How to get a flight upgrade
  • I have tried on many occasions to get a free upgrade when checking in at the airport - and have never succeeded. I was wondering if anyone has actually managed to get upgraded just by asking the airline check-in person. What did you do to maximise your chances of success?

    I am beginning to think it is just a myth and in practice free upgrades are very rarely given. I mean, why would an airline give away something with such a high value attached to it?

    Anyway, with a long flight coming up I would love to get some ideas on how to avoid cattle class...!
  • Basically, it is a myth. Many years ago it was possible to get occasional upgrades by, for example, dressing smartly, checking in late and being polite to check in staff. But that was before frequent flyer programmes.

    These days airlines tend only to give upgrades to their regular flyers and even then only when they are forced to do so because a cabin is overbooked.

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