India Budget for travel and flights
  • I will be traveling to India this coming winter with my University. From Dec 26, 2011 to Jan 14, 2012.
    Everything is included on the Program cost except for airfare and dinners. I wanted to know more or less how much spare money should I take. Also if any of you know any webpages to buy cheap airfares to India (Im in Texas)
    Thank you!
  • hi friend,

    which part of india you planning to travel.
  • New Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur... All my lodging expenses are already paid for, as well as transportation.
  • There are many local travels operators providing cheap airfare to India. So you can easily find them you can find make my trip or yatra for your travel if you want to deal with inexpensive way then can be good option. In other hand as you would stay on Delhi, you can find more information and popular forum from Delhi travel at
  • is a very good portal if you want to find the cheap airlines and trains. If you book before a month you will get the tickets at very cheap price. Budget flights are available at the price range of 2000-5000 Rs. Range. Trains are a little cheaper but their time tables are unreliable. I always use it to book my flights and trains.
  • is the portal to go to if you want to find the cheap airlines and trains...

    Arthur G.
  • try to find someone that has experience there. Or better yet find some sites that could answer your questions.

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