Horseback riding in Wyoming
  • I'm taking my two sons on a cowboy vacation this summer, and was wondering where is the best place in Wyoming to go horseback riding. We're not experienced riders, but I want my sons (age 8 and 12) to have fun. Can anyone recommend a ranch?
  • Hi Autobot, what a fun holiday idea for your sons!

    While I haven't been there myself, I've heard good things about the Mill Iron Ranch, outside of Jackson. There's more information here.
  • I have not been, but a friend that writes a travel blog had a great experience at a place called The Hideout?
  • I am planning to go Germany this summer.As it is well known for it's wild life safari and one of the most dynamic horse riding vacatins across the world.
  • I never knew Germany was famous for its wild life safaris...

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