Air Travel from United States to Antarctica
  • I am a writer and would like to know the fastest way (by air) and the stops (if any) from New Mexico to Antarctica. How long would the trip take and what routes. Any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Ron Kent
  • I have never heard of any commercial or scheduled flights, apart from the Qantas fly over option, but that doesnt land. Your other option might be to hook up with a charter flight that is serving an expedition or project. You'll have to look around I guess.
  • Hi,
    I am from Chile but now live in the Midlle East.
    From Punta Arenas, Chile you can take a fly to Antartica. First reach Santiago from Mexico or USA.
    Its goig to be a long trip anyway;its far dawn.
    Buena suerte!!!!

  • As far as I know if you can get to Ushuaia in Argentina, you catch a boat to Antarctica. But that only happens between November and March and just crossing the Drake Passage takes at least two days. These trips can last up to 8 days in total.

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