3 days in Moscow......suggestions welcome
  • Hi, my wife, 18 year old daughter and I will have a three day stopover in Moscow in late May. Can anyone suggest places to stay (mid range), sights to see, tours (overnight is OK) to do or any other useful information? We are flying in from Tokyo and haver been to Russia before....
  • you can find it at sites that you may find in the web. try checking it out. Enjoy your tour.
  • Thank you for your response - I had already checked recent forum posts. Does anyone know such tour company "Moscow Greeter" they provide free tours in Moscow - www.moscowgreeter.ru?
  • I'd suggest taking a tour of the Golden Ring for some beautiful traditional Russian architecture and culture. There are a lot of cities, but you can limit yourself to one or two.
  • Hello! I with my girlfriend should be in Moscow only for 2 days in February, what can you advice me to see for this short period? I heard that "All-Russia Exhibition Centre" is very good place to see but I'm not sure. Is it worth to go there? And do you know any cheap but clean hostel in the center with cheap but not fast-food cafe near the hostel?
  • Johan, I don't think that All-Russia Exhibition Centre - it's what you need to see for a couple of days. And in winter it's not so nice!
    I were in Moscow for this New Year and stayed in "Bananas" hostel. http://www.facebook.com/bananashostelmoscow. It's 7 minutes from subway station "Kitay-gorod" or "Chistye prudy". Every morning I ate in ( I don't remember the name exactly ) "Karavaevy bothers" - it's something like a canteens and in walking distance from the hostel.

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