London visit - accommodation advice?
  • Am planning to go London in Sep/Oct. Notice that Sep hotel charge is much higher. Why is it so ? And also, any recommendation of good and affordable hotel that near place of interest.
  • I would guess that London is the same as Dublin and September is still peak season for visitors.
  • Having worked and lived in London for 7years, September is treated as peak months, best thing you want to do when looking for accomodation, is try and be close to a railway station (fares are reasonable), depends how far out you go but try and do it so you can be inside central london 30 mins then the cost drops accordingly further out you are, but being in the railway industry trains run through til after midnight frequently.
  • Have you considered renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel? Prices are better and you get more sq/footage. Also will have
    a kitchen so you can save money by seating some meals in. Can also get one with a washer/dryer which will allow you to bring fewer clothes.

  • If you're looking for somewhere to eat out - try - it's a good site for bringing together reviews of all the really good restaurants as well as featuring news on what's going on in the London restaurant scene.
  • Just to warn people about this hotel: Mount Mansion in 105 Seven Sister Road in Holloway.
    They took the money from our card and made us pay in cash saying that the money had not been taken. They also tried to make us pay more money because they had made a mistake and put us in a more expensive room than the one we paid for. When we refused to pay more we told them we would go and when we checked the bank they had also taken the money from our account. They finally agreed to refund the money but they never did because they say that their terms and conditions say they dont refund money unless you cancel with two weeks and we left with one day!!
    It was really out of order and frustrating so I would like to warm everyone as we lost £165
  • If you book a month or so in advance you can get cheap rooms using Travelodge. breakfasts are a bit steep but you can always nip out to a local cafe for breakfast.
  • How about couch surfing?
  • When visiting London I would recommend the Park City Hotel. Great location I enjoyed walking around the surrounding neighborhood and having the feeling I was a resident as it was not so busy and commercial. A big plus were the massive rooms!
  • recommend travelodges , cheap, cheerfull , clean and pleanty dotted around London, book in advance and you will get rooms cheaper. or go to

    Most hostels have single rooms and cooking facilities or reasonable meals.
  • Look up and you'll be able to find some cheap ones in the center where the action is!
  • Try checking the best hotel in ...this is a very good site where you can easily search the best local hotel deal for you.. you can filter by price or recommendation... I tried this and very useful...
  • I'd say that's probably because it's peak season and perhaps families are still getting away before the schools start as a last minute break. If you are staying in/arround London try booking Premier Inns in advance, they are nice hotels and affordable when you book ahead. Only issue usually is availability..

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