Traveling from USA into Canada - Niagra Falls. What form of ID do I need?
  • I am a landed immigrant with US citizenship. I have no passport but both SIN and SSN. I need to travel to the states but live in Canada. What do I do?
  • Hi David,

    I have an Indian passport and right now I am in USA for a business meeting and will be going to Canada for a business meeting; Do I need visa to travel to Canada; if so, how do I get the VISA. I would like to confirm that I already have a valid I-94 until August 2012.

    Please help me

  • Do you need any special paperwork,eg:visa, to travel over to the Canadian side of Niagra Falls from USA, for a couple of hours, we will be travelling on Australian passports?

  • I am Indian citizen,please guide me what to do for
    [1]getting tourist visa for canada with single entry and visit USA for 15-20 days and go back to India from USA.
    [2]getting tourist visa for canada with single entry and to start with the USA visit first for 15-20 days and then to visit canada.
    [3]getting tourist visa for canada with multiple entry and visit to USA for 15-20 days. How to start from USA or canada.
  • Hi we my husband has L1 visa and my daughter and myself has L2 visa, we plan to travel to Canada, do we have to get a visa. My husband and my daughter holds Irish passport and I'm holding Philippine Passport. Please advise Thanks
  • I would like to work in USA at some point. Would my British license allow me easy access to a Visa? what kind of visa do I need to work in the USA or Canada. Sorry for the ignorance but all I ever hear about is that I need a Green Card.
  • Hi, i am an indian .i have a bussiness visa to canada. My brother stays in detroit, US. Can i goto his place for one day? is there any procedure to follow ? Please suggest me. Your adverise is more valulable for me. thank you so much.
  • We are 2 Americans traveling with 2 Irish passport holders. We would like to go into Canada for 2 nights to see Niagara Falls. Do the Irish people need visas?
  • I am going to canada and would like to cross the border by car into USA do I need to fill in ESTA form
  • I am Chinese citizen and green card holder. My 15 year old son (also green card) Chinese passport just expired. We already book hotel at Niagara Falls Canadian side for two days. Can my son go with me?
  • i live in Illinois and want to visit a friend in toronto, how can i check if i have no criminal record to prevent me from crossing the border by bus?
  • Don't people generally know if they have a criminal record or not? You can go to your local police station and ask for a police clearance certificate. There should be a nominal fee and it takes about a week.

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