Laos safety information
  • I'm travelling to Laos in December. How safe is Laos? I'm looking for any Laos safety information. Is petty crime such as theft common? Should I be wary of any scams? I've heard that there are sometime bandits, particularly along the road from the Valley of Jars (Phonsavan) to Luang Prabang, is this true? Also, what is the situation with regard to land mines and unexploded ordinances (UXOs) in the rural areas?
  • Laos is still one of the safest country on earth. theft can be found, but very rare. No bandit along the way as you think. UXO is still highly contaminated in rural areas and it is unsafe to to on trodden road on your own. It is save as far as you go along the path where villagers commute daily. If you come in group, contact

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