looking for expertise about guides in Ecuador
  • Hello,

    I am trying to find my way through all the guide companies in Ecuador.. I am looking for other peoples experiences with guides that they personally would recommend, companies that they would use again, and overall experiences in general.. I have read a few posts on this board that have provided helpful information and I am hoping that they are some other people with experiences to share!

    thanks and I hope this finds you well!

  • Hallo Jon,

    in Ecuador we suggest you to contact Carolina at In Situ: carolina@ecuadorinsitu.com

    Anything else you might need in South America don´t hesitate to contact us at Velocitas: www.velocitas.com.br

    Best of luck,

    Oswaldo Luiz
    Velocitas Travel Services
  • Hello, can you help me?

    My son, who is a wheelchair user, is planning to book a holiday in Ecuador/Galapagos with a company called Ecuador For All, based in Quito. I just wanted to check that they are a bona fide/reputable company before he makes any payments.
    Thank you

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