places in saudi arabia for non-muslims
  • Are there any places in Saudi Arabia that are okay for non-Muslims to visit? Particularly holy places or places around Mecca? Are there any resorts in Saudi Arabia? I'm really interested in visiting saudi arabia, but I'm unsure where I'll be welcome.
  • Their are a lot of places to visit in Saudi - the problem that you will have is getting a visa - you need to be a part of a group to go into the Kingdom. Their are only a couple of agencies allowed to do tourism into the Kingdom. If you want to look at our web site and click on Saudi you will see dates of trips and also information about the country and places to visit
  • Saudi does not grant tourist visas, sorry. You have to be sponsored by an employer in Saudi to obtain a visa, or have family there to sponsor you. Sorry, there is no way you can get into Saudi.

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