Is there good surfing in France?
  • Is there really good surfing in France? I'm going through Europe next year and wondering if it's worth the hassle to bring my surfboard. I know it won't be Kandahar or Huntington, but is it good? Alternatively, where are the best beaches to surf in Europe?
  • Not a surfer but from what I´ve heard near Biarritz and Hossegor are the best places in France.
  • France has a lot of surf spots, and is a great place for surfing.

    Check this map:
  • French surfing regions can be split into three main areas. There's the Mediterranean coast in the south east. Next is the North facing coast stretching from Brest near the north west tip of France right through to Belgium. The surf is better the closer to the north west tip you can get with some nice reef breaks to be found. The further east you go the worse the swell gets. This area receives the same swells as the south coast of England. A big swell up the channel and wehey!
  • The best surfing in France can be found in Biarritz, a popular resort town in the southwest of France with lovely beaches and a fun nightlife. The surf breaks aren't demanding and its a good place to hire a long board or to learn - there are a lot of surf schools.
  • Yeah. it may be.

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