• Hi,

    i was deported from korea cuz of some reasons, is that possible to re enter in korea, or shall be banned permanently ?

    please can any body have any idea?
  • I was deported from korea for smoking marijuana. I was prohibited from returning to Korea for 2 years. That was my probation (that and, believe it or not, an 8 dollar fine). It has been 2 years so I know I can return to Korea, but I am wondering if I will be permitted to teach there legally. I know they do a criminal background check for your home country, and I will be cleared for that).
  • @Kashish, I it would depend on the reason yo were deported and if you went throgh any court system before deportation. I think geneally people have to wait aou 2 years before being allowed back into the country but I know of people that have been deported because they overstayed their visa etc and they have managed to getin fairly easily without waiting for 2 yars first.

    @deportQ, if you didn't go through a criminal trial then I don't think it should be on you permanent record. Maybecheck what your record says in your home country and apply in Korea and see what happens. You've waited the correct amount of time so logically there shouldn't be any problems.
  • i was deported in korea coz i dont have sofa visa.im from philippines..im married to us army..am i allowed to come bck again coz my husband still there?what paperworks my husband or us need to do just to come bck there and stay with my husband coz we need to leave korea together by january,if not hes not allowed to leave korea then..what we can do?pls.help us.
  • Hi Ina,

    I would recommend that you and your husband go to his Commanding Officer or another official from the US army and ask for their help as they would be best equipped to deal with this type of situation. Some rules don't apply as strictly to US Army personnel in Korea and this may help you. Also the US Army and its connections to the US Government should mean that they will be able to offer you both the best advice.

    Good Luck
  • hey i was deported from Korea, i still want to go back and meet my Korean family, the issue here is that i`am an African from Uganda, what kind of papers do i need to go back? or how long should i wait?

  • After two years depending on the reason why you are deport,you should be able to go back
  • hi i was deported from korea last 6 years ago the reason is overstaying can i come back to korea again? mc
  • To Ina: If your husband command sponsers you then you can obtain a proper SOFA visa which should allow you to return to Korea. As long as you do not work off base, you will be fine as the SOFA visa does not permit work off-base (ex. teaching). Your husband should contact the chain of command to help and the JAG office can provide legal representation free of charge. If you still have a military ID and live somewhere where you can get to a US installation, you should make an appointment to meet with a lawyer as the services are free of charge for military and spouses. Good luck!
  • hi. i'm an american citizen with a f4 visa. i got a 2 year probation here in Korea for doing drugs 6 months ago. they didn't deport me because i have native family members here. but now i want to go back to the states. is it possible that i'll get stopped at the airport because i don't quite remember what the terms were and my Korean sucks ass to ask any questions here. can anybody help?
  • If ever the case is you've been deported from Korea because you didn't know that you're aids test medical paper is fake. And the immigration told you that you violated the article 46-1. They ask you if you want to go to trial, but you chose to be deported, because you're not sure if the trial will turn to be good, because as we all know we are not in our own country. Well, my question is, can you still go back to Korea after that? How long or how many years you will have to wait before you can go back to Korea if you've been deported on that case?
  • I lived in Korea for 1year and 6 months and I was court by immigration working without visa and I was deported my girlfriend from Korea wants to come to my country and marry me how long can it take after marriage b4. I will get back to Korea pls I need answers from everyone
  • Krnpimp213 please could you email me at lochmouse@gmail.com i have a question for you pls!!!!!
  • Hello there, I was deported from South Korea last Feb 2011. I am a Filipina Citizen. I got caught from my previous job. Now, my boss from my previous job want me to go back in korea and work there again, He is willing to give me a working visa. Is it possible that Korean Embassy allow me to go back there? Is my boss need to pay penalty first?
  • Last year (July 2010) I was deported for smoking marijuana. I was given the choice between a year in prison or deportation, so of course I chose deportation. They also hit me with a 3 yr probation. My boss at the time told me he'd love for me to go back and teach at his school... but admitted that immigration most likely wouldn't allow me another visa, even after 3 yrs. The problem is that the police and courts kept changing their minds over and over. Originally they said that because I wasn't caught in possession and they didn't have any evidence, that I wouldn't be charged. Then later they claimed that I had already been charged. Then they said I was going to prison. Then that I wouldn't. Then that I was being deported... I have no idea what to believe. Is there a contact address or phone number where I could speak to someone who would be likely to know the truth?
  • Hi,

    I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I arrived in Korea earlier this year. I took the medical exam the next morning after arriving and apparently some drug showed up in my tests. I explained to my employer that it must have been from my home country as the drug test was the very next morning after arriving in Korea.

    I requested to do a second test, however, the first hospital gave my results to the police. I panicked and left the country when I learned that there would be a police investigation.

    I was not deported (I left before that could happen) and my second drug test came back clean, but I guess there is an open police investigation about the first test.

    I am wondering what will happen if I come back to Korea? Will I be denied entry? Will I be deported?

  • Hi I was working in korea on D-3 visa but I overstayed my Visa . I wasn't deported but I came back on my own will. can i go back to korea? or If im banned .... for how long?
  • hi im from the philippines,im deported last june 2010,i have a tourist visa for 59days,i enjoy my 9 days stay in korea go anywere,then in my 10 days of stay im going to my frend locotion,and i just waiting for here coz his on duty,then the immigration officer surprice visit here company,ang i really dont no his no working visa in korea,then i im waiting here there in his rum,also in company,the immigration get me 2,ang send to the jail,pls help me how can i do,,thnks to all of u,in 59days visa i stay only for 10days coz of that happend,
  • I've lived in korea for the past 5 years and am now being deported after being put on probation for 2years. My family here signed me out for a month and have to leave on my own behalf by next month. Do I have to go back to my home country or am I able to go to a different country?
  • i was in korea a year ago,i ran away for some reason.. my work manager called me when i was there he told me he reported to the korean embassy bout what i did but im not really sure if he really told them ..so i went back home in the philipines 2 days before my visa expired...i wasnt ambushed and interviewed in the korean embassy . my main concern is..i wanted to go back and i wonder if im banned or if im still allowed to go back <sigh>i cant make decisions cuz im in doubt and nervous i need to work for my kids :( somebody please help me or give me an advice
  • Hi,

    My daughter and her friend are both 19 and going to S. Korea by themselves. Mr daughter is part Korean and can speak the language enough to get by. I am getting nervous regarding their safety are my concerns unwarranted. Also how do you know if a taxi is legitimate. Thank you for any response. They will be staying in Seoul.
  • Hi Cindy

    Korea is a ridiculously safe country - as long as they don't go looking for trouble, they'll be entirely fine. An iota of streetsmarts will see them a long way.

    Taxis are clearly marked in Korea - they have lights on the top of the cars, and are usually fitted with high-tech GPS machines. Also, cab drivers are required to show their identity as such - this is always displayed on a card in a visible place in the taxi.
  • if you are deported from korea then you need to wait at least 5years for re entry ,
    and sunrise and sally-za dont know anything and they didnt spend two minute on google to read korean immigration act to know that
    they speak bullshit without any prouve ,and you will lose 1000 $ ticket .
  • hello i was visiting my at the time fiance at his airforce base and i overstayed my visit by 1 month and got deported, now we are married and he wants me to visit him again. Im worried that me being deported will cause them to deny me entrance to south korea. My husband tells me not to worry about it but i would really hate to fly all that way and waste a ticket just to get denied! Can anyone help?!
  • I was banned/deported in 2006. Went to court, they couldn't prove it, but I was presumed guilty. I tried returning 2 years later, they held me at the airport with customs and sent me on the next flight back. Skl44 is right, I came to find out it was a 5 yr ban. I am half Korean, and my grandmother is very sick. I want to visit her this winter. It has been more than 5 years, I am reluctant to go back and get kicked out again. Does anyone know a number that I could call to find my status with S. Korean customs/immigration? I want to make sure everyhing will go smoothly. Please help, too lazy to call 50 different people to get to the right person.
  • hi , im filipina i have some question about u im already married to army we both dosent know how to get us visa really quick coz we dont have much time for stay here in korea my husband he is leaving at feb 11 back to the states,i was banned/ deported some of reasons before i get married we dont know how if i can get visa to states from korea even i dont have sofa visa i just only have millitary id card i dont know if need sofa visa for aply to get visa for states please help for us ..thanks
  • me and my wife overstayed in korea for more than a year. but we avail the amnesty during that time and we were not deported - (voluntary exit). my question is, could we still go back in korea as tourist again without being denied once we acquired korean visa here in philippines without changing our valid passport?
  • In Korea:
    my friend and i got charged for a minor &quot;sexually assaulting&quot; of one of the highschool girls, but it was the girls fault! after this we got deported.

    i also got in trouble for failing to stop at a crime scene (this happened while driving) and failing to appear in court. this happened shrtly before the school incident.

    Back when i came home from being deported, i have been charged with a little &quot;DUI&quot;. im also unable to find work and my game at getting dates isnt what it used to be (at least when compared in Korea), now more than ever i need to go back to korea, what are my chances?
  • Sometimes I wonder about people. Guys, in every country on the planet, drugs and sexual assault / rape are illegal. Wake up. Do your researcxh. Read the websites. Read Lonely Planet et al. Read the immigration card you fill in on the plane. You can't expect to visit any country and be forgiven for criminal activity. If you can't understand this and respect the laws of the country you visit, then rather stay at home.
  • I would love to help all the Filipino's who's been deported I might be able to give you advice
    please get back to me with your problems I am waiting James Fix It
  • Hi,
    My brother was deported for overstaying with working visa for one month. Does overstaying considered a criminal case?
  • BTW, my brother was deported from S. Korea
  • Hi! I'm a Filipina who overstayed in Korea for almost 3 years i voluntarily exit last OCt. 2011 because they give an amnesty. I have a Korean boyfriend and we decided to apply our marriage registration(????) before we left. Now im preparing the needed documents for applying SPOUSE VISA. My question is..do i still have a chance on going back in Korea? The Immigration puts 68-(1) on my passport and im afraid it would affect my applcation. I wanna go back there to have our wedding ceremony and to be with him again.
    I hope you can help me. Thanks
  • my husband was using his brother before and then he was deported because of over staying in korea but he came back and he use his real name but sunddenly when he reniewed his visa he was detect by the immigration that he was deported before and still ban in the country and he was deported again do you think he can come back again in korea?
  • i mean his using his brothers name before
  • I been caught selling marijuana here in Korea and potentially face deportation back to the states.
    I have 3 questions to ask.
    1. How much longer can I stay from the time they say I have to get deported?
    2. When is the earliest I can return to Korea after deportation?
    3. Will I be tried again in the states of my crime here in Korea?
    Somebody with some experience and knowledge let me know please.
    Very confused about this whole process right now.
  • I sure hope that someone would help me or at least answer some of my questions. My sister was just deported yesterday and about to go home today. How much penalty will she pay for overstaying? And how soon can she go back to S. Korea? Will she ever be granted with another entry to any country of her choice?
  • @ravenbb16
    there is no penality just she will pay ticket and deported
    ban may be three or 5years
    she caan only change passport and aplly for another country visa .
  • @Sonics206
    your deportation is made quickly as you paid your own return ticket to ur country ;and no longer than 10 days.
    ban for selling marijuana is 2 years .
  • @vans
    how many years long your story was
  • @Gilbert
    its visa law violation
  • I was recently refused entry at Incheon airport. Was told by the immigration officer that the ban is for 5 years. I had never been charged in any SK courts - just at the police station for an incident and statements recorded. Do I have to wait 5 years to visit S Korea again or are there other channels I can try? Was told by the immigration officer that I can apply for a special permit at the local SK embassy if I wanted to enter during these 5 years. Is this true and worthwhile?
  • @teshan123
    what was your status time you were catched by police for incident
    legal situation or illegal
    if its legal situation ban is 2 years
  • I was on a 3-month visitor stamp. There's no visa require for my country.
  • @teshan123
    its 2years ban and may be less than depend on immigration officer mood.
  • Thanks Moroh, appreciate it. Is there a way I can check on my entry ban status? At the Korean Embassy?
  • sir. i am deported form korea in 06-11-2006 due to overstay and no any other illegal activities except overstaying. now i applied for EPS visa system for korea. my documentation are not fake.so i want to know that can i go Korea on this visa system. some people says that deported person can not go again korea who have illegal record for EPS SYSTEM.Pleas help me i m so worried about that i have pass kLT and now physical test also passed.
  • u can check ur status too by calling 1345 even im sur that u are eligible to enter to korea without problem ;since its ur last seportation was more than five years
  • u can check ur status too by calling 1345 even im sur that u are illigible to enter to korea without problem ;since its ur last seportation was more than five years
  • sir moroh my alien card visa expired on july 16 2012 so my departure also july 16 but im still here in korea over stay for 3 days for some reason, but want to go back home at once go to airport , ivwant to know is there any chance that i can go back again to korea or they blacklisted me only for my 3days over staying? pls reply thanks
  • I departed korea last 2010 august, i overstayed for one year. The only thing i have on my passport is 68 (1) stamp. I am planning to go back this year and work again, since i have been hearing the ban is only two years for who overstayed. I want to make sure if this is true and accurate?

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