Is it safe to visit Zimbabwe?
  • I am wondering how safe it is to visit Zimbabwe on vacation. I have heard from some people that the cholera, poverty and simmering political violence makes visiting Zim a big mistake, while others say it is still an amazing place to visit.

    Is it safe to go to Zim?

    On another note, how expensive is it, when compared to visiting south africa. Do they stil use the local currency are have they switched to US or South aFricabn currency. Once again I am getting mixed information in that regard. Thanks for any input!
  • In short yes it is safe to visit Zimbabwe. Hundreds of thousand of tourists visit annually and almost all have an absolutely fantastic time. But as with all African countries it depends on where you go and how you get there, and in some cases you need to be somewhat cautious. If you stay in the main tourist destinations like Victoria Falls you will hardly even notice that the country has problems.

    On the whole it is slightly more expensive than South Africa and no they do not use the local Zimbabwe dollar any more and everything is priced in US$. You can find some more information on that here Zimbabwe Currency
  • Thanks guys! Would you be able to tell me how much a tourist entry visa costs at the moment?
  • It depends on you nationality. What passport are you travelling on?
  • Hi, I am researching this for general tourists, mostly of US/Canada origin and Europeans as well. I have read that the current visa fee is USD 119 but I don't back the reliability of that.

    Do you have any more current, first hand information?
  • Have a look at this web page it will give you all the current prices Zimbabwe Visa. Canadians are the most expensive at US$75 per single entry and US citizens are US$30 per single entry. UK nationals pay US$55 per single entry
  • Thanks! Great site you have there.
  • where would be considered unsafe now? i would like to take overnight trains from rsa to bulawayo,then vic falls,and back to rsa via plumtree
  • There was unfortunately an unfavorable incident reported recently on the Beitbridge Road, where the occupants of a vehicle, that had stopped to change drivers, were beaten up badly and had their items stolen. This road is notorious for these kind of attacks and the advice is to not necessarily stop travelling on this road but just don't stop to do anything.

    As for your route by train, I have heard of tourists doing this and having no problems at all. My son did the Byo to Vic Falls train route about a month ago and he said it was great.
  • I see that tour operators are starting to organise tours to Zimbabwe again - there are some really good deals available. Is it fairly saft their now?
  • I want to know all the dangerous places there are in zimbabwe and I would also like to know if im allowed to take pictures off the armed forces?? My aim is to take pictures off the forces and security!! It's a hobby of mine I loved Zimbabwe before it became corrupt. So yeh is it a bad idea to travel alone to take pictures???
  • Secuirty issue is the biggest issue if you are going anywhere, but dont make it a big threat and visit and explore Zimbabwe as it is beautiful place. Take US$ with you.

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