Is it safe in the Mexico City Airport?
  • I want to travel to Lima, Peru and the cheapest plane ticket has a 5 hour layover in Mexico City. Its $300 cheaper than any others. Is it a safe airport? Should I spend the extra money to have a layover somewhere in the states? Obviously...I would stay in the secure part of the airport in Mexico City, but I didn't know because all that happens in Mexico if it was safe or not... Thanks for your help.
  • KM

    There's a lot of press about the violence in Mexico, some of it exaggerated and some not. But really, there's no safer place you can be than in an airport. You'll be absolutely fine. Check out this Mexico City Airport Guide for more info on what to expect in the airport.
  • Thank you so much for your reply. You've been so helpful. Guess I'll consider it with out stressing now:)

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