Abu Dhabi
  • Hi all, I'm flying out of Abu Dhabi and have a few hours in the morning to see some signts. I was thinking of going to the Shiekh Zayed Mosque and doing the tour, is taxi from and to the Abu Dhabi airport the best option, should the taxi wait for me to do the 1.5hrs tour or can I hail another taxi when I'm finished? Thanks.
  • I will be in Cape Town for less than 24 hours before flying to Abu Dhabi, where I will stay for two days.
    Do I need any vaccinations or Certificates of Vaccination?
  • The Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a Must. Remember to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt otherwise they will ask you to cover yourself in a traditional candora. All ladies have to cover up as well but this provided free of charge. The taxi is the best way and I would ask the taxi to come back or ask them for their phone number and you can call them. There are also plenty of taxi's that come and go. Enjoy your time and remember to take some water as it is really hot here at the moment.
  • @Liz - you do need any certificates or vaccinations for Cape town, and Abu Dhabi will not require it as a result of visiting Cape Town.
  • Is there racism in Abu Dhabi? I will be going to Abu Dhabi for schooling on August 2012, and possibly to work after graduation there. I love Abu Dhabi.


    From: Nigeria.
  • Thank for your information.
  • Thank for your information.

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