Safety in Tunisia for tourists
  • Hi Lesley, have heard on CNN that the Tunisian Authority's have a new curfew in place due to further trouble, are you aware if it will disrupt holiday makers in the coastal resorts.
  • Micker - ok the whole of Tunisia is not under curfew and certainly not the tourist resorts on the coast. Please take what CNN report with a large dose of hmmm??? there are still some protests in the capital Tunis and in some villages in the south. All normal stuff post revolution. It is safe, there is no problems for tourists and we are so happy to see you all coming here.

    Have a wonderful vacation
  • Hi there, sorry to sound so repetitive but me and my partner are travelling to Hammamet for a week in June and since we've booked people have shown concern for our safety.
    Personally I don't think there's anything to worry about, but I just wanted to clarify that everything is perfectly safe and we will experience no trouble?

    Thank you x
  • Sarah1ou - you are correct, you should not worry! Hammamet is a very touristique area and is safe, calm and peaceful. You will be perfectly safe and will have no trouble.

    Enjoy your vacation
  • Hi there. Me and my wife are going to stay in Hammamet for 1 one week in June, in the Iberostar Averroes. My questions is:

    1 - It is safe for us, going in trips?
    2 - What trips do you recomend?
    3 - How is the sea in this time of year, temperature, waves, etc...

    Thank you very much.
    Best regards.
  • @NNunes - with respect, have you read any of the posts already made on this thread? The question of safety has been answered many times - YES, it is safe to visit and tour Hammamet, and Tunisia in general. There is no evidence to the contrary...
  • Cheers David - maybe I should start a thread Tunisia post revolution!!! NNunes, yes it is safe for you, yes it is safe to walk outside your hotel. Hammamet is full of tourists and there are no problems. the sea is still cold, the temperature is in the high 20's low 30's yes there can be waves but hey this aint Hawaii!!!
  • Thank's DavidF and Lesley.

    Sory about the repeat question about security.

    About the trips, any recomendation? first time in Tunisia... :)

  • @NNunes - for starters, check out our guide to Tunisia and its many attractions
  • hi Leslie, im Cristina, im 18..and i will travel to tunisia on 3rd of July.I will stay to a friend of mine(girl) with her family for 20 days. I also have a tunisian boyfriend thAt i will meet for the fist time. I know him good enough from facebook as we were chatting for 2 years. Here i have some questions for you:1.i have heard that the water there has many that true..and if yes will this hurt my health? 2. i will travel alone is there anything that i should be aware of? passport is albanian but i was born and live in Greece now. Can i travel without any problems? Is it necessary to have a visa? and how should i get it? 4. I will be mostly among teenagers but i have heard the young boys are very naughty and stare girls a lot. Should i wear specific clothes? I will be waiting for your response as soon as possible.Thanks...
  • Hi Lesley,
    I want to book 10days holiday in hammamet on the 16th July.
    Will it be safe for tourists around that time? I know the elections are happening sometime in July.
    Also do you know of any apartments or hotels you can reccomend in hammamet yasmine.
    Thanks in advance.

  • chrisss - here are answers to your questions:

    1. We don't have bacteria in our water. It is safe to drink but it doesn't taste good. The bottled water here is good and very cheap. You can brush your teeth with the water from the tap not a problem.

    2. It's not a problem for you to travel alone, are you arriving into tunis airport? Will your friend meet you from the plane?

    3. As an Albanian passport holder you MUST have a visa before you arrive into tunisia. You can arrange this through your nearest Tunisian embassy.

    Even though it is very hot here now you should cover yourself modestly. this will stop some of the harrassment for you. Cover your chest and legs and wear loose fitting clothing, this is cooler for you also.
  • Hello Lesley,

    Can you tell me is it safe to travel in Tunisia at this period of time? I am interested in coming in your country next week.

    Thank you in advance,
  • Lisa - Yes it is safe, our elections are now delayed until October. I don't recommend hotels but you can get lots of good information about these on websites such as

    Enjoy your visit
  • Kristinka - Yes it is perfectly safe here
  • Hi back didnt get to go to tunisia in july liked i planned ....but i am hoping to make in there in a few weeks to go to a wedding there.....i just wanted you to clear up somethings for my family cuz they are so against me going.....i understand to have a concern cuz of me traveling alone to a different country but they have all these concerns for my safety while i am can you please tell them that i will be ok.....i will be staying in bizerte with him and his family....
  • Hi leslie..... im coming to tunisia in july 2012 is the weather hot ? can i walk out of my holiday resort with my t-shirt off ? also how safe is it for my 1st family holiday ?
  • G2011 - sorry but I only just found this post under North Africa rather than Tunisia. OK so right now Tunisia is calm and safe but there has been a few problems but this is rather with regional/tribal feuds which has been going on for centuries!! Bizerte is where I am living. It is the oldest city in Tunisia and right on the Med. As long as you are with a family member and don't go out alone to adventure you will be fine. If you want any help while you are here (depending on when you come) then I will happily email you my number if you would like.
  • Andy - welcome to Tunisia almost! Well July is very, very hot and next year we will have Ramadan starting in July (around the 3rd week but still not sure). Please do not walk around outside the hotel without covering your body. Apart from it being so hot with the danger of you burning, it is not very respectful to the majority. In the hotel it is fine. I can't predict how it will be next year as this will be very dependant on our elections and the constitutional amendments. All I can say is watch the news. However, even during our revolution the tourists were in the resorts and in all honesty I don't think they noticed!!

    So come and enjoy your vacation with us.
  • hi these posts have been very helpful!! im going on holiday for the first time wiv my to children well first not in my own country..on low budget so i booked to go to the hotel marhaba salem wiv my 6yr old girl 10yr old boy my sister an girl 3 yrs old girl we are booking early october wats the weather like i hope its nice for there first holiday any tip we are going all inclusive will we need much money for other things on offer is it expensive and we wanted to come in december a first would it of been to cold thanks sorry for the long one just first timer :0) x
  • Hi Dee,

    Early October is still nice and warm and probably beach weather if you are from the UK. December is cold (it is winter). Tunisia is quite cheap and you can buy lots of fresh fruits etc at the local markets. Everything is delicious but it depends on what you want to buy as to how much you spend. You'll more than likely get by on around TD15 per day unless you want alcohol which is expensive.
  • Hi Lesley,

    I am looking at going to Tunisia 10th July and I have been trying to decide between Hammamet and Djerba. I am travelling with my fianc
  • You can carry master-card with you if you afraid of losing your money.................
  • Hi lesley I am coming to Tunisia at the end of July for 11 nights staying in PEK with my friend and our partners whats the resort like? Whats the weather like? Do we need any vaccaninations? Is it safe to go paddling in the sea? We are really looking forward to coming as we have never been before however as always we are a little apprehensive as its a new experience. We have been advised it is Ramadam while we are there is this correct? Will that affect our stay? Finally how much do you advise to take money wise as we are staying all inclusive however wish to experience the country a little. Thanks for your time

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