Attractions in Denmark
  • Can anybody give me some advice about the best things to see and do in Denmark? I'll be there in October which I know is not the ideal time but I want to visit as many castles and museums as possible! Which are the best? Thanks!
  • Hi Sally,
    You're going to the right place for castles and museums. The Copenhagen City Museum and the National Museum are two of the best in Copenhagen. There are some wonderful art galleries (including the National Gallery) and two of the best castles are Rosenborg Castle and Christiansborg Palace. If you're going as far as Roskilde be sure to check out the Viking Ship Museum. Here's a list of Attractions in Denmark to help you along.
  • Take a boat tour around Copenhagen, shows you all the interesting castles and buildings of the town, as well as the statue of the little Mermaid
  • Copenhagen is a really wonderful place

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