Egypt: Passport info / israeli stamps?
  • I am travelling to Egypt on Red Sea Cruise and Stay in Sharm el Sheikh, but have Israeli stamps in my passport, has anyone had any problems on entering Egypt. I am planning to visit Cairo, Luxor on day trips.
  • Dear Supergran
    1st what is your nationality,in order to answer your question correctly
    Hend ..Intratour
  • dear Supergran,

    well it depends on your nationality? American and most European country can get visa from Egypt Airport and African , Indian and some other countries should take it before travelling from the Egyptian Embassy in their countries.
    so please tell me first your nationality and I will answer you. Also if you want any help or any information about your planning trip to visit Cairo and Luxor ( like tour package , transportation , guide , hotel ) please contact me
    I am Egyptian tour guide and this is my daily work
  • Hi,

    I actually just booked a trip with a few of my friends to Cairo with the intention of traveling around Egypt and wondered the same thing. I'm American and have an United States passport, but visited Israel a couple years ago so I have an Israeli stamp in my passport. I am Jewish and have what is considered a common Jewish last name.

    I have been told that people are relatively peaceful in Egypt, however I can't help but ask the the naive question of whether it's truly safe for American Jews to travel to Egypt. Do you foresee any problems entering, leaving or getting around the country?
  • Dear JTswim
    for american passport , u can obtain visa from airport, only will pay 15$, no problem if u have israeli stamp in ur paassport, if need any help in egypt pls contact
    cheers, Hend
  • JT - Egypt is not a devout Moslem country, and the people are very friendly to all visitors, especially if they have money! Being Jewish or American is not an issue. Israeli is slightly different as there certain animosities... outisde of Dahab though you wont find any Israelis travelling around Egypt.
  • Thank you for the info, it's much appreciated. I do have one friend who is undecided at this moment about whether he's going to join me on the trip b/c of his concern of safety. He actually is Israeli, however was born in the US, so he's a US Citizen and has a US passport. He has also visited Israel so has the stamp. Is it safe to assume he should have no issues as well?

    Apologies for the follow-up question. Just figured I'd ask on his behalf...

    Thanks again!
  • JT - I can only reiterate what I said before about the friendliness of the people and how receptive they are to tourists. Based on my personal experience, post-trip surveys of hundreds of thousands of tourists, and feedback on this forum, you will have a safe and enjoyable trip to Egypt. Go, it really is a great place to visit!
  • Hi - Thank you all for your comments - regarding Israeli Stamps on my British Passport. I phoned the Egyptian Embassy in London and was told there would be no problem. I returned from my two weeks holiday yesterday - cruising and staying in Sharm el Sheikh and had a wonderful time. The people were very friendly and would recommend you give it a visit at least once.
  • Hello:

    I am an American citizen with a U.S. passport that has the last page with an Egyptian 2010 stamp. Will I have any problems entering Jerusalem or Haifa, Israel?

    Thank you for this wonderful service.
  • Hi does anyone know if it is ok to visit Israel and Egypt on a cruise with 5 months left on my UK passport? Please reply urgently as am thinking of going soon! Many thanks.
  • Janey, the official rule is that you must have 6 months, and I would not risk going otherwise. I have heard from two people who entered Egypt with UK passports under 6 months and it was fine, but you are taking a chance.
  • I am Pakistani passport holder working in morocco and like to visit egypt As per website i don't need visa for south Sinai only i want can you confirm it and tell me are there any direct flight from morocco to south Sinai as visa is only on arrival for it so if you clarify how will it work as i need to out of international airport to take domestic flight ?any recommend hotel or place to visit
  • My wife and I are British(English) passport holders but with an Israel stamp. We will be going to Sharm El Sheikh-Nile cruise-Sharm El-Sheikh is that a problem ?
  • Hi Tezz I visited Sharm in Feb 2010 and as you can see above thought I would have problems with my passport which had Israeli Stamps in it. This wasn't a problem as I found out when I phoned the Egyptian Embassy in London. Am in Israel at present and have had no problem this end either.
  • I'm visiting Israel, Jordan and Egypt in October. I have a Libyan stamp in my passport (UK) -- will I be able to enter Israel?


  • @Jag - yes! Israel immigration does not bar entry based on countries visited as do certain arab states.
  • I'm in Israel and I'm from Mexico, I would like to visit Egypt but I dont have Egypt Visa. I saw some posts that the visa can get from the Cairo Airport, is it true if I'm from Mexico? and if I take the bus to cross the border, can I get it there? and it safes now?
  • there is a peace agreament between egypt and Israel, consequently you can visit egypt even with an israeli passpoert. the same thing can be said about Jordan. But you cannot enter any other arabic country if you hace israeli stamps on your passport.
  • I am a Sri Lankan passport holder and I need to obtain a prior approval from Egypt to get a visa to go there. And I applied for this four weeks ago and the consulate still haven't heard anything and I'm travelling in 5 days with my Norwegian husband and my kids. Now the consulate is saying that they will issue us a family visa since my husband and kids are Norwegian but I have to give a letter saying that if anything goes wrong in the airport in Sharm El Sheikh I would take all resposibility. I don't understahnd that. What does that mean? What can go wrong after they have issued the visa. Would anyone know?

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