Where to go..?? Vietnam or India???
  • Hi to everyone.

    I'm a book writer and I'm looking to move between Vietnam and India.
    I'm searching to find which country is cheaper because I will stay there for months.
    I don't care if is not a tourist city but I care to be safe and cheap.
    (some weeks ago i was thinking about Thailand, but someone inform me that is expensive)
    What is your opinion?
    Vietnam or India???
    And how much cost an apartment with 2 bedrooms in India and how much cost in Vietnam??
    I really need your help...!!!!!!

    Thank you, Michael
  • Hi Michael
    How about staying in Goa, it is very cheap especially after April when the monsoons come. It is cheap to eat/stay, the people are friendly and the food is fantastic. Just a one hour flight from Mumbai, very chilled out. You can contact Laxman at www.goaunlimited.com for apartment rentals.
    I am just a holidaymaker but loved Goa, going back again at Easter.
  • Hi Jo. Thank you for your answer. I really need help :)
    I thought Goa is a tourist area and is expensive.
    I must stay there for months (less 3).
  • A 3-month visa is cheaper and easier to get in India I think, Vietnam is about $50 for a 30-day visa
  • Thank you David. Any information is useful and valuable.!!!

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