Visa to St Maarten/ St Martin
  • I am an Egyptian and US green card I need a visa for St Maarten/ St Martin? My wife does not have a green card but she will be coming from the US...does she ned a visa?

    Finally, is St Martin/St Maarten worth it in the first place????

  • Read this guide:

    You need a passport but no visa if you're a US citizen. If you have Egypt passport you need a visa.
  • Hi I am a Trinidadian national whose passport expires april 2010. I have already booked a vacation and flight to St. Marten - the french side for september for 8 days. Would I need to get a french visa and renew my passport?
  • Actually i am going to the dutch side...sorry.
  • Actually, no matter what country citizen you are - if you are a US Green Card Holder (perm resident) and your green card is valid + your passport has at least 6 months validity - your entry to the St. Martin Island (or Netherland Antiles) is visa free - No Questions asked at all.
  • Please any information on visa requirements for Haitians
  • What if you have a valid visa & passport for the US - does entry into St. Maarten require a visa. I am an indian national going on cruise to St. Maarten. Do I need a visa? thanks.
  • Hey LH - you're saying "No questions asked at all" is that from experience? I'm wondering coz I'm in the same boat and a bit confused from a lot of different conflicting info on the web and travel agents are giving me. Seems like nobody knows for sure. Even Dutch embassy didn't seem 100% sure. They said they'll find out and let us know.
    However if you have been there recently and know from experience I'd be much more trusting of that.
    Please let us know what country citizen and your situation if you don't mind disclosing that.
  • It looks like LH is correct. See Netherlands Embassy website: It states in relevant part that "Alien Registration Card (ARC-GREEN CARD) holders do NOT require a visa" and then goes on to say that applies even if country you are from appears in the list of countries that you would otherwise need a visa from.
  • I have a guyanese passport, do I need a visa to St Maarten and I am aruban citizen.
  • I'm a filipino and would like to visit St. Maarten. I understand that there's the French and Dutch side. How do I apply for a visa?
  • i am from the island of st vincent &and the grenandines do i need a visa to visit st.martin
  • I am from Romania which is part of EU i need a visa for st Maarten...dutch side!?
  • i am a citizen of guyana and i want to go to st martin for a holiday,do i need a visa and where can i make application close to guyana?
  • hi , i am an indian , worrking in cayman islands with cayman work permit. i have a US tourist visa ( not green card ) i would like to visit St martin islands. do i need to take a separate visa for st martin. if yes then would you know from where? ( cayman doesn't have a french consulate !!! )
  • Hi

    We are two Iranian passport holders who wants to visit St. Kitts and we have st. Kitts visa but according to our flight schedule we must pass St. Maarten airport as transit passenger.
    Do we need any kind of visa?
    If yes, please let us know how and where we can get it.

    Moosa Bakhshaei
  • i am a jamaican and have a us visa stamp do i still need another visa now to enter st maarten
  • i am Guyanese living in Guyana i hold a Guyanese passport where do get a visa to travel to st maarten
  • I need to travel to St Maarten, I am a new American citizen. I have a Dutch passport that will not expired for a few years. Can I use my Dutch passport to travel to St Maarten and use my citizenship papers to re-enter the US? or do I need a US passport?
  • im jamaican do i need a vista to travel to st.marten
  • I am a US student who is studying in France for my graduate degree so I have a French student visa for 2012 and I would like to work in St Martin as to continue my French language studies while not being too far from my beloved Caribbean islands (USVI). Does anyone know if I can work there with the visa I hold??? Any info would be appreciated>
  • may i know how many days r month for processing work visa to st martin bcoz am waiting for 2 months may i know any suggestions pls am basicall from india
  • Hi, I am an Indian citizen, have US visa. Am planning to visit St Maartin islands, would I need a Dutch visa to visit the island ??
  • i am indian passport holder and valid USA VISA would like to visit saint martin by air
    so required visa OR i can take visa on arrival.


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