Any suggestions where to go for an anniversary celebration?
  • I would like to treat my wife on an anniversary vacation but can't decide where. Hopefully I can get some nice suggestions from you guys. thanks.
  • Many people would suggest Paris, but check out this blog on some other great romantic cities. My personal favourite is Cape Town!
  • If you looking for a vacation in friendly country both nature and its people ,wild life etc.. .. Then Uganda is the right place for you.

    Famous for gorilla safaris,Uganda is a unique vacation country with unbelievably green and unspoiled beauty. Safaris like gorilla trekking, birding tours, game viewing and mountaineering.

    Get on , you make your dream holiday come true.
  • Kenya is the best place for vacation from the wild, plains, mountains, and oceans. for the culture is the place to be.
  • i think Paris is the most beautiful place to visit and for honeymoon .
  • visit kenya it has the best beaches, wildlife, mountains for trekking not forgetting its the time for wildebeest here in kenya at this season . and you can also look at this website they have honeymoon packages.
  • What about the beautiful islands of Indonesia? They provide the perfect blend of culture, history and landscape. They have everything from white sand beaches to volcanoes to tropical rainforest. They are also rich in ancient culture and the people are infamously friendly.
  • Still in kenya we have the ancient cultures like the famous ford Jesus, the museum of Kenya, still the white sands,we have different cultures from different kenya tribe the famous ones being Maasai tribe.
  • There are some good places where you can go and enjoy, I think Switzerland and Caribbean are a good places. Last time I had an invitation of wedding ceremony form my best friend in Switzerland and I found it very good and very romantic place.
    wedding venue gold coast
  • am currently on a safari in Kenya and am enjoying every bit of my adventure even more than i expected. i would recommend you visit the country.Kenya.
  • If you like something romantic, I recommend going to Boracay or Shangri-la beach and resort... Philippines

    Walk on the beach under the moonlight.
  • I think Uganda is the best place to celebrate your anniversary. Popular for gorilla safaris,Uganda is a exclusive vacation nation with surprisingly natural and pristine beauty. Safaris like gorilla hiking, bird watching trips, game watching and outdoor.
  • I would say take her to the beautiful maldives where you can be on your own as maldives is a place where time and news are away and you can have a time for your own. Let me know if you like the idea contact me
  • I would say Sri Lanka is also a fine destination. But be watchful of leading tour companies. They will charge you unfairly. If you need any help do drop me a mail.

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