stars.. ( lool u never know!)

    As for the safety.....
    ITS AMAZING see foz more (A)

    no showy outfits. like.. nothing more showy than a tank annd shorts. I think you can wear bikinis, but only in pools and private areas etc.
  • How many African Americans live there? and is it safe for them my mom is thinking about visiting & possible job opportunities... Can you shed light on the racial tension if any!!! Very concerned daughter!!!
  • its safe .. who cares about nationalities and skin colour? that doesnt make the person ofcourse .. kuwait is ranked the 7th in the world (Because the world most dangerous place "IRAQ" is bordering kuwait.. but dont worry.. there are alot of american army outposts/camps in kuwait
  • Is it really safe to work in kuwait as a caregiver/nurse that will work in a private residence? because I just heard that some of the kuwaitis are a bit of abusive...but I am really decided to work there.please give me answers....^_^
  • hi my husband is going to kuwait for one year to work there. his main duties will be security of important people. i worry about his safety. will we be anle to communicate because he is not allowed to tske a cell phone
  • hey every1, my dad's a kw8ti and my mums naturally blond and i dnt speak arabic very well but Ive been livin here since i was three. Kw8 isnt a hard place to live. everythings cheaper here than any other country and life's nt bad here. i wear shorts and tank tops sometimes and its getting very 'normal' to wear one these days, off course there are some boys who'd stare and say things like "can i have ur num?" but you learn to ignore them. They arent very rude here either. most of the kw8ti men are funny, especially if you're a forigner they'd love to help out, they'd ask you questions about your country and they'd like to help out. for an arab country, kw8 isnt very strict. There are churches here and other temples/religons. The safety here is really good. Kw8 has low rate crimes. There's only one thing you gotta maybe watch out for, the police here are do u say..."always wanting to know everything" they'd ask you questions, but they're not harmful...for example if you're under 18 and driving sumwhere with your bf...and a police catches u...well let me just tell u from my experience...if your a forigner and nt a kw8ti then you're safe becuz they cant talk to u...or bother u as much. From my experience, i ride with my bf on my way to uni, and my mum and dad are okey with that, and they always told me if a cop stops us all i gotta do is call em and they'd talk to them,but i didnt have my mobile on me that one day and unfortunatly a police stopped us...i pretended to be american and not half kw8ti, i told them i didnt have my ID and im just visiting and i also added that my bf is my cuzin who's living here. They talked and asked me questions about life in america and then they let us go. So, dnt worry kw8's nt that scary as they make it seem to be in films, newspapers...etc.

    Hope this helped...
    Sarah <3
  • Are schools good in Kuwait, are there any ICSE, CBSE schools in Kuwait?
    How safe are they? How safe are women? Do locals harass women?

    How safe are male kids? How safe is traveling in car?
  • Im a filipina and I hade an opportunity to work in kuwait as a private duty nurse.Is it safe to work there as a private duty nurse or even as a caregiver?please shed some light.thanks!?
  • Hi everybody. My brother has got job in KUwait with 350 KD with free accommodation and transport. Is it good salary
  • im filipino citizen and im working here in dubai with residence visa can i get visa on arrival in kuwait for 7days only??
  • @sheena: are you a private nurse already there in kuwait? how was it?
  • Kuwait these days is not safe. I arrived here 4 months ago and am staying in Salmiya. Last week, three of my friends returning from a night show were mugged and robbed at dagger point by two dagger-weilding arabic-speaking men at about midnight. Another had ice cubes thrown at himwhen he was walking, by unruly boys going in a car. He suffered a cut in his nose.They did not complain to the police as being expats they do not have confidence that justice will be done. Such incidents are quite common. The local boys take delight in bullying and scaring asian expats, who are considered as soft targets. And the asians dare not retort or complain. One has to be ever vigilant and take care on the roads. Q8 is a far cry from Dubai, where expats feel very secure. So, please take care and do not be misled by all those who claim that this is a safe city.
  • Kuwait these days is not safe. I arrived here 4 months ago and am staying in Salmiya. Last week, three of my friends returning from a night show were mugged and robbed at dagger point by two dagger-weilding arabic-speaking men at about midnight. Another had ice cubes thrown at himwhen he was walking, by unruly boys going in a car. He suffered a cut in his nose.They did not complain to the police as being expats they do not have confidence that justice will be done. Such incidents are quite common. The local boys take delight in bullying and scaring asian expats, who are considered as soft targets. And the asians dare not retort or complain. One has to be ever vigilant and take care on the roads. Q8 is a far cry from Dubai, where expats feel very secure. So, please take care and do not be misled by all those who claim that this is a safe city.
  • What happened on Diwali day in q8 is quite shameful. The police sprang into action, manhandled and insulted many decent, well employed Indians and took away dozens of youngsters whose only crime was that they were celebrating Diwali. And they were released only after four or five days. You can imagine the mental state of the parents of these youngsters !And the Indian embassy had no comment on this shameful incident. They are more interested in cutting ribbons and appearing in rich functions.
  • Hi
    I have a oppertunity to work in Kuwait next year for 3months as a truck driver,would anyone have any info about the dangers of working there and any general advice,
    many thanks
  • hello ..
    i am atudent in india looking for some work permit as well as study in Kuwait.......will it be fine///////as i never gone there before........i scared from as many news was held about their people...........
    is such place is safe for indians.....and is good to live plz tell me its urgent....... ;/
  • Project Manager asked to work for 3 months in Kuwait for a government security project.
    Im 6'3" white athletic.

    2 questions for anyone with experience in kuwait

    1) will my head still be attached after 3 months. The intelligent nerds are always the first to go in action movies.
    2) should i talk with an irish accent while im there?

  • My fiance has gotten a job as a security officer in Kuwait we are from the U.S. He is supposed to go over there next month and he wants me and our 5 year old daughter to move over there with him. I am so scared to go to Kuwait because of the stuff you see in the media and also we are african american i don't even know if there are any african americans in kuwait lol.......

    Is it really safe in Kuwait for people of all races?
    Do they have good English speaking schools for young kids?
  • Hi Im a Filipino ASIAN and will work in alshaya kuwait. Is it safe to work there? Im just afraid for my safety! Please give me some light! thank you!
  • Hi, I'm a FILIPINO ASIAN and will work soon in KFC kuwait...I think there is no need to worry about if we go through Kuwait to find greener pasture, because if all of us (people who are not kuwait citizen) have just "FULL FAITH IN GOD IN NO DOUBT" i believe that God will always lead us to the right path...God will never leave us where ever we are, where ever we all the people who have planned to work in places in middle east specially in kuwait, go for it..don't be scared of what news will appear on the television...instead, be long as you did not hurt/harm a person u will be go!...
  • To all,

    No worries its safe here really...I'm an expat living here for almost 5 years. For western people you dont have a problem at all, seen them around wearing even shorts but if you can handle all the stare (for females) then by all means go ahead there's no dress code here. As for asian well just be cautious always (there are not racist but u cant expect 2 b treated like western does...sometimes "bastos lng talaga ung iba" d nmn lahat...they can't seem to do that to western national..its juz the way it is. Kahit nmn sa Pinas meron nun but one thing for sure ur safe here from theif/snatchers like sa Pinas. Hopes this help.
  • I'm a Nigerian thinking about going to Kuwait to look for work. I'm a trained HSE professional. I hold a B.Sc. degree, and I'm a Specialist Member of the IIRSM (International Institute or Risk and Safety Management). I've got no relative or friend in Kuwait. Anyone with any advise on how to go about it? Any prospect? I'll appreciate any contribution. Thanks.
  • Is it safe to travel to Kuwait for a young Jewish American? Being American in Kuwait doesn't worry me, but being a Jewish Woman does. Being a woman almost more so that Jewish. I like to wear a star of David and will not hold back on what I wear normally. I so plan on wearing shorts and possibly tank tops but I stay tasteful and covered by western standards. I've read the forum and see that aside from catcalls there are no other implications to dressing this way? Am I correct?

    Is anyone living in Kuwait on this forum Jewish? How is it?

    Safe for a 22 year old woman alone?

    Please advise.
  • Hi All,

    I have a job offer in Kuwait. I am a bachelor and believe in leading a decent lifestyle, wherever i stay. Can some one please help me with the following details / pricing so that i can negotiate accordingly with my employer.

    Rent - Good 1 BHK Flat in a good area - ?
    Car Rental (per month) - Any good saloon car will do - ?
    Food & Grocery expenses - ?
    Electricity & Water bills (Per month average)- ?
    Any other cost i need to consider ?
    Attitude of Kuwaiti nationals towards expats - ?
    Does hotels / restaurants serve alcoholic beverages - ?
    Are part time house helps / maids easily available, If yes, what would be the approximate cost.

    I would be grateful if someone can provide me an approximate pricing for the above mentioned things.

    Regards ,

  • I am thinking about taking a job in Kuwait. No, I am not worried about safety. I have known many Kuwaitis while living in California, and they are some of the nicest, most open people I have ever met. I am studying up so that I can be socially acceptable and not affend, because while anyone is there, they are a representative for their home country, and I want to be a good representative. My question is, for those of you who are, or have been there, how expensive is it to call home? Do I need a global phone? Are calling cards the best way to go? Skype? Also, what is the dating scene like? Probably get lonely after awhile.
  • Arielle,

    If you are not going to hold back, then don't come to Kuwait. Holding back is a cultural expectation. Kuwait isn't the U.S and you can't strut around as you please without anyone saying something about it. Basically, being overly individualistic is considered very rude.

    Wearing the Star of David in Kuwait.. You're better off wearing a 'Fuck the Bible' t-shirt in Bible-belt America. I'm Kuwaiti and I wish it weren't so, but it probably is (I haven't actually tried wearing the star of David, or tank-tops, so I'm just guessing at the potential response).

    If you're interested in knowing what it might be like for women of your age in Kuwait, try the blog Expat and the City. Kuwait-based English blogs are the best way to get an idea of what kind of society you will be exposed to in Kuwait.
  • Arielle,

    If you do come to Kuwait and you do wear the star of David in public, please post about your experience! I would love to know how people react to it.
  • I advise be careful who you work for in Kuwait if you are from U.K ,U.S.A or modern democratic European country.There is a false sense of security here.I have been here 6 months and worked hard as a Qualified Professional and have been fired for no reason.If coming to Kuwait only work for a reputable company.Many companies are good to work for however avoid companies like Worley Parsons who fire at the drop of a hat and do not pay you wages in line with the Kuwait Labour Laws.
  • Hi,

    I am a English escort who often visits Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, I have a lot of guys asking me to visit Kuwait.

    I am very discreet and would only do outcalls, so no guys in my hotel, please could somebody advise on how or if I would be ok if I go over.

  • Hiiii Every one you are welcome to my home
    Kuwait I am Kuwaitis well don`t worry travels
    My country is safe and hasn`t raicisim but there
    Are things that are not allowed there
    1Don`t drink alcohol drinks it`s forrbidden there
    2For women they should wear tall dresses hide there Bodies but its ok to show their faces and hairs and their hands and feet
    3males with females shouldn`t do romantic
    Habits you know kissing hugging something like that is not allowed in the street you can do that
    In your private places
    Things are allowed there
    1You can do your riligious origins freely for the christians and muslims only any other riligion you can do your origins in your homes
    3men can wear any clothes

    Sorry for annoying and don`t worry kuwait
    Is a safe country thank you
  • hi i am from india.. i got a job in kuwait as a waiter.... is it safe to work in hotels... i heard that kuwait people dont lke indians..
  • If you are from the Philipines an a women thats planning on working as a maid,caregiver,etc, beware what you will face when you get there your freedom what your use will change at most homes there. If you have husband or boyfreind you wont be allowed to see them there not even for 1 hour on 2 year contract.Not just that you cant have cell phones in some homes ,laptops etc.also wont be able to leave the home at all while you work there.i know this for fact have heard rumors of girls getting spanked if I were offered a job there I would look else where, until people do they will continue to treat women this way,did you know skype is not legal there.There more that needs told if you are a women that worked there please speak up so other women will know.I know most women dont wont to let there family down an will suffer though it.
  • hi there, kuwait is very safe. If you are looking for a good place to stay and get settle check out Western Housing Solutions, they are an American company that can help you out.
  • I used to work for a human rights organisation based in London and I would be very careful about recommending anyone to go and live and work in Kuwait if they are to seen as "immigrant workers", especially non-Moslems. Your status will be very low and I have heard horrific stories of arrests and beatings based on a casual accusation from a "prominent" citizen. Just be careful…
  • I have been offered a retail sales job in Kuwait. The season is about to start in coming March/April 2012. The company is paying me 250 kwd with accommodation. Will that be enough to live in the country or else should i negotiate more in terms of increasing my salary..
    expecting few positive comments plz.

    Name : Tamal
  • First I would like to welcome everybody to kuwait and tell you a brief introduction to general life here :

    Im kuwaiti who lived in the US for five years and 18 years in kuwait,So I have a general idea of western lifestyle and culture shock that may experience and how to live in piece in kuwait.

    Kuwait is a diverse country and people all over the world come for job opportunities in all sectors especially people from the west with unique skills in technology and oil. Here is a general idea how westerners may find helpful in kuwait:


    Clothing in Kuwait particularly for girls: there is no law against wearing shorts and skirts in Kuwait, but for a conservative society its better to wear long clothes especially in malls and shopping centers to avoid staring.

    For men its open as soon you have a shirt on and pants or shorts

    Religous background:

    Freedom of religion is preserved in the kuwait constitution, but because of the israeli arab conflict it is offensive for a lot of people to wear the Star of David " peace uppon him" since Kuwait and all arabs took the palestinians side.

    Safety: Kuwait is a very safe low crime country with strict gun control rules, the safety concirn is the driving habit, NASCAR drivers drive safer than most Kuwaitis. Fasten your seatbelt and drive in the middle lane within speed limits and you should be fine.

    Racism and nationalism: unlike neighboring countries kuwait was liberated by allied forces combined of western countries lead by the US, Kuwaitis still show appreciation of this, the majority of kuwaitis are white middle easterns decended from Najd a city known now in Saudiya Arabia, racism may exist, but avoiding racism is a lit easier than triggering it, be nice and people will respect you.
  • I'm an indian orthodontist offered a job in a good private clinic ,so I am planning to relocate shortly with my wife and daughter
    (5yr old) .
    Is Kuwait safe for Indian family
    Are good Indian schools with cbse ?
    How about housing rent and expenses?
    Does racism towards Indians exist?
    Are there any Indian temp,Ed in Kuwait?
    Pls help me to find answers about all above specially schooling for my daughter, suggest good schools
    Thank you

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