Weather in Thailand in August
  • Is August a good time to visit Thailand? I'd like to take a trip there next year to visit a friend in Bangkok, and I'd like to miss the most depressing part of winter here in South Africa. What is the weather like in Thailand around that time? Is it worth going then, or is there a better time between June and September?
  • August is during the rainy season, which runs basically May through October. June & July have the least rain, September the most rain.
  • Hi Renee,
    November to February would be the best time to visit Thailand - which is mid-summer for South Africa so not ideal for you. Unfortunately there is often flooding in Thailand in September. Maybe you could try June... it rains slightly less then although it is technically monsoon season I think. It might be wonderful to miss the crowds. Good luck!
  • It's in Rainy season, but there's nothing wrong with that. People are traveling to Thailand all over the year. To see more of how weather like in each month and statistics of temperatures of months in Thailand, please visit Best Time To Visit Thailand page at
  • I would trade the South Africa winter for a few showers in Bangkok. However, it will be humid and hot, and there's always a chance of flooding.

    If you want to get away from Bangkok to a beach, your best chance of dry sunny weather is on the Gulf coast - Ko Samui is a good choice. The Andaman coast - Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi - tends to be wet in August.
  • It's in Wet toughen, but there's nonentity mistaken with that. People are traveling to Thailand all over the twelvemonth. To see solo of how brave suchlike in each period and statistics of temperatures of months in Siam.
  • Thailand is one of the best place in the world. If you can travel in December month this is best.
  • August is not a good time to visit Thailand. Well if you have to go in this month and you love raining then there would be all fun for you.
  • High season in august? Wrong. The high season is in the winter not the summer. It may be the high season in Italy but not Thailand.As to the post the HOT season is march-may but with less humidity.August has much humidity which may make you feel warmer.But the cool afternoon rains.

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